2018 manicure on short nails – 42 photo beautiful design and interesting ideas for the new season
2018 manicure on short nails presented an incredible number of stylish and original ideas. Designers offer interesting solutions for everyday bows, and on the way out, and even for severe images of business lady.

With the onset of warm season the images are more open and light. And the first “take off” clothes are our pens. So stylish design and well-groomed skin become more relevant than ever. And to be in trend even when there is a natural short length, is to read a review of the 2018 manicure on short nails.

Manicure 2018 – fashion trends for short nails

It should be noted that the trends of relevance rather short nails dominates this year. Today, to make a beautiful and stylish nail art even at home, without resorting to the services of artists. After all, in today’s market presents an unimaginable number of interesting and creative tools to design for every taste. But do not forget that before applying the decorative coating, it is important to prepare the skin and cuticles to handle was neat and well groomed. Let’s do a review of the 2018 manicure fashion trends for short nails:

  • Streamlined shape. In this season, we will remain soft shape of the nail plate – oval, almond. Lovers of the pointed claws have a few to blunt their weapon, although the tapered shape makes the fingers look a mile long.
  • Corrective decor. When choosing decorative ideas, is to do the design, the maximum lengthening of the nail plate. This is particularly the case when the form is not only shortened, but extended. Such decisions will help to add fingers of elegance and gentility.
  • The simple design. Even in the most extraordinary and outrageous looks better to keep restraint style in nail-art. Then the handle will be careful, and insufficient length will not act as a disadvantage.
  • Manicure on very short nails 2018

    In the new season the most relevant is the length, a few millimeters protruding over the edge of the fingertip. However, if in virtue of their profession and personal preferences you don’t even grow these marigolds, you should be able to choose the right solution to furnish. The best choice will be gentle manicure on short nails 2018. In this case, suitable solid coating in one or more pastel colors. Will be the actual decor of the edge or root of the monochrome sequined transparent or nodovoy basis. To slightly extend plate, use strips of foil.

    2018 on manicure short square nails

    Regardless of the popularity of the oval and round shape, soft square remains in the trend, such as marigolds optimal for both short and slender fingers. Stylish design for short nails 2018 presented ideas cover without Shine. Matte top, accentuate the neat nail-art. However, in such a manicure, you can add contrast patterns, stemming or stickers like theme and abstract designs. A win-win solution will be the style of negative space or any other geometric prints with clear figures.

    Ideas manicure for short nails 2018

    This season is very important when choosing a design consider the entire image as a whole. If in everyday Luky you practice restraint and simplicity, you should not decorate your nails catchy and a massive finish. Although the romantic and feminine similar combinations of possible expressive accents. Brilliant and startling ideas are more typical for youth style and club ensembles. However, the variety of stylish solutions to every fashionista will be able to find your best option. Let’s look fashionable 2018 manicure on short nails:

  • With drawings. Given the small size of the nail plates, you should not choose images with small scale details. The perfect solution is flower ideas with one or two thin buds. Relevant are and geometric abstraction.
  • Matte top. Finish without gloss always advantageous to look for small nails. In the new season relevant are Matt varnishes are dark and rich, deep tones.
  • The 2018 airbrushing manicure for short nails. Technique in the style of Ombre and geometric gradient is increasingly gaining momentum. This trend is especially evident in reviews of design for nails natural length.
  • Broken glass. Another promoted from last season’s the trend remains the effect of the fragments. However, this year all the more popular lighter shades of this nail-art.
  • Imitation of natural stone. Fashionable new product of new impressions become ideas marble, graphite, turquoise and other natural stones. Such decisions are welcome for all fingers and the style of Feng Shui.
  • Black manicure on short nails 2018

    The choice of nail Polish hue dark classic is the most versatile under the image of any style. This color design will help add a touch of elegance. Black coating suitable for casalingo bow, and on the way out. If you are afraid to spoil your image, add the trim white or beige. A touch of luxury will make the decoration of the Golden hue. It can be foil, glitter or flakes Yuki, as well as beads, spikes and other overhead decoration. 2018 dark manicure on short nails popular and with elements of deep design. Here the actual drawings as transparent, and simple stripes.

    Manicure on short nails 2018 – bright colors

    Bright solutions fully comply with current trends in modern nail art. And the most fashionable ideas remain in natural tones. Sudovy manicure on short nails 2018 in solid performance and finish. However, the decor in this design should be done in moderation – a few stones on one or two fingers, strips of foil, white openwork pattern in the style of Feng Shui. Another good choice would be a coating of varnish pastel tones. Bright manicure on short nails 2018 popular in such colors as pink, lilac, lemon, olive, mint color.

    2018 lunar manicure for short nails

    The selection of Crescent lead in the top of the most sophisticated and versatile ideas for nail plates natural length. 2018 lunar manicure for short nails topical classical style with a white hole and Nodaway basis. Trendy the solution was a combined design with deep design. In this case, the nails are covered in one color, and a strip separating the Crescent, remains transparent. In the trend of the unusual shape of the holes, triangular, square, concave, notched. This nail art looks great both glossy and matte version.

    2018 French manicure on short nails

    The most optimal variant of the French on a small length is considered a classic. This solution is suitable to any style and even visually lengthen the nail plate. However, to highlight his originality, is to choose fancy 2018 French manicure on short nails. Such ideas can be made in classic style with the addition of pattern, finish or surface decoration. The original solution would be the allocation of a smile of unusual shape. Triangle or unfinished frame will help to visually lengthen nails. Blurred stripes accentuate the originality of the choice.

    2018 manicure with glitter for short nails

    The most simple but very effective solution is the solid application of multi-colored sequins. The tool can be both large and small. Fantasize on the subject of the intensity of the coating. For example, you can coat the edge liberally, dealing sequins to the root is more rare. Stylish manicure on short nails 2018 is presented in the technique of Feng Shui, the French style or the idea of highlighting the hole. In addition to the usual sequin stylists offer tools such as flakes Yuki, kamimusubi, foil, glitter.

    Bright manicure on short nails 2018

    In the warm season become catchy and rich lacquers. The trend in acid tones of orange, Magenta, green, brown. Fashion solution is a combination of nail Polish color electrician and lemon. Beautiful manicure on short nails 2018 is presented in a floral and fruity theme with contrasting bright coating. Such ideas current in the art of painting. However, the labels and stamping also remain in the trend. Modern art nail-art is welcome and the idea of coating each finger a different color using contrasting varnishes.

    Office 2018 manicure on short nails

    A business lady has to adhere to brevity in ideas nail-art. This applies to both decoration and form. The natural length is considered relevant for the business of fashion. In this case, the matching needs to be and design. 2018 fashionable manicure on short nails is presented in win-win ideas of the French and holes. The coating according to Feng-Shui lucky classic tones and gamma nude. In fact, the original finish could use a discreet stained glass. But if your business style is not constrained by the strict limits, you can stay on the cover in pastel colours.

    Formal 2018 manicure on short nails

    The evening involves expressiveness and elegance in its every detail. Nail-art is no exception. Moreover stylish design may originally complete bow or dilute it with an unusual idea. Modern ideas presents a catchy and distinctive solutions that will help transform even the most ordinary and very short nails. The design can be a bright accent to an evening ensemble. Let’s see the most beautiful manicure on short nails for a 2018 release:

  • Stirka. Mirror or any other shiny coating powder always adds a sophisticated Shine. Such a tool can be used as trim or the main background for surface decorations. The trend is not only dark but also light shades of stirki.
  • Pastes. Stones and crystals draw attention and add a blinging even the most modest combination. Such decoration can be in harmony with the velvet sand, boulongne and small pixie.
  • Modeling. A stylish choice to the romantic and even wedding dress are flowers or openwork of abstraction in form of three-dimensional acrylic sculpture. This may be contrast or gentle.
  • Lace. A trendy solution that is ideal for an evening look, lace patterns are considered. Original choice will invoice the decor of the tracery of the material fitted colorless top.