Lotion for acne – how to choose a ready-made tool or do it yourself?
Lotion for acne can be found in the makeup of any of the fair sex. It fights with the hated rashes and allows to quickly bring the skin in order. The main thing – to find your perfect makeup.

Lotion for acne available in the Arsenal of every self-respecting women. This tool is used to fight acne and other rashes of different origin. Any quality lotion will help to remove not only the rash, but left after her redness.

Face lotion – what is it for?

Different tools perform different functions. Lotion cleanser for problem skin, e.g., anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, soothes the epidermis and reduces redness. Some of the tools further includes components that contribute to accelerate the recovery. Due to this the skin rather recovering from the rash.

Anti-inflammatory lotions is recommended to periodically alternate with cleansing agents. This is to ensure that the pores do not accumulate dirt and particles of dead skin of the epidermis. Otherwise, in the blockage may start the inflammation. Doesn’t hurt to have a purse and lotion, tightens pores, or those that have a matting effect.

Does lotion from acne?

Different rashes suffers a large number of modern girls and women. For them facial lotion for acne – a real salvation. Quality aid dries the skin, it disinfects, removes inflammation. The main thing to understand is that the acne lotion is not suitable for removing make-up and should not be used to cleanse healthy epidermis. It is best to apply it after cleansing in places where rashes.

It is important to remember that lotion for acne is not a panacea and too dense rash may be ineffective. Single acne good remedy is also the first time fully removed. Lotions mostly are intended for repeated use, but after just one treatment the appearance of the face will improve – will subside redness, acne will become less noticeable.

Lotion – ingredients

Many of the tools are based on benzoyl peroxide. This substance has antibacterial action. With the rash of fungal origin copes triclosan. Good lotion for problematic skin contains water and alcohol. Some manufacturers add to their means of sulfur, since it effectively reduces inflammation. Sometimes in the cleaning fluid can be found:

  • antibiotics;
  • essential oils (rosemary, lemon, black moss);
  • natural plant extracts (grapefruit, aloe Vera, tea tree, cranberry).

Drugstore lotions for acne

Before you buy some liquid, it is advisable to consult with a specialist. The doctor will help to determine the type of leather, the nature of the lesions, their origin and suggest which tool will be more effective. This is important, because a variety of lotions from acne at the pharmacy on the skin of every person act differently, and stuff that is perfect to one another can be harmful.

Lotion for acne Propeller

It was developed specifically for the care of problematic skin. It’s a lotion for acne incidono, which acts very quickly. Helps to normalize lipid balance in the epidermis ‘ cells. As a result, the skin is cleansed, and all the pathogens that can be hurt, destroyed. Lotion Propeller of acne helps prevent new bumps and refreshes the epidermis, evens its tone and texture. Apply liquid as needed.

Lotion for acne Klirvin

This tool is prepared according to an ancient recipe, because it called Ayurvedic. Lotion for acne Klirvin consists of natural components:

  • extract of neem;
  • oil of turmeric;
  • Magnolia;
  • extract of calamus;
  • of aloe extract.

Due to the balanced combination of these components, the liquid works gently, not exposing the body to additional loads and effectively. Lotion for acne Klirvin suitable for any skin type. It can be safely used for everyday washings and even for cleansing the face from cosmetics. For maximum effect it is recommended in parallel with the lotion, apply the cream Klirvin.

Lotion for acne Clearasil

The cleanser works quickly. Lotion for oily skin Clearasil removes excess sebum, tightens pores, kills the pathogens. The first positive changes can be seen in less than a day after applying the substance. In addition, this lotion salicylic acne clears the epidermis from dead cells, reduces inflammation and masks the redness. Do not apply Clearasil skin around the eyes. After applying a wash is not necessary.

Lotion for acne Yves Rocher

Troubled skin requires more attention to himself. It should be cleaned regularly and gently moisturize. In addition, problematic epidermis needs constant protection. Comprehensive care can provide a cleansing lotion for acne Yves Rocher. The tool works effectively due to the successful combination of active ingredients in the composition. The aloe Vera soothes the epidermis, and salicylic acid reduce inflammation, fights infection. The lotion kills existing and prevents new pimples.

Lotion for acne at home

No need to worry, if expensive name brand tool to buy it. Equally effective lotion for acne and blackheads can be prepared at home with their own hands. Much time it will take, and the result of usage will be pleased with. Take, for example, a lotion with retinol acne. It is prepared by adding a few drops of vitamin A in Romashkovo-kalenduly broth. Wipe this medication can face up to 5 times a day.

Cucumber lotion for acne

It can be in the drugstore to buy, but to cook by yourself is much nicer. The main condition – not to forget that homemade cucumber face lotion for acne has a short shelf life. After completion of its useful properties of vegetable disappear, and it ceases to be effective. It is better to prepare medicine in small portions and store in the refrigerator no longer than two days.

Cucumber lotion for acne


  • cucumber – 2 PCs.;
  • alcohol – 0.5 cups;
  • boiled water – 1 Cup.

Preparation and application

  • Cucumbers grate on a coarse grater.
  • Pour the vegetable mass with alcohol and to shift the future of lotion in a container with a tight fitting lid.
  • After two weeks, strain the liquid and to dilute with water.
  • Wipe the face of the resulting lotion every day.
  • Lotion for acne Bay leaf

    The spice has long been used in cooking before she began to draw the attention of cosmetologists. Bay leaf is good for its antioxidant properties. In addition, the funds prepared on its basis, tone the skin and renew its youth. If you apply lotion Bay leaf externally that will start to improve intracellular metabolism of the epidermis.

    Lotion for acne Bay leaf – recipe


    • Bay leaf – 5 PCs.;
    • water – 1 Cup.

    Preparation and application

  • Laurel pour water
  • Future to put the lotion on the stove and keep on low heat.
  • After the mixture comes to a boil, wait until its quantity is reduced three times.
  • Cool lotion and clean the skin.
  • Lotion for acne chloramphenicol

    You must have noticed that this substance is part of most of the drugs designed to fight acne. Though pharmaceutical means and chloramphenicol are in affordable price range, they are very often replaced home-made counterparts. Explanations for this have a lot. The main argument “for”: home lotion turns out cheaper and better quality. Many argue that a homemade remedy helps in dealing with the rash, even better than expensive name brand.

    Effective lotion for acne chloramphenicol


    • chloramphenicol – 5 g;
    • 2% salicylic acid – 50 ml;
    • boric acid – 50 ml;
    • rubbing alcohol – 50 ml.

    Preparation and application

  • All components to combine in one bottle and mix thoroughly.
  • Pour the resulting mass in a container with a tight fitting lid.
  • Before using the lotion need to be shaken.
  • The best lotions for acne

    To name offhand a few good tools hard. Different lotions for every body act differently. In order to find the right cure, you need to consider several factors:

  • The cause of pimples. If precipitation were the result of excessive extension, then, need tools that can narrow it. Acne, caused by infections are treated with fluids containing antibacterial components.
  • Allergies. People with this problem it is better to choose hypoallergenic lotions.
  • The skin type. Cosmetics should totally meet him. Otherwise, even the best lotion for acne will be either useless or can cause harm.
  • Composition. Quality tools should not be petrochemicals, synthetic additives and artificial flavors.
  • An effective lotion should not clog pores. The lack of oxygen leads to deterioration of the epidermis, the spread of acne on large surfaces. Good cosmetics is comprehensive, but to use it you need over several days or weeks, depending on the condition of the skin. To improve the efficiency of funds, will not prevent to adhere to proper nutrition.

    To choose a good lotion could that list of drugs:

    • Deleks;
    • Alba Botanica;
    • Bioderma;
    • Before and after Anti-acne;
    • Train;
    • Garnier;
    • Cliniq Anti-Blemish;
    • Effaclar La Roche-Posay.