Remove warts – 7 best ways
The removal of warts is a treatment offered by medical centers and beauty salons. The importance and the need to conduct any specialist will confirm, because it helps to prevent the development of cancer.

Procedure the removal of warts is offered by many beauty salons and beauty centers. Every day it becomes more and more relevant. Papilloma – benign skin lesions. They look like small soft growths. The colour of warts can vary from light beige to dark brown. Themselves education harmless, but the damage they lead to complications. Removal will help prevent the latter.

What is a papilloma, and than it is hazardous?

You might not know what a papilloma, but I had to see her. Benign abnormal formations usually appear in the form of warts or genital warts. Papillomas can occur on any part of the body. In most cases, the dimensions of the entities does not exceed a few millimeters, but sometimes they grow strongly.

The removal of warts would not be a popular procedure, if education were completely harmless. Though warts, condyloma and other manifestations of HPV are benign, they can always transform and become the cause of cancer. Contribute to bad habits, unhealthy lifestyle, frequent injuries papillomas. If the formations are located near the lymph nodes, it is fraught with the development of lymphadenitis.

Types of warts

Medicine distinguishes between several main types of papillomas:

  • Thready. At the initial stage look like a small yellowish seal elongated or round shape. Filiform warts grow on thin “legs”, for which he received its name. This kind of entities is the most common. In most cases, these papillomas on the face, neck, eyelids, armpits and under the Breasts meet.
  • Flat. Round and oval formation light beige color. Flat papillomas almost never rise above the surface of the body. Localized, usually on the face and upper torso, sometimes occur on the external genitals.
  • Simple. Resemble papules the size of a pinhead. At later stages, if the papilloma is not carried out, they darken and become rough to the touch. There are education on the palms, the back surfaces of the extremities, around the mouth.
  • Pointed. Papillary pinkish or flesh papillomas are localized in the groin, on the genitals. Are transmitted only during sexual contact, grow very quickly.
  • Plantar. These papules grow deep into the tissues. They look like calluses and cause discomfort when walking.
  • Papilloma – causes

    The causative agent is the human papilloma virus. It is transmitted sexually and household ways. After penetration into the organism HPV a long time to prove himself. A triggering factor for the development of the disease is a weakening of the immune system. The active reproduction of HPV contribute to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, Smoking, alcohol abuse, stress. Most often HPV is manifested in the organisms of people regularly visiting the baths, saunas, swimming pools and other public places.

    Papilloma treatment

    The fight against HPV difficult one, because today the specific treatment of it has not been developed. For this reason, a large part of the ways on how to get rid of warts, focused on inhibition of the activity of the virus and eliminate symptoms of its activities. Symptomatic treatment allows to remove entities and cells, which have happened cellular changes. Therapy involves the use of such drugs:

    • exterior – removal of papillomas;
    • antiviral – to destroy HPV;
    • immunostimulant to enhance immunity and prevent recurrence.

    Funds from papillomas and warts at the pharmacy

    The removal of the symptoms of warts can be done in different means. Among the most popular and effective are the following:

  • Cheap. This tool from papillomas disinfects the infected areas of the skin and cauterizes education. As Cheap and has a strong chemical effect, you need to use it carefully. The drug is rubbed into the papilloma for about 20 minutes. As a rule, to the 5-th procedure of education disappear.
  • Superchatel. Though their names are similar, the same plant that medicine has nothing to do. Superestate – chemical, burning out the growths on the skin. Decrease in size of the papillae begin on the second day of treatment.
  • Dermavite. According to the instructions, it is a cure for papillomas tumors can delete per day.
  • Kriofarma. The aerosol is intended for freezing warts. After treatment with Cryothermal, build-up gradually turns white, and after a while disappears by itself.
  • Verrucate. Small papillomas may disappear after the first treatment. Education larger grease need 2 – 3 times.
  • Folk remedies for warts

    Alternative medicine is often the emphasis is on strengthening the immune system. According to one of the methods, the removal of warts begins with the preparation of the herbal infusion, activating the immune system. You can select in its sole discretion. Well established folk remedy for warts on the body, prepared on the basis of:

    • Melissa;
    • psyllium;
    • dandelion root;
    • nettle leaves;
    • horsetail.

    Ointment papillomas of kerosene and walnuts


    • green walnuts – 0,5 kg;
    • kerosene.

    Preparation and application

  • Nuts cut in slices and grind with a meat grinder.
  • Fill nut the weight of a quart jar 2/3 full.
  • Remaining in the tank a place to fill with kerosene and cover the jar with a tight lid.
  • The tool must stand in the dark for 21 days.
  • After three weeks, strain the mixture. It should be kept in the cool.
  • Treat the skin infusion is recommended 1 – 2 times a day for 5 – 7 days.
  • Methods of removing papillomas

    Though all the above methods of treating tumors is effective, about how you can remove HPV or not, it is still desirable to consult with a specialist. A professional will help you to choose the most suitable treatment. The most popular ways to remove warts are:

    • surgery;
    • cryotherapy;
    • remove wart with a laser;
    • radio-wave treatment;
    • chemical burning.

    The removal of warts at home

    Not to be confused with the treatment at home, conducted in accordance with the recommendations of the expert and self medication. To remove papillomas on the body at home without prior consultation with a doctor is impossible. This can lead to serious complications: in the best case – will start bleeding in the worst will start the process of education transformation of the good into malignant.

    When the removal of papillomas agreed, you can begin the procedure. Ways of dealing with the growths there are many:

  • With the help of adhesive tape. Not normal, of course, and health – with special solution. This piece of Scotch glued to the papilloma on 5 – 6 days. Before removing the tape is moistened with water, after which it easily separates from the skin along with the wart.
  • Aloe. Juice stolechnikov is also effective against warts. Moistened swab is attached to the formation of a band-aid. Change “compresses” should be every 3 to 4 hours. After a week of regular treatments, the papilloma goes away.
  • Essential oil. Apply, by analogy with aloe and are about the same. Esters destroy the virus because it contained in their volatile composition.
  • Human papilloma removal with laser

    This is one of the most effective and safe methods. How to treat warts laser? Very simple: the beam emitted by a special installation, vaporizes the build-up, due to the effect of coagulation of tissues and blood vessels and prevents bleeding. In fact, the removal of warts by laser takes place without the formation of wounds and subsequent scarring. Special preparation for the procedure is not required. As a rule, for getting rid of growths one session is enough.

    Papilloma – removal of nitrogen

    Cryosurgery can be mechanical and hardware. The latter is considered higher quality and costs accordingly. The removal of warts with nitrogen occurs in several stages. First, if necessary, anaesthesia is given (usually required for people with low pain threshold). The second stage is the freezing. This process takes a few seconds. A tingling sensation during the procedure is normal. At the end of the spot removal is handled by the disinfector.

    Radio wave removal of papillomas

    The method is simple: using a special electrode the electric current is converted into high frequency waves. Papillomas are cut due to heat generated in the tissue during contact with the electrode. The procedure leaves no residue and is almost painless. As of papillomas radio waves could relatively simply, rehabilitation after treatment is rapid.

    Chemical removal of papillomas

    This method is effective and affordable. Chemical removal of papillomas is in the handling of education with special preparations. The result of the use of their tissues die, and the lump disappears. After the procedure the skin remains Ranka which is covered with a crust. Tearing past in order not formed scar. Due to the fact that chemical removal is a traumatic method that is recently turning to it less and less.

    What to do after removal of papillomas?

    As a result of some treatments on the skin is a small cut in a funnel shape. It is an open dermis, which can penetrate the infection. To avoid the negative consequences will help regular treatment with disinfectant. In the first few days after removal of the papillomas may persist redness. This is normal, the redness will pass by itself. In rare cases, patients prescribed antibiotics.