To eyeliner eyes according to your ideal you can by using cosmetic eyeliner that will help visually enlarge the eyes and make them more expressive. Also the eyeliner or ordinary shadows are suitable for this purpose.

How to apply eyeliner video

Always draw the eyeliner as close as possible to the edge of the ciliated row. Make sure that there are no unpainted areas of the skin. Avoid putting dots between the lashes which will subsequently be easily connected to a flat line.

Before eyeliner, make sure that your hand is free to move, and your elbow steadily rested on any support – it is necessary to apply even and accurate lines.

If you are using liquid eyeliner looks put dry shade on the line, pre-drawn e with a pencil and only then draws the line with liquid eyeliner.

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Your eyes will be visually bigger by drawing a thin line whereas a wide counter reduces the eyes. Also increases their shape the line drawn from the middle of the upper eyelid, which gradually rises to the outer corner of the eye.

To open the eyes and make them more rounds draw a line at the end in the form of a comma. If you want to expand the narrow eyes, draw a thin line of the outer and inner corners of the eyes, making a slight thickening of the center line.

A similar method can be applied to the lower eyelid – in addition that you use the liner pencil or dry shade.