Swarthy girls often have deep and rich color of the eyes. So, there is no need to highlight them extremely. In their eye makeup dark-skinned beauties can leverage all kinds of metallic shades.


make up black skin


makeup tutorial for black skin


smokey eye for black skin


black smokey eye


blue eyeshadow for brown eyes

This will make the makeup glamorous and glossy. All tones of natural colors will look great. Black and gold eyeshadows are topical. Perfectly accentuate the natural beauty smoky eyes makeup. Smoky makeup for dark eyes give them charm and appeal. So, soft black eyeliner pencil, in dark brown and gray colors will not be superfluous. And the finishing touch of dark-skinned eyes makeup becomes rich black or brown mascara.

How to do black smoky eye.

Do not apply at the same time bright makeup on the eyes and rich color on the lips – there is no exceptions in this case.

Always enhance the outline of your eyes, and if your style implies reserved tones, then be sure to highlight cheekbones, in order to “balance” your face.

Use natural and calming colors of lipstick and gloss.

Gold eye shadow looks great with the effect of flicker and metal shade.

Choose cosmetics with a yellow pigment. Close to the natural color of your skin.