In the life of any young girl there was or will be this very special event called prom. At the prom anyone wants to look their best, have a memorable attire, perfect hairdo and of course the makeup, applied by a professional makeup artist.

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For a fashionable makeup for prom 2015 stylists advise to choose light colours: blue, pink, lilac and metallic grey eye shadows.

However, if you opt for “smokey eyes”, the makeup should be natural. Makeup artists suggest golden eye shadow for this kind of makeup.

And of course we can`t do without flirtatious wings. Now “vintage” wings are very popular. Wings similar to Audrey Hepburn`s and Merlin Monroe`s are accomplished with the help of black eyeliner.

You also can choose colourful wings, this season`s favourite is dark blue and azure with multiple variations, and of course purple. You can use such eyeliners even for an inner eyelid. Take special eyeliners that can`t irritate your mucosae but which are durable. Grey and blue grey-eyed girls with lined inner eyelid will achieve the effect of having bottomless eyes. Blue or green eyeliner will suite brown-eyed girls. To make your eyes bigger, just apply white pencil to the inner eyelid.

Don`t forget about false eyelashes. They can be glued in the form of postiches (solid strip) or bunches in the corner of the eyes. When they are dry, aplly some mascara and they will look like your own.

It`s necessary to pluck your eyebrows several days prior to the grand event in order to avoid reddening. You can colour your eyebrows with eye shadow or special pencil to match the colour of your hair. Secure with eyebrow gel.

Apply lip gloss or lipstick depending on the thing you want to accentuate. If you want to accentuate you lips, than bear in mind that the most fashionable prom makeup ideas for lips are all shades of coral and fushia.