An emerald ring is a selection of photos of beautiful rings with natural emerald
The ring with emerald is highly appreciated by jewelers and townsfolk decoration, which will transform the appearance and show great taste. Even a simple product that uses a beautiful green mineral that looks stylish and perfect.

Every woman has a personal treasure with decorations for any occasion. Recently, there is a trend to wear jewelry with natural stones. An emerald ring is a distinctive addition to your images.

How to choose an emerald ring?

Choosing extraordinary jewelry – not an easy task. Although the mineral is not capricious to external data and is virtually any lady, some complications are possible:

  • The size of the stone depends on the age. Ring with natural emerald, large and massive, to face the ladies middle-aged and older. Young damsels can decorate the fingers with neat decoration with a small gem.
  • If your fingers are large, it only fits large ring with emerald.
  • With a limited budget, you can choose the product of silver with a small crystal. A ring of gold or platinum will cost much more expensive, especially when decorated with a stone of 1 carat and more.
  • Dark shades will fit brunette. Owners of blond hair shows a variation of translucent tones.

  • Gold ring with emerald

    There are very successful combination of colors that consistently delight and appeal to all. Luxurious gold, in Alliance with the deep green natural mineral looks luxurious and aristocratic, demonstrates good taste and ambition. Even in a simple design without any frills and intricate detail of the traditional ring with emerald gold looks stylish. Unusual shapes, complex configuration of the frame, a Supplement in the form of stone, sets off the glittering greens – catchy accessory for fancy images.

    Silver ring with emerald

    When a chic gold jewelry inaccessible to the purse, they successfully replace the elegant silver. The frame of this precious metal accentuates the cold saturation of a spectacular stone, passing all the facets of the beautiful colors. A simple ring with emerald silver – great for everyday looks, there is no shred of vulgarity and pomposity. Elegant piece perfect as an affordable gift for March 8, the next date, relationship or just as an excuse to please the second half of the token.

    Womens ring with emerald

    A stone of extraordinary beauty has many legends and speculation. It is considered healing magic and attract success. Even if these views have no reason to wear a beautiful ring with an emerald pleasant and intriguing without boring banality. Moreover, the modern variations are miniature masterpieces of jewelry art. Buying jewellery with precious green mineral that is a serious step. Catchy decoration attracts the eye, requires careful selection of clothing and other accessories:

  • Girls young and active fit minimalist delicate rings with delicate design.
  • The product configuration path is universal and fits any look and style.
  • Perfect for evening bows exclusive rings with emeralds with diamonds or have an irregular shape of the stone.
  • Mysterious luster green crystal accent the cubic Zirconia.
  • One of the important forms of the gem is square and teardrop.

  • Ring with emerald and diamonds

    Gorgeous gem has a deep rich color and just placed in a simple rim of precious metal striking beauty and inner strength. A sophisticated addition in the form of sparkling diamonds enhance the incredible greens of the mineral, although at the same time significant and will affect the value of jewelry:

  • Jewelers adorn rings paths, arcs, circles, ovals of small translucent crystals.
  • Special attractive gold ring with emeralds and diamonds, in which extraordinary woven green, Golden and white colors.
  • Decoration, where the combined greens, diamonds and silver look elegant and fresh.

  • Ring with large emerald

    What really breathes luxury and glamour – it’s the ornament with a large gem. The large size of the stone is rare in nature, so a ring with a large emerald – truly the highlight of your accessory collection. The most common variant of two to three carats, the larger is an expensive rarity. A ring with a large emerald – version is not on every day, and an amazing accompaniment to evening dresses in muted tones made of thick fabric or silk. This decoration is not for the fingers of young ladies. But a Mature, confident in their own attractiveness of the lady-to-face.

    Ring track with emeralds

    Simple and elegant configuration is beyond praise: spectacular procession of the precious crystals looks better than a large gem. Concise articles that use four or five stone, good for everyday wear. The model where the path from the malachite mineral overlap with bands of diamonds, often used by couples wishing to get married soon. And this is one of the spectacular options for engagement rings with emerald. An excellent gift is a good decoration with intersecting tracks of green crystal and diamonds or cubic Zirconia.

    Ring with square emerald

    No other gemstone looks so stylish and brilliant in a square shape like the emerald. It’s like she was created for him, because in this configuration reveals the depth of malachite and a small Golden inclusions characteristic of natural gem:

  • Wearing a sleek ring with a green square in the centre, forget about all the other large decorations.
  • Status and looks expensive (and it is) luxury white gold ring with an emerald surrounded by diamonds.
  • Optical game faces amazing sparkle of the gem revealed interesting variations in the octagon, what’s the different step cutting and truncated corners.
  • The owner of a very thin or, conversely, short fat fingers, a ring with emerald is better not to buy.
  • Ring with emerald and cubic Zirconia

    Created in the laboratories of the scientific Institute as an artificial alternative to the heavy-duty diamond, cubic Zirconia has become an indispensable tool for emphasizing the expression of the Central element of the composition or as a replacement for expensive diamonds. Their sparkling Shine looks good with the mineral, shading his superior herbs, causing to Shine brighter.

    In addition to crystal clear jewelers combine the green gem with cubic Zirconia other bright shades. Although the first option is the most popular because of the catchy stone does not tolerate the neighborhood in bright colors. The original designs, unusual shapes, which embodies a ring with a natural emerald surrounded by cubic zirconias is the current trend in the world of jewelry and accessories.

    Ring with emerald drop

    Found a lot of ladies who do not welcome excessive showiness in jewelry, and advocate for the elegance and the absence of complex pretzel of gold/silver. An emerald ring as a stylish drop – a case:

  • Feminine, elegant gold women’s ring with emerald can only have a bed, holding the lower part of the stone.
  • Offers great products with emerald drop is enclosed in a massive frame of precious metal.
  • For special cases, there is an ornament where the gem is surrounded by a frame of diamonds or cubic Zirconia.
  • Amazing ring with an emerald drop, duplicate the same item from the diamond.
  • A real boon for dressy sets will ring and earrings with emerald – set with elements in the same form.
  • Wedding rings with emeralds

    A symbol of eternal and infinite love which are the wedding rings, is chosen by the future married couple for years and even decades. They demonstrate the presence or lack of good taste. But obruchka, which instructed emerald, can not be tasteless by definition. Meanwhile, the producers hint at variations in fashion jewelry industry and actively use them. Often miniature masterpieces are offered to the couple:

  • One of the clearest directions – simple ring with a small square stone in the center, not beyond gold or platinum.
  • Popular option in a track. The male version includes gems of the same size, located along the line of the ring. This engagement ring with emeralds for women has a bit more decoration.
  • Often obruchka engraved, in script, which included a very fine emeralds are not the center of the composition.
  • Incredibly popular kits, made of combined gold.
  • Supplement in the form of diamonds or cubic zirconias accentuate the beauty and sanctity of the symbol of marriage.

  • How much is an emerald ring?

    Buy expressive decoration, in which the rare naturally occurring green gemstone – profitable investment of funds. Then, how much is a ring with natural emerald, depends on many factors: the size and weight of the stone, samples of the precious metal used, complexity of design, additional decoration:

  • The version in silver available at the price – from 100 to 250.e.
  • Concise version to 2 carats in gold cost from 150 to 450.e.
  • Inlay diamonds significantly increases the cost. Become the owner of a beautiful ring from 500 to 1500.e.