Bags of fur – 42 photos of trendy handbags made from natural and artificial fur
Charming handbag made of fur this year won the title of one of the main trends of winter. With this wonderful accessory for any modern fashionista can stand out from the crowd and demonstrate personal style.

Stylish and attractive bags of fur came into fashion relatively recently, but has already gained popularity among the fair sex. These accessories look very interesting and original, so you can give the image of a modern fashionista’s unique “flavor”.

Fur bags – fashion 2018

With each new season, fashion trends for accessories change dramatically, and many young ladies, anxious to meet them, acquire a new handbags, hats and jewelry. So, if in 2017 one of the main trends was fur keychain on the bag, this season his place was taken by warehouse made entirely of skins of fur and leather or suede.

Although currently, many young ladies refuse to use animal raw materials, bags made of fur, having a very original appearance, attracted many women. In 2018 they can be made of natural skins and their synthetic analogues, characterized by a lower quality and shorter lifetime.

The vast majority of stylists and designers reflected this trend in their collections, designed for the new year. For example, in a new line of Donna Karan presents a voluminous fur bags 2018 that you can go shopping Burberry preferred miniature versions, and Ralph Lauren offered its fans a wonderful backpacks from the skins of fur-bearing animals.

Artificial materials are also not left without attention of the popular designers. Comfortable and roomy bag made of eco-fur can be found in the collections of democratic brands in 2018. So, Asos and Topshop have presented practical models, made in different styles and color combinations.

Bags of fur

Fans of fur and its natural qualities will appreciate the feminine fur bags made of genuine mink, Fox, rabbit, foxes and other animals. They differ in brightness and durability, relatively high cost and unusual texture. This season bags of fur not just to fit into the image of a modern fashionista, because they require careful selection of clothes and accessories, however, if you want to do is quite possible.

Bag made of Fox fur

Women’s handbags Fox fur they look great and can decorate the image of any of the fair sex. For many girls and women are more preferable catchy models of the skin canadian red Fox has bright color, however, they are not suitable for all garments. Bags of fur silver Fox have a less flashy performance, so they are easier to fit into the image of a modern fashionista.

Handbag made of mink fur

Fur bags mink – the most popular option among members of the fairer sex. The prevalence of these accessories due to their durability and versatility, thanks to which these products can be combined with most wardrobe items. However, handbag genuine mink fur categorically do not look with cheap jackets.

So this accessory has not lost its opulence, refinement and beauty, it must be combined with expensive outerwear – fur coats from natural fur animals skins, classic woolen coat with fur trim and other similar options. Shoes to this set must also be of high quality and careful as possible – the best choice would be leather boots with heels.

Bags of fur of Karakul

The production of great accessories from Astrakhan and broadtail began with the Reed Krakoff brand, which released a bright and unusual blue bag with a long strap. Stunning beauty of this product struck the ladies on the spot, and most fashionistas want to add to your collection of a similar model.

To date, these accessories are manufactured everywhere. Bag with fur of Karakul doesn’t look tough or powerful and adds its owner scope. Besides, this product is light weight and ductility, making it one of the most profitable acquisitions. With proper care this beautiful and stylish handbag are able to serve a mistress for about 5-6 years, so its high price is justified.

Bag faux fur

Currently, many beautiful ladies are fighting for the rights of animals, so wearing items of clothing and accessories made from pelts of fur-bearing animals, for them is unacceptable. In addition, this fur bag is not available for all fashionistas because of its high cost.

An alternative to this product steel clutches, toty and other models of women’s handbags made of faux fur counterparts. They look no worse than the original objects, and in some cases they were indistinguishable in appearance. The synthetic stuff is much easier to coloring, stretching, draping, and other stylistic techniques, so accessories it often looks even more interesting and natural.

Fashion handbags with fur

The range of manufacturers across the world today presents a huge variety of accessories made from natural skins of fur animals. Often they become the object of desire beautiful women that complement such products casual, business, romantic and even evening images.

For each event, the stylists and designers offer fashionistas interesting and original models that meet the needs of its owner. For example, a fur bag Prada Corsaire, decorated with natural skin of Fox, fringe and gold pendants are a perfect choice for the publication or a business meeting.

Bag-rabbit fur

Young ladies will love the fur bag-rabbit lends this fashionista’s playful and Flirty mood. The most affordable variation of these accessories are made from rabbit skins Rex, characterized by a special softness and a more expensive and durable – Fox fur, beaver or mink. For the production of such models, slightly reminiscent of a plush toy, used only shaggy raw materials, therefore, Karakul or lambskin their produce.

Knitted bag with fur

Product of knitted mink and other furs become popular more recently, however, they have already managed to win the hearts of girls and women. Fur garments and accessories knitted lining are particularly lightweight and soft, so they can appreciate the beautiful ladies of different ages.

In addition, a similar product can be given any shape, so knitted designer handbags with fur can look different – they may be in the form of bags or sacks, to be a petite clutch or small handbag, worn over the shoulder. Handle these accessories can be made in the same style as all the product or made of natural leather or other materials.

Bags of leather and fur

The most popular and in demand from customers option is a leather bag with fur, giving it a special charm. The fur trim in this case can be positioned across the front surface of the product, and on certain sections. While decorative finish in most cases is selected to match the base material, but also it can contrast with it.

Modern models are often built in such a way that the fur trim can be easily unfasten, having a classic leather that is suitable absolutely any way. This will significantly increase the service life of the accessory as the fur can quickly lose its appearance under the influence of high humidity and precipitation, they should be used only under certain weather conditions.

Bag with fur pompom

Young girls particularly popular options with bright POM-poms. They look playful and Flirty, giving the image its owner a unique charm. Such models can be represented by many well-known brands. For example, luxury handbag Furla fur, made fun of chanterelles or the sneaky cat, will be the main focus of the image and distinguish the hostess from the crowd, demonstrating her individual style.

Fur bag clutch

Charming and sophisticated bag clutch fur in most cases, has a knitted base and tight fastening of Velcro, allowing it to be used as a capacious storage Essentials or as a warm sleeve for delicate female hands. This versatile accessory will perfectly fit into any image of a modern fashionista and will not allow it to freeze even in the dead of winter.