The sealing of the nails – 6 affordable and effective ways
The sealing of the nails helping to restore their integrity and to strengthen the structure, prevent delamination and fragility, is the prevention of fungal infections. Read about the types of procedures and try to implement it at home.

Even the quality of the manicure may be short-lived. The reason for this are brittle, splitting and brittle nails. To cope with this problem helps sealing. This procedure offers all manicure, but it is easily done independently.

What is the sealing of nails?

In the specified term has two concepts:

  • Therapeutic sealing. The restoration of the integrity and strengthening of the plates with coating them with a thick protective coating with the therapeutic components.
  • Cosmetic sealing of the end of the nail. Treatment gel Polish the side of the plate to increase durability and lifespan of the manicure, improving its appearance.
  • Therapeutic sealing of nails are shown for the following problems:

    • stratification;
    • fragility;
    • fragility;
    • yellowing;
    • the presence of grooves, scratches and other irregularities;
    • lack luster;
    • tendency to fungal diseases.

    How to make sealing nails?

    The methodology for the completion of the procedure depends on the material with which it is performed. Among all the ways how to seal the nails should stay on 1-2 suitable options. The choice should be done with the manicure. The specialist will tell which technology will be optimal given the individual characteristics of the plates, their condition and elasticity.

    Sealing nail wax

    The most gentle and useful recovery method, which is easy to do yourself. Natural beeswax contains valuable components of certanity, minerals, propolis, beta-carotene and other substances. They nourish and protect the nail plate strengthen them and give a natural Shine.

    Sealing nail wax at home:

  • To make edging (European) manicure.
  • Apply on periungual rollers and plates of nutrient oil or liquid vitamin E.
  • Polish the surface of a special suede brush or buff.
  • Thoroughly massage into the nails wax for sealing.
  • Repeat the polishing.
  • Thumbs for 1-1,5 minutes in cold water.
  • Wet hands with a dry cloth.
  • Sealing nail gel Polish

    The method relates to a cosmetic treatment designed to extend the life of the coating. There are several ways how to seal the nail gel lacquer, you need to choose the most convenient and simple.

    Available method:

  • In the dyeing process, to make the brush down on the end plate.
  • After the manicure, apply gel Polish along the outer side of the nail.
  • Gently hold the brush on the bottom of the free edge, lightly grasping the edge.
  • Sealing gel nail

    This material is used primarily for building, but it can greatly strengthen the plate. With such a coating the nails acquire increased strength for 3-4 weeks. They do not break and are not stratified, they are easier to grow, and for the correction no need to fully remove the material.

    How to make sealing gel nail:

  • To do European manicure.
  • Disinfect and degrease the nails.
  • To apply a base coat.
  • To dial in the brush a little gel and treating the first free edge of the plate and its end.
  • To continue the sealing of the nails, evenly stretching the material thin layer.
  • Soak your hands in the UV lamp for 2 min, diode – 15-30 seconds.
  • Apply a top coating.
  • To remove the sticky layer with a degreaser.
  • Sealing nails with Biogel

    The coating is made of natural rubber base, so the plate does not lose elasticity and less prone to chipping. Medical Biogel enriched with beneficial ingredients and vitamins that restore damaged Horny cells and strengthen them. Sealing nails at home is the same as the previous technology. There are several colors of gel, and after fixing the clear coat, you can make decorative manicures.

    Mineral sealing nails

    Described the product penetrates deep into the plate. It enriches tissues with minerals, making them firmer and tighter. Paste for sealing nail fills voids and cracks, restoring the integrity of the cornea surface. In addition, it gives a natural glow and a light pink plate. When the procedure will require high-quality mineral wax and sealing nails. It is sold in specialized stores nail, consumed very sparingly.

    Sealing technology:

  • To make the edging manicure and gash the surface of your nails (to remove the natural gloss).
  • Degrease the plate.
  • With the help of an orange stick apply a small amount (pea-sized) of toothpaste on the nail.
  • RUB the polishing tool block, moving from the middle of the plate to the edges.
  • To separately handle the ends of the nails.
  • Soft buff polishing plate to Shine.
  • Apply a nourishing oil.
  • Keratin sealing nail

    The active component for carrying out this procedure is a solid protein, included into the structure of healthy natural plates. Sealing the keratin of the nails helps them not only to strengthen but also to recover. This is especially necessary after the building where the plates thinned and weakened. To conduct the sealing’ll need to make a special blend of available ingredients (in equal proportions):

    • keratin;
    • mineral paste;
    • wax.

    How to make sealing nail:

  • To carry out manicure.
  • Degrease the nails.
  • Remove the upper glossy layer (buff out).
  • A small amount of the mixture applied to the plate.
  • Thoroughly RUB the compound into the nail with a soft buff.
  • Separately go through the ends.
  • Lubricate the nails with a nourishing oil or cream.