Black jumper – 40 photos of the most stylish patterns for all occasions
Black cardigan – an essential versatile dress that is suitable for every age and figure type. And the variety of styles will help to make a simple and laconic casual bow original and attractive.

In modern fashion classic dark color is not a practical difference, but the dark image, and the sign of elegance and confidence. This color is universal for any style, but is more common in everyday looks. And one of the fashion trends that become the must have fashionable wardrobe is black jumper.

Fashionable black jumper

The catwalks and in collections of famous boutiques such a stylish trend is quite common. Because this garment not only fits well in any combination but are able to visually correct shape. Stylists recommend plain dark top, especially girls with voluminous proportions that will help externally astrolite body and look slimmer. The modern market presents a countless number of interesting models. But let’s see what women’s black jumper has become the most popular:

  • Fluffy design. Products made of fluffy yarn-grass remain in trend for a few seasons in a row. If you are looking for a more luxurious and refined option, please note on the model of the fur natural fibers.
  • Black sweater with zipper. Those jackets with a zip designers recommend the easiest and simple version – zip. In this case, hardware can be a beautiful decoration in a contrasting metal or a solution of fine suspension instead of the castle.
  • Model with hood. Select the style, supplemented by the accessory on your head, you will ensure the usability of the image not only using colors, but also a reliable cut. Such clothing will help protect the hair from wind and rain in the off-season, as well as to refuse the additional headgear.
  • Cropped styles. Impressive and even sexy look model short cut. These models are more relevant to youth style. However, stylists are not forbidden to wear a shorter style and women, emphasizing well-groomed and toned body.
  • Jumper-dress. To accentuate the elegance and sophistication makeup looks will help a fitted longline style. This option can also be worn as a short dress and as a tunic in the ensemble with jeans or leggings.
  • Hollow-out black jumper

    Dark classic touch of elegant and brutal, which is reflected in the whole way. However, these clothes are often lack of tenderness and femininity. In recent collections, designers have solved such a problem by presenting women’s hollow-out black jumper. These products are made of fine yarn by weaving loops or elongated in the technique of lace knitting. Beautiful openwork abstractions will add romance to their appearance. Wearing underneath a bright bra or top, you will focus on sophisticated clothing and looking sullen.

    Black cardigan with buttons

    As you know, the style involves full-cut tailoring with no collar and zipper. However, in order to dilute or to decorate the design stylists offer interesting solutions finishes. One of the most popular ideas was the decoration buttons. Jumper black can be complemented with bright or contrasting accessories. Interesting and original look wooden buttons or bevel kegs on their shoulders, the sleeves or in the standard location, but without the function of the clasp. Buttons can perform the role of a fastener in only one variant – in the design on the back.

    Black jumper with lurex

    If you want to add in your casual look a touch of elegance and pizzazz, you should pay attention to pattern, decorated with shiny thread throughout. Lurex somewhat dilutes the dark background, adding a metallic Shine. These clothes will perfectly fit into a club bow, and a soft ensemble output. In trend like the cropped and extra-long models. Black tunic sweater with lurex will always attract attention and can become the main accent in the image. However, such models are universal and do not require the obligatory presence of the elegant and feminine details.

    Black jumper oversized

    Fashion style “not from his shoulder” looks great in dark classic colors. Such clothing is fully consistent with the latest trends with a dropped shoulder line, oversized silhouette and elongated sleeves, but the image does not look bulky. Due to the dark monochrome of the oversized sweater emphasizes the confidence and freedom of the bow, but she is graceful. Black knitted jumper is presented in the technique of English gum, chunky knits and textured patterns. It is important that the lower part in the ensemble was concise and tight.

    Black knit jumper

    If you are looking for a top that is a versatile addition to any casual bow, you should get the model from Jersey. Especially popular is a black jumper with his throat. This option will fit under the vest or sundress. In combination with skirt or trousers with a fitted top will help to focus on the lower part of the image. However, jerseys presented and in a free cut. For such models, the actual asymmetrical patterns and a-line silhouette. The main advantage of knitted styles stands accentuation of harmony and elegance.

    Black jumper with paillettes

    Very impressive and even elegant look and dark-colored clothes, adorned with delicate shiny metal circles. Sequins can be both large and small. Fashion trend of last season was double the decor, which in turn changes the tone. Designers offer a black jumper with colourful embroidery and colourful sequins. However, not less beautiful and stylish looks chaotic abstraction throughout its length. Such clothes will help to complement lax dressy bow or add a touch of sophistication in a simple, casual look.

    Brand black sweaters

    This versatile and practical clothing has become a popular trend in the collections of many famous brands. Especially famous for the presence of this part of the wardrobe sports brands – Puma, Nike, Reebok and others. Because dark solid colors are ideal for active sports in the sense that it does not emphasize the sweat stains and practical to contamination. Original and unusual solutions, for example, a black cropped cardigan, asymmetrical styles and others can be found in the shows of the brands of elegant and feminine clothing – Dolce&Gabbana, Prada, Ralph Lauren and others.

    Black cardigan Gucci

    World famous Italian brand very interesting interpretation of the dark elegance of classic colors in caroilna style. Contrasting green and red stripes brand successfully diluted the solid design and elegant logo in the form of two capital letters G acts as a contrast to refined taste and sense of style fashionista. The style of the designers presented in a simple and comfortable cut standard length to top of thigh, straight fit, with a neat round neck or simply small stands. Gucci black cardigan will become an indispensable decision in your everyday wardrobe.

    Black sweater Zara

    The largest and most varied selection of women’s comfortable classic sweaters of dark colors can be found in the collections of the Spanish brand Zara. Designers offer models for every taste, purse and features of the figure. One of the most popular was cropped black cardigan Zara. This option is presented in a fitted and free silhouette. Another common option is a classic cut with straight patterns under the throat. This garment remains a must-have for each day in the basic wardrobe of many girls.

    Black jumper Adidas

    One of the most popular sporting products in the world market remains flannelette sweater from the German brand. Such models are good for both training and urban wear. Warm fabric will provide complete comfort and loose fit – functionality, which will affect the confidence and style of the image. Contrasting white stripes and a label in the form of a three flower always attract attention, pointing to the priority in the combination of quality and style. Black sweater Adidas will be a lifesaver in any situation – to Hiking, camping, outdoor leisure.

    What to wear with a black jumper?

    The main feature of a comfortable dark sweater is its impartiality in selecting the rest of the clothing and accessories. A wide selection of styles and materials helps you to choose the stylish option for a specific outfit or a universal solution that will suit any ensemble. Especially popular combination of a dark top with white details. It’s a win-win solution both for business meetings and city socks. Fashionable jumper allows you to use bright accents or to create a restrained Luke. But let’s look at the most stylish solutions, what to wear with women’s black jumper:

  • Solid bow. Don’t be afraid to dress fully in dark color. Total look will emphasize your elegance and elegance. It is possible to sustain a romantic style combined with a lace skirt or casual ensemble with leather pants.
  • Contrasting style. Dark top perfectly accentuates the saturation of the other color colors. Especially popular combinations of black with red, yellow, orange and pink. If you are looking for a more discreet solution, add to sweater, pants or skirt in blue, green, grey tones.
  • Strict combinations. This stylish garment is perfect for office looks. Fashion has become the crop top with a long white shirt. Welcome here and monochromatic ensembles with classic trousers or a pencil skirt, pumps or ankle boots.