Tar soap for acne on the face, back and head – 3 effective ways to apply
Tar soap for acne is a proven means of traditional medicine in the fight against skin eruptions, comedones, pimples and acne. Systematic application of this product leads to reduce inflammation and improve skin condition.

Coal-tar soap, as a remedy of blackheads, pimples, acne and blackheads, has long been used by folk healers. The popularity of this product in the fight against skin problems due to its high efficacy for all skin types and low cost.

Does tar soap for acne

Alternative medicine recommends the use of tar from acne and other skin problems. The most convenient for applying on the skin is tar added to soap. The main feature of this soap is an antibacterial effect. To see the first improvements in the health of the skin, it is recommended to use soap with tar for two weeks. To obtain stable results soap you need to apply 2-3 months. The systematic use of soap with tar helps to improve skin condition and get rid of the rashes and black spots.

Soap with tar – benefits and harms

Soap with tar is a product where 90% of the soap is combined with 10% of birch tar. Tar soap for acne and blackheads has useful properties, due to the healing properties of each component. Soap in non-traditional medicine used as a remedy that help to combat harmful bacteria by alkalization of the medium. Tar soap has many beneficial properties, and the pungent smell that disappears after washing in a short time. To the useful qualities of birch tar are:

  • relieves inflammation;
  • fight harmful bacteria and fungi;
  • dries oily skin;
  • affects mites that cause demodectic mange;
  • improves microcirculation of the epidermis, which leads to improvement of the skin;
  • reduces the quantity of blackheads, cleaning the pores.

Tar soap for acne – how to use?

Soap with tar is often sold in the form of bars, but you can find tar soap and in liquid form. For healthy skin, beauticians recommend to use this soap such methods:

  • Washing facilities. Before you can use tar soap for acne, the skin was washed with warm water. The soap foamed in the palms and apply the lather and massage it on the skin. Stand for 2-3 minutes and then remove with warm water. Finish the procedure with cold water and apply moisturizing cream to avoid drying out the skin. Washing produce with soap twice a day for normal and oily skin, while dry through the day. Do so until symptoms of inflammation.
  • Spot use. For large isolated lesions use acupressure treatment. This face wash and apply to the acne pieces of the softened tar soap. After 20 minutes wash off the soap with warm, then cold water to improve blood circulation.
  • Mask. Mask of tar soap for acne is applied once a week for normal and oily skin and every two weeks – when dry. To prepare the mask, the soap is diluted with water and add the other ingredients: honey, cinnamon, decoctions and cream. On the face of the tar mask is applied with a brush and leave for 15-20 minutes. Remove the mask using warm and cool water.
  • Tar soap for acne on face

    Tar soap helps with acne, improves skin condition, relieves pustular infections, however, to obtain a stable treatment effect can take time and systematic efforts. For getting rid of skin problems you can use any of the methods described above. Daily washing with lye soap for acne does not require much time but has a guaranteed effect. Masks will take more time, but doing them every day is not necessary. 20 minutes a week, is paid to the face mask, will affect the health of the skin most positive way.

    Tar soap for acne on back

    Inflammatory pustules may appear on the skin of the back. In this case, you can also apply coal-tar soap against acne. It is necessary to apply tar soap with a sponge, to wipe down the back and leave the foam in the form of a mask on a quarter of an hour. If the inflammation is large and there are not many, it can be a piece of tar soap to attach to the ulcer and fix it with the patch at night. Improvement occurs after 3-4 application. The full course includes, depending on the state, 1-3 months.

    Tar soap for acne on head

    Getting rid of pimples the hair of the head is difficult, but in this case, you can take the help of soap with tar. If pimples are many, you can make a mask with tar soap:

  • Wet soap smear the scalp.
  • Wrapped with a towel and allowed to stand 15-20 minutes.
  • Remove the mask using warm water.
  • Dry hair is recommended after the mask to moisturize the hair.
  • Clean the hair with lye soap instead of shampoo is not recommended, so as not to overdry the hair.

    When you spot a rash, you can apply tar soap for acne overnight. For this wet soap oily layer of point smear the sore spot and leave overnight. In the morning make sure to remove the soap under running warm water. Treatment of inflammation can last from a couple of weeks to a couple months. During treatment should monitor the condition of the hair: if the hair after applying the soap become faded and look bad, you should add a moisturizing mask.

    After tar soap appeared acne

    Soap with birch tar fights acne caused by a bacterial infection. If after you apply the soap with tar began to appear pimples, it is possible to suspect the presence of internal problems with the hormones, liver, infections. Sometimes the cause of acne is an overabundance of sweets in the diet. In this case no external means will not lead to a permanent result, until you remove the main problem that causes skin diseases. Tar soap from subcutaneous acne is not always effective, in this case it is better to use a different method of treatment.