Coat Pump represents one of the most stylish and elegant branded products. It presents a variety variations styles: convertible, with a hood or without, with fur “Bathrobe”, winter model may contain a membrane or heating.

Women want to look stylish and elegant at any time of the year. This is accomplished by using different pieces of clothing in winter and autumn and spring season is one of the best solutions will coat the Pump, which will help to make the unsurpassed way.

Coat Pump – manufacturer

For fashionistas who decided to buy a coat Pump, whose production of this thing is one of the main issues. The credit for creating such an attractive article of clothing belongs to the Russian brand. It is aimed to ensure the availability to consumers and at the same time to create an incredibly stylish things. Due to this, the brand is very popular among women of all ages.

Coat Pump – spring 2018

In the upcoming spring season, in the production of coat Pump 2018 trade mark remains true to his style and heading for the elegance and high quality. This is expressed in the following terms:

  • the simplicity and conciseness of cut, resulting in extraordinary elegance jewelry;
  • designer coats Pump contain a minimum of decorative elements, the emphasis is on the perfection of the cut;
  • in the case when you apply any finish, every detail is considered and carefully thought out, resulting in a special style;
  • accessories matched to the color of the fabric or choose similar shades;
  • popular hidden zipper, invisible zippers and other items that are designed in such a way so as not to detract from the integrity and simplicity of the image.

Coat Pump – spring 2018

Women’s coat Pompa

Girls who decided to fill the closet coats company Pump will be able to find a suitable alternative, which reflects their individuality, from a variety of models. They are presented in such variations:

  • predominate straight concise cut, this is the most common style;
  • slim elegant coat Pump is also extremely popular;
  • common rounded collar shape. Winter models can be supplemented with the fur framing the collar in the form of a thin strip or located in the upper part in the form of small details, which provide the throat cover from the cold;
  • with regard to the material applied to manufacture, it can be plain or boiled wool, jacquard, cashmere and other fabrics;
  • the product can be supplemented with a hood provides reliable protection from the cold, he mostly runs without fur trim, but can contain inserts of fur;
  • meet the original model, such as a Bathrobe, zaparivalis front and is fastened with a belt, or a transformer, which allows to vary the product and modify it at their discretion;
  • winter styles are often supplemented with insulated linings, membrane, are heated.

Coat-transformer Pump

To give the image a variety and to change it on your own is possible, if you purchase a coat-transformer Pompa. It has the following characteristics:

  • has detachable parts, for example, a long hem that can be removed and shortened to the thing. Another option would be cuffs, unfastened which can be used to obtain the three quarter sleeves;
  • certain items can be worn one over the other. For example, is a variation of the vest that is worn over the main product;
  • coat-transformer Pump may include a detachable hood;
  • the basic and additional parts can be made of fabric of the same texture and color, or differing components and bold contrast.

Coat Pump from boiled wool

Both winter and spring models coat Pompa look extremely impressive if they are made of boiled wool. It is a kind of fabric which is manufactured using special weave. In appearance it somewhat resembles felt, therefore, gives the image a softness, attractive appearance, and a certain comfort. The material can be combined with any other fabrics, for example cashmere or contain fur insert.

Coat Pump with a hood

One of the most warm and comfortable models that represent women’s coat Pump is cut with a hood. There are variations of their execution:

  • simple simple hood made from the same fabric as the product;
  • the hood can be effectively trimmed with fur, and this item can detach, allowing you to change the way;
  • the hood may be made of any other material and to communicate with other decorative elements such as pockets, cuffs, panels on the chest or back, on the edge of the hem.

Jacquard coat Pump

Incredibly elegant and original looks coats company Pompa, made of jacquard fabric. It is characterized by the following features:

  • special structure of the material, so that the surface looks like a relief that contains the original patterns;
  • the fabric may contain one or more shades;
  • due to the fact that the material is attention-grabbing in itself, the choice of model, preferred a simple straight or slim fit, the image will then be organic and uncluttered;
  • such a coat Pump makes the image incredibly feminine, so it is especially organically will look great with skirts, dresses and pants, boots, and shoes with heels.

Coat Pump

One of the most unusual models that are very popular in the recent seasons are winter coats Pump. Peculiar to them, such distinctive characteristics:

  • fit involves overlapping products, one shelf overlaps another;
  • be sure the belt that closes the thing;
  • can present buttons for extra hold and protection from the cold;
  • a feature cut, which characterizes the coat are the Pump, due to the fact that the thing is used in autumn and spring season, for winter it is too cold;
  • when choosing the material for making preference is given to cashmere or wool.

Winter coat Pump

The cold time of the year can be extremely comfortable if you buy Pompa winter coat. From demi products it is distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • the presence of a warm liner or insulation, for example, membrane;
  • there is often fur detail adds luxury and provides extra warmth. They can be located on the collar, hood, cuffs, hem;
  • the material used for the manufacture of highly durable and warm, it can be plain or boiled wool.

Coat Pump with membrane

Truly unique properties has a coat with a membrane Pump. It is characterized by the following properties:

  • the presence of the membrane layer, which is typical for the sporting goods;
  • feature of fabric is its ability to protect from getting wet and blowing;
  • the membrane may be combined with any other material that helps to keep the elegant silhouette and attractive look.

Coat Pump, heated

By special unique technology is made in color or black coat Pump. It has such distinctive characteristics:

  • the structure of the product is embedded the heating element which provides uniform heating over the entire surface, especially the protected area of the back;
  • the material from which is made the heating element, serve as carbon fibers having a high environmental performance;
  • heating is achieved by charging produced by applying a special charger;
  • the undoubted advantage of the technology used is that it is achieving protection from extreme temperatures, warmth and comfort is maintained for a certain time after exit to the street;
  • the heating installation is done with a special block, which is conveniently located in the pocket specially designed for it. The pocket fastens with a zipper, to ensure the safety of the control unit;
  • the battery provides the ability to switch between several modes, allowing you to adjust the degree of heating;
  • coat Pump with heated requires utmost care. It can not be washed, only dry cleaning is allowed, which necessarily need to remove the heating element.

Coat Pump with fur

One of the most stylish solutions for winter will be red, blue, green coat Pump, decorated with fur inserts. They may be present in different parts of the product:

  • collar, small or large, setting on the shelf things;
  • the fur trim hood;
  • trim cuffs, pockets, bottom hem;
  • the product may contain a fur lining making it incredibly warm.