Chapstick – a rating of the best remedies and homemade recipe
Chapstick – an indispensable tool used to care for the delicate skin of the lips. It is useful to get acquainted with the variety of cosmetic products and to study the ranking of leading manufacturers.

Lips do not require less maintenance than the person and this helps chapstick. Correctly chosen cosmetic product will protect from the harmful effects of negative external factors and improve the skin condition. It can be used not only women but also men and children.

Why the need for chapstick?

This cosmetic tool has a huge range of properties. It is able to exert such influence:

  • protect the delicate skin of the lips from the scorching sun or severe frost;
  • restore it;
  • to accelerate the process of tissue healing;
  • to soften the skin;
  • cure herpes;
  • to prevent the spread of viral infections.

Depending on the purpose of cosmetics there are some types of hygienic lipsticks:

  • moisturizing;
  • nutrient;
  • lipstick-balms;
  • funds from herpes;
  • antiviral and so on.

Moisturizing lipstick

This cosmetic product has an amazing effect on the lips. It imbues them with life-giving moisture, so they look well-groomed. However, the result may disappoint if this remedy use is not in season. When moisturizing chapstick is actively used in the winter, this leads to the fact that in increasingly greater peeling lips. In addition, the skin begins to crack. To avoid this frustration, this cosmetic product should be used in the summer.

Nutrient lipstick

The basis of this tool is the increased concentration of vitamins and other valuable elements. It is the perfect solution in cold season when lips need protection from the icy frosts and icy winds. There are cosmetics in this series that fight the signs of aging. Properly chosen chapstick for lips provides gentle skin care. However, in the hot season from its use should be abandoned.


This cosmetic product is considered to be the best solution. Use it at any time of the year. In its composition of lipstick-lip balm contains plant extracts, oils and vitamins. This is a hygienic product that combines simultaneously several functions:

  • moisturizes;
  • nourishes;
  • protects from harmful sunlight and icy wind;
  • fighting pathogenic bacteria.

Lipstick from herpes

This tool with a therapeutic effect contains components. In its composition may contain aciclovir, an antiviral substance, which enhance the aroma oils and other medicinal components. Can be used both for prevention and as a therapeutic agent. Chapstick herpes effectively cope with the virus type 1 and 2. It is used by adults and teenagers.

Lipstick cheilitis

In the people this disease called “zaedy”. Cheilitis is accompanied by severe discomfort. Man is difficult to eat, to talk. One means of combating Haltom is a treatment lipstick. As part of this healing agent has to be beeswax or glycerin. Wonderful Supplement will be extracts of chamomile and sage.

How to choose a chapstick for lips?

This issue need to be approached with the utmost seriousness. It is not necessary to rush to the first available option, since this approach is fraught with serious consequences. Before choosing a chapstick, it is important to determine its mandated task. If the skin is dry, you need moisturiser, and the cracks on the lips can’t do without regenerating and antiviral product.

Besides, chapstick chosen must, given the time of year:

  • Summer – the period when the skin suffers from excessive dryness and sun. For this time of year need a moisturizing hygienic lipstick. The user should choose the tool that has a suitable level of protection from ultraviolet radiation. The minimum recommended rate – SPF15.
  • Autumn – the period when the skin needs to be prepared for winter weather. This will help the lipstick balms and bandages.
  • Winter – a serious test for the delicate skin of the lips. To low temperatures, icy wind is added, and ultraviolet radiation with a mirroring from the snow surface. For this reason, the user should choose fatty rich balm with a suitable SPF filter.
  • It’s spring. – the period when the body is experiencing an acute shortage of vitamins. This is reflected in the condition of the lips. Often appear in spring zaedy, herpes and other problems. For this season’s best lip balm, containing vitamins and extracts of medicinal herbs. As a basis needs to be natural wax.
  • Another important point when choosing a lip balm is the date of issue. If the product has expired, you can not use it! Lip skin is very thin, so all the components are rapidly absorbed through it and penetrate into the blood. If you are using an expired lipstick, there is a risk of allergic reaction. To suffer can not only lips, but other areas of the face.

    The composition of hygienic lipstick

    To keep lips healthy and beautiful, if you care to use quality cosmetics. In the composition of such products can contain the following components:

    • vitamins A, E, C and B12;
    • beeswax;
    • castor oil;
    • azulene;
    • cocoa butter;
    • honey;
    • aloe Vera;
    • squalene;
    • lanolin;
    • Iceland moss;
    • extracts of chamomile and calendula;
    • apricot oil;
    • allantoin;
    • jojoba oil.

    Chapstick Panthenol in its composition contains such valuable components. However, there are substances whose presence are undesirable. These include the following:

    • salicylic acid – although it has anti-inflammatory effect, but also dry the lips, causing flaking and cracks;
    • menthol, camphor – these components have a cooling and analgesic action, but they also lead to flushing and edema;
    • silicone oil creates on the surface of the lips dense film without giving moisturizers and nutrients to get into cells.

    Chapstick rating best

    This means for lip care available in different brands.

    To decide what is the best chapstick will help here is the ranking:

  • Cosmetics brand Korres – series is made on the basis of the guava.
  • Balm from La Rocherong>Posay – it contains biolipids, which prevent peeling and excessive dryness of the lips.
  • Lipstick Aqualia Thermal from Vichy – this cleaning product is a real boon when lips are already chapped.
  • Balm Kanebo Mikan Chan – in the composition of this product contains only natural ingredients.
  • Lipstick, “Dr. Nona” – contains bio-organic complex. It is capable of stimulating the immune system and treats herpes.
  • Children’s chapstick “Morozko” – intensely nourishes and regenerates the lips.
  • Products from Nivea – produced cosmetic products with various additives. One chapstick from chapping, the other hydrates, and the third provides an intensive protection.
  • Tool Aevitum – is designed for very dry lips.
  • How to make chapstick at home?

    Have made with their own hands the means there are several significant advantages over the purchase:

  • Its composition includes only natural ingredients. There are no harmful stabilizers and perfumes.
  • A self-made product is cheaper.
  • In the composition of the homemade remedies do not exist components that can cause an allergic reaction (they are replaced by identical action substances).
  • Chapstick with your hands


    • cocoa butter – 1 tsp;
    • beeswax – ½ tsp;
    • live rosemary or mint – a few drops;
    • jojoba oil – 1 tsp.

    Preparation, application

  • Wax and cocoa butter put in a water bath. When these components are melted, the composition is enriched with jojoba oil and mix everything.
  • A bottle of lipstick is placed in a container with cool water.
  • In slightly chilled structure add essential oil and mix again all.
  • Fill the bottle ¼ of the nutrient medium.
  • Give hygienic lipstick a little bit then stop. Then fill the bottle to the top. Leave it upright for 10 minutes.
  • Hygienic healing lipstick ready. Cover the bottle with a lid and put in refrigerator.