The Smoky Eyes make-up is relevant for several seasons. Style masters call it exquisite and elegant and a lot of magazines place to the cover models with mysterious smoky look.


how to do a smokey eye for brown eyes


smokey eye for blue eyes


smokey eye for green eyes

Features of Smokey Eyes

Smoky Eyes is a make-up which consists of shaded eyeliner and shadows. To do a smoky eye you should use a lot of mascara and make seamless changes between different colors of shadows. This makes your look very deep and mysterious and if you do everything right and accurate you`ll get amazing affect. Just try, such make up is very simple and you can do it just for several minutes.

How to draw

Firstly, you should use a corrector around your eyes, then you can use a powder to fix your make-up.


At this moment you can choose a color of eye shadows. If you want to do smoky eye for blue eyes you should use blue or violet shadows. If you want to know how to do a smoky eye for brown eyes, use brown or green shadows. This advice will be also useful for smoky eye for green eyes. Draw just near the line of lashers with the help of brush. Then shade your makeup.


Choose the color of pencil. Style masters recommend using color which suits the shadows. Draw accurate line on the outer side of eyelash. You can also do it inside. The eyeliner will contrast with eyes, making your look deep and mysterious.


Then do several layers of mascara. Make the first layer, wait for several minutes, divide lashes and make the second layer.

Your Smoker eye is finished.

Smokey eyes video