Tetracycline for acne – secrets of the use of all forms of the drug for skin health
Tetracycline for acne is used for a long time and, judging by the impressive number of positive reviews, will be used for a long time. This is an antibacterial medication that works effectively and is safe for the body.

Acne is called a cosmetic defect, which may appear for different reasons and to indicate the presence of serious problems in the body. Sometimes to fight them using antibiotics. Tetracycline acne is very common. The tool well established itself and continues to earn high marks from both the simple patients and professionals.

Causes of acne

To cause their appearance can be different factors. The most common causes of acne are as follows:

  • Using dirty makeup brushes or substandard cosmetics. Brushes should be cleaned carefully, otherwise the instrument can accumulate bacteria. Cosmetics of low quality, usually contains substances dangerous to the health of the epidermis.
  • The lack of sleep. Affects the entire body and on the skin condition can also affect.
  • Weather. Abrupt changes in weather conditions negatively affect the epidermis and sometimes lead to the formation of acne.
  • The critical days. Many of the representatives of Tetracycline for acne used just in this period due to active production of sex hormones – androgens which stimulate the production of sebum.
  • Genetic predisposition. In fact, this reason is one of the most common and leads to the appearance of acne in 81% of cases.
  • Nerves. All problems because of them, and sometimes pimples too.
  • Allergies. Stimulus can be anything from food to materials used for bedding or clothing.
  • Medicines. Pimples can appear as a side effect.

Treatment of acne with antibiotics

Antibacterial drugs the list of drugs used to combat acne, take a special place. To treat acne with antibiotics rationally, because they reduce the concentration of fatty acids in the body is about twice and inhibit motor activity of neutrophils. Due to this, all inflammatory processes are eliminated, and the skin condition improves. To use Tetracycline for acne many people like because the remedy acts very quickly.

To a course of antibiotic therapy has not passed in vain – and sometimes the problem, and in more complex forms, returns soon after discontinuation of antibiotics, choice of drugs are strongly encouraged to discuss with the doctor. Based on the results of the diagnosis, the specialist will help you choose the one which is most effective and safe.

Acne treatment Tetracycline

Group tetratziklinovykh drugs in the fight against acne is used more often than other vehicles. The reason is that such substances are absorbed faster and better in the sebaceous glands. In addition, they have the highest antibacterial activity. Antibiotic Tetracycline for acne – in the form of ointments only inhibits the production of bacterial lipases, thereby preventing further development of the inflammatory process. While a bacteriostatic or bactericidal action has not, which has a positive effect on the state of intestinal flora.

How does Tetracycline?

This antibiotic has a broad spectrum of action. Tetracycline for acne works in the following way: the drug stops the growth of bacterial cells, suppressing their protein synthesis. The effect is to both gram-positive and gram – negative microorganisms, anaerobic bacteria, staphylococci, streptococci – all those who, as a rule, and provoke the emergence of acne. To Tetracycline for acne definitely helped, before applying make sure that the agent is sensitive to the medicine.

Does Tetracycline for acne?

It is used for a long time and very active. Many of those who experienced its effect on themselves, argue that Tetracycline got rid of zits quickly and effectively, but the tools are there and the negative reviews. Which is quite normal. The result of the use of antibiotic depends on different factors, and the fact that he helped one person does not mean that he will act in exactly the same way. Conclusion – before using Tetracycline to consult a doctor and discuss the rationality of the drug.

Tetracycline – side effects

They appear not so often, but it does not mean that they do not take into account. If they did arise, in most cases tablets Tetracycline side effects gives in the form of gastro-intestinal disorders. This is due to direct irritation. The drug is potent and may even cause ulceration of the esophagus – when the tablet, for example, will dissolve before reaching the stomach.

Other side effects that Tetracycline acne can have are:

  • dizziness;
  • headache;
  • rash accompanied by itching;
  • dysbiosis;
  • thrush;
  • increased sensitivity to light.

Tetracycline – contraindications

They have with each drug, the more potent the antibiotic. The drug Tetracycline contraindications has the following:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation;
  • Allergy to components of medicament;
  • fungus of the skin;
  • diseases of the liver.

How to apply Tetracycline?

An antibiotic sold by almost all pharmacies, and to purchase it does not require a prescription, but that doesn’t mean to prescribe a medicine can afford on their own. About how to take Tetracycline for acne, talk to a specialist. The reason is that each case is individual. One patients may be enough, and the use of materials, while others can not do without drugs or combination therapy (to prevent the development of fungi often take tetracyclines with nistatinov).

Tetracycline ointment for pimples – how to apply?

Before using the product skin clean. It is possible to make antibacterial lotion, gel cleanser, herbal tea or just warm water. Before you apply Tetracycline acne, excess moisture from the epidermis should be removed with a cloth or paper towels. Drug are processed only by the affected areas. Prevention apply it inappropriate.

Ointment Tetracycline for acne is a thin layer of 3-5 times a day. For large pimples, you can apply more tools. Serious inflammation usually treated with gauze overlay tampons with ointment. These packs keep the skin recommended all night. If Tetracycline ointment for pimples on face is applied in a timely manner, the pathogens that cause inflammation, cease to multiply and bumps will quickly come down.

Tetracycline for acne (pills) – how to take?

Before you start the treatment of acne with antibiotics, you have a 100% sure that the problem is caused by bacteria. Otherwise, inflicted on the body blow – even minor – will be useless and meaningless. Upon confirmation of the causative agent of adult Tetracycline (tablets) for acne should take 2-4 times a day. The minimum effective daily dose is 800 mg, maximum 4G.

During antibacterial therapy is not recommended to use dietary Supplements and multicomplex containing bicarbonate of sodium, calcium, iron, magnesium. Because any dairy products neutralize the effect of the antibiotic between doses, they need to withstand at least a 2-hour break. Drink tablets recommended at equal intervals of time. This is optional, but compliance can contribute to a speedy recovery.

How long can you take Tetracycline?

Then, how long will the treatment of acne with antibiotics, is determined individually for each patient. Usually the pills and drink five more days. Even if the acne has disappeared for 2 or 3 days, stop taking the drug. The effect of treatment should be secured. Ointment, on the contrary, cannot be used for more than one day after the disappearance of inflammation. Otherwise the medicine may cause dryness of the epidermis.