Glitter – that’s how you can apply it to your nails, eyelids, lips and body?
Glitter – what is it – knows every self-respecting fashionista. Loose or liquid sequins are widely used by makeup artists, hairdressers and seamstresses. Decorative elements look simple, but very effective. What they and like.

Glitter what it is today, know all the ladies. Sparkling notes of makeup and manicure – just his credit. Multi-colored glitters are used alone and in different cosmetic products, and they fit perfectly in almost any way.

Glitter – what is it?

New fashion trends appear every day. Relatively recently in Vogue once again came back shiny and luxury. Glitter – what is it? This is part of cosmetics, which gives the image a glow. Simply put, this sequins of different shapes, colors, sizes, which can be applied on almost all parts of the body. In addition, glitters find application in the crafts. Often with their help craftswomen decorate paintings, cards, clothing and shoes, accessories.

There are a couple of basic forms of production sequin:

  • Dry glitter is to be applied on some basis. As last there may be a special adhesive, lip gloss, lipstick.
  • Liquid glitter is more convenient to use. It is sold already mixed with a base, because it can be applied to any surface on the body directly from the tube.
  • What glitter?

    For beauty, mainly because sequins in moderation is always nice. According to professionals, why the need for glitter? Manicure to add shiny elements in the base of the nail plates and designs. They make original drawings and decorative elements. Hairdressers also love the glitter – what a festive hairstyle without the mysterious and attractive lights? Very impressive sequins shimmer on the hair, because the visitors of the salons are crazy about them.

    Makeup artists love to do makeup with glitter. The last is decorate the eyes, lips and face. With the help of sparkly you can draw. And not only on face but also on the body. Some artists even offer the service of drawing temporary glowing tattoos. This will please the eye and are not washed away completely after the first bathing. Popular glittery tattoo in the bikini area. To fill this tattoo is sick, and brilliant.

    Glitter – how to use?

    Few know about the glitter, that is, they have and use properly you must be able. Otherwise, the result is not so spectacular, and you don’t want? So, how to use glitter? A start would be to decide where to apply glitter. Depending on the destination, you select the size of the decor. For manicure, for example, any items will do. On the face of the large items might not hold.

    Definitely need to stock up on all the necessary tools. It is best to use a separate brush and puff. The grains are very small, and wash them are not easy to succeed, and in the new make-up or design may not be suitable. Don’t forget that before you apply glitter only if it is not liquid, the surface of the skin should be treated with a base coating which, when necessary, also need to buy.

    Glitter for nails

    Dry glitter can be applied as a primary coating or to draw designs. The small particles are applied with a brush. Glitter-larger than is comfortable to put a pair of tweezers or stick. To apply glitter to nails should be fresh varnish, otherwise they will not attach securely and very soon will begin to fall off. Liquid glitter use a little easier, but even despite the fact that it is already mixed with the varnish shining from the top layer must overlap the top coat.

    Glitter eyeshadow

    The shadow-the glitter are considered to be particularly popular. As a rule, put them on a cream base, but if glitter eyeshadow initially have liquid or creamy texture, primer is not required. Apply shining decoration on top lid. When applied under the eyes does not hurt to enclose a napkin. The shadows-glitter eyeshadow fall off easily, and remove them from the face – not an easy task.

    A cosmetics applied with fingertips, but much neater and more expressive eyes will look if you use a flat wide brush. Before applying glitter skin it is advisable to wipe with a tonic or micellar water. If you wear lenses makeup need to do careful fine grains of sand can cause discomfort.

    Glitter lip gloss

    There are a few basic ways of applying:

  • Dry. In this case, sequins lip gloss applied with a cotton swab directly into the lipstick with a glossy or creamy finish.
  • Wet. Glitter is applied on the makeup with a wet brush, and the result is a more uniform.
  • Mixed. Involves pre-mixing the lipstick with glitter.
  • With a primer. Some brands have special tools that are applied over a base layer of makeup.
  • Glitter for body

    On some holidays I want to Shine fully. For such cases and invented glitter sequins for body. Small particles are a well cling to the skin, but that beauty was preserved as long as possible, the surface should be pre-treated with a primer. He in most cases comes with decorative elements. If not, instead of bases you can use light cream or a soft soap.

    Manicure with glitter

    Another popular trend is the use of sequins. They can be applied to varnishes and gels of different colors, but at the last stage of design is imperative to fix. Due to this, the Shine will be brighter and persist longer. Ordinary and gel Polish glitter is applied in two ways:

  • The nail surface is processed by the base layer, and using the spatula on it sprinkled sequins. After obtaining a uniform layer of excess glitter whisked brush.
  • The decor is overlaid with a brush, a special wand or tweezers. This method is more suitable for items bigger and complex designs.

  • Makeup glitter

    Very cool, it should be professional or well-trained hand, so don’t worry if the first time perfect result is not obtained. Applying glitter for face and body, you need to follow a few simple rules:

  • Sequins do not overdo it. The emphasis should be or lips, or eyes, or cheeks, for example.
  • It is best to use glitter on contrasting backgrounds.
  • Frosted shade blotches will dry and liquid glitter eyeshadow and will make it a more effective.
  • The main disadvantage of glitter – he is very stubborn. To this must be prepared before applying makeup.