Paraffin for hands – 2 the best method of procedure
Paraffin treatment for hands – a simple and fast procedure that provides rejuvenation and healthy skin, muscles and joints. Read about the benefits and principles of this care. Learn how to perform the manipulation in the home.

Hands, fingers and the palm always “give away” age, so women need careful care of them. Paraffin – the most simple, popular and effective salon services for healing and improve the appearance of hands. Its popularity is growing thanks to the possibility to perform the procedure at home.

Paraffin for hands – free use

Feature of this cosmetic raw material is a high heat capacity. Paraffin wax melts at 53 degrees Celsius, turning into a viscous mass. It easily envelops the skin, but does not cause discomfort and does not cause burns. The use of paraffin for hands includes several favorable cosmetic effects:

  • slowing the aging process;
  • deep hydration;
  • wrinkle smoothing;
  • a strengthening and nourishing nail plates;
  • cleansing and skin renewal;
  • eliminate flaking, irritation and ogrubelosti.

Paraffin treatment for hands can be applied as a therapeutic medical procedure. This manipulation has the following positive effects:

  • the activation of blood circulation in the tissues;
  • normalization of outflow of lymph;
  • reduction of swelling;
  • recovery of muscle tone;
  • improvement of mobility of joints;
  • the removal of pain and spasms;
  • the healing of microtrauma to the skin.

Kinds of paraffin

There are 2 options of care with the tools:

  • Cold cream wax for hands. Is ready cosmetic products, which do not require pre-melting.
  • Hot paraffin. The raw material is sold in solid form, it must first be heated and melt.
  • Cold paraffin treatment for hands

    This procedure prefers most women, especially when lack of free time. Cold paraffin for hands is a thick cream that softens from the heat of the skin. In its composition additionally there are:

    • wax;
    • plant extract;
    • lanolin;
    • essential oils;
    • B vitamins and other valuable ingredients.

    Cold paraffin therapy is a very simple manipulation, which has many advantages:

    • economical consumption of resources;
    • not require special baths to heat the raw materials;
    • absolute hygiene (the cream is applied only 1 time);
    • convenience and ease of use;
    • the low price of the product;
    • absence of contraindications and risk of burns.

    Hot paraffin for hands

    This type of procedure more pleasant sensation and acts a bit harder and faster. Paraffin wax for paraffin previously melted to a comfortable temperature. To melt it down, you can use a water bath or a special bath with heating function. In liquid paraffin for hands is required several times to lower the brush, so they formed a dense film. It envelops and warms the skin, creating the greenhouse effect.

    Paraffin for hands in the cabin

    In the beginning of the care it is better to consult a specialist. Service paraffin treatment for hands available and not time consuming. In the process of its implementation, you can memorize the steps in the procedure, ask the optimum temperature of the raw material to repeat the procedure at home. Hot paraffin for hands in the beauty salon consists of several stages:

    • cleaning and degreasing of the skin;
    • peeling;
    • application of nourishing cream or oil;
    • dip hands in melted wax (a few times);
    • the insulation mask using special gloves;
    • keeping;
    • the removal of the film;
    • nutrition and hydration.

    Cold paraffin therapy is almost identical. The only difference between the procedures – a method of applying a cosmetic product. Cream wax is not melted and does not freeze on the skin, he applied a dense layer immediately after peeling. Due to the additional nutritional components in the composition of such funds subsequent hydration can be skipped.

    Paraffin treatment for hands

    The described manipulation is super easy to do, so many women are doing it yourself. Paraffin therapy at home is similar to cabin service in terms of efficiency and final results if all actions are done correctly. To ensure skin quality SPA treatments, you need to purchase special raw materials for the procedure. You will also need some accessories.

    What you need for paraffin hands?

    The kit depends on the type of manipulation. If you intend to hot applying cosmetics, you will need a bath for paraffin, which can replace water bath. In the latter case, dishes must be non-metallic or enamel. Mittens for paraffinotherapy sold in specialized shops, but they are also easy to replace. The hand can be put on plastic bags and wrap them with a thick towel. Cosmetic paraffin wax will have to be purchased at a pharmacy or manicure shop. Candles or candle-ends you should not use.

    Set for paraffin cold type includes only a special cream and mittens, a bath is not needed. For both types of procedures additionally, you must have:

    • any antiseptic solution;
    • scrub;
    • vegetable oil or rich cream;
    • paper napkin;
    • clean towel.

    Paraffin – how to do?

    To perform the manipulation, it is desirable to prepare in advance a set of necessary items and release 30-40 minutes of time. Hot paraffin treatment for hands skin may take about an hour. Repeat the session can be permanently several times (3-4) a week. The procedure of paraffin starts with training:

  • Wash, dry and disinfect hands.
  • To make peeling the skin with a scrub.
  • Apply oil or cream.
  • Hot option:

  • Put in a bath or in a water bath of 2 kg of cosmetic paraffin wax.
  • When it has melted, dipped in a liquid prepared by hand for 10 seconds.
  • To get the brush out of the bath, wait until the skin forms a film.
  • To repeat the action 3-5 times.
  • Put at the hands of plastic gloves and thermorunaway.
  • To wait 20-30 minutes.
  • To remove the paraffin.
  • Apply to the skin nourishing cream.
  • Cold option:

  • To impose a thick layer of cream on the prepared paraffin hands and nails.
  • Wrap them in cellophane and dense fabric.
  • After 15-20 minutes remove the mask.
  • Paraffin – contraindications for hands

    Considered skin care hands, fingers and palms are allowed to apply not always. Cold hands treatment with paraffin has no contraindications, so it is more in demand. Hot method may not be used in the following cases:

    • significant damage to the skin of the hands;
    • allergic rashes;
    • diabetes;
    • varicose illness or propensity for it;
    • increased blood pressure, sustained hypertension;
    • vascular pathology;
    • infections of the skin;
    • inflammation at the treatment site.