Coat Zara – a selection of photos of the most fashionable models coat Zara
Coat Zara designed for active fashionistas who prefer complete convenience and comfort. Products from the winter collection of the company meet all modern trends and at the same time absolutely suitable for creating any outfit urban chic.

Zara coats will never go out of fashion, because this brand designs its clothes, considering all the innovations in the designs so that it can best fit in a dressy everyday life. Want to look beautiful and be the trend – feel free to choose any model.

Coat Zara 2018

Than attractive women’s coats Zara 2018?

  • Total comfort and sophisticated simplicity – a distinctive feature of things of this brand that are created for the mass consumer and are designed for daily wear. This season designers bet on a merger of minimalism, military, retro and sport-chic. With original solutions to traditional firms with a length up to mid-calf in the spirit of the oversize, the new collection includes modern coat-mini, capes, ponchos and Maxi flared from the waist line.
  • Zara coat made of tweed, wool, cashmere, corduroy and denim. There are knitted, leather and fur products. Designer jewelry – a combination of several different fabrics in one product and trend panels of leather and fur, but the designers of the brand rarely use fur, leather and suede.
  • Color and prints. Hits – blue coat, Zara fur and beige cashmere. Behind the decision in brown, cream, red, gray, black, blue, green and white palette not only monotonous, but with abstract-geometric, jacquard patterns and embroidery.
  • Womens coats Zara

    Extremely comfortable womens coat Zara managed to catch the fancy of a huge number of fashionistas for its unique combination of comfortable cutting, modern look and affordable prices. At the peak of popularity:

    • vintage cashmere, suede and leather model a La ‘ 80s, double-breasted and single-breasted style coats and coats-jackets;
    • lapels on shoulders and front, wide and narrow turn-down collars, neat stand and a built-in or detachable hoods, various fur collars and cuffs at bottom of sleeves and hem.

    Staying true to its traditions, the firm is left in the modern models, the length to mid-calf, but not paid attention to the hit Maxi and mini. In the autumn-winter collection 2017-2018 to meet not only models up to mid-thigh, but MIDI coat Zara for auto-lady and extra-mini, barely reaching to the waist. The favorites were the decisions of cashmere and tweed mid-length soft pastel shades of the free style.

    Coat plaid Zara

    Not concede runway models leading firms Zara coat with trendy prints. On takeoff diverse checkered pattern: “a goose pad”, cell, Vichy, tartan and Prince of Wales checks, both small and large. Nontrivial look single breasted styles and trench coats, retro mini and MIDI options in the 70s of the twentieth century with a fur collar. Popular not only the gray-black and black-and-white and red-brown and white-and-crimson hues. Additional décor is fringe at the bottom of the garment and the edges of the sleeves.

    Puffer coat Zara

    A stylish solution in the spirit of sport-chic – womens winter coat Zara down jackets from this brand are famous for neutral colors, comfortable styles and lengths, they are perfectly combined with jeans and trousers, and with dresses and skirts. These models can come with a hood and without it, with interior collar stand-up or fur edge, they can be worn in any weather, because bolonyevy fabric repels water and protects the down layer from the strong wind and big frosts.

    Quilted coat Zara

    Multi-colored and red coat Zara, where the main decoration is a large, medium, and fine quilting, is the undisputed leader in all-day comfort of urban chic. These jewelry designers are sewn from nylon and faux fur, making them as suitable for our winter weather conditions. Lightweight and stylish, plain and floral patterns, a temperate mid-length, quilted coat Zara is the beauties who prefer to create non-trivial and creative smart-casual images.

    Zara coat with hood

    Another seasonal trend street style – elegant coat robe Zara hooded slightly modified for maximum comfort in wear and is not only fixing the flooring zone, but with one or two hidden snap buttons or buttons. The hood can be sewn and fastened, from classic style to the Gothic or the futuristic helmet, depending on the model outerwear. A single-breasted coat robe Zara it is a continuation of the collar on models with a stand – medium size and usually detachable.

    Fur coat Zara

    As a tribute to the chic modernism the brand has released a mega popular this year coat faux fur Zara, which made not only one-sided with a large pile insulated lining, and two-way with fine bristles on one side and impregnated. If in past seasons the trend was predatory prints, now on the rise solid smooth and quilted solutions in rich dark and bright light colors. The original pink fur coat from Zara with simple silver embroidery are scattered all over the garment.

    Coat Zara military style

    Not paid attention to the designers of the firm and a military-inspired look. Green coat Zara not only has the usual style and typical khaki hue, and is made of drape, but in the best traditions of the brand combines in one product a “military” cut and loose single-breasted silhouette. This outerwear is made of soft tweed and cashmere, as comfortable in daily wear and is equally suitable for creating extraordinary military bows and affordable casual images.

    Non-trivial extra-mini to the waist in dark colors are perfectly combined with wide trousers and coat “Detail” Zara decorated with embroideries and appliqués, looks great even with classic clothes. Along with the ladylike jewelry and plastic buttons to match the garment, in fashion remain “greatcoat” lapels and “epaulettes” on the shoulders, metal buttons contrasting with the two sides, brutal shoes, and bulky accessories, harmoniously complementing the overall “outfit.”

    Coat oversized Zara

    Branded classics of the genre – dark and light grey coat Zara loose silhouette of this cocoon-oversized MIDI length to mid-calf. It is super comfortable for everyday wear, suitable for any physique and totally different clothing, from business suits to elegant ensembles. Look great new-fangled models with jacquard patterns, ponchos and flared razlicici with elongated collar-tie.

    The latest trend in decor coat Zara oversise big stand collar, perfectly can substitute for any scarf, looks like the pipe and protects from chilly wind. Closes with just two buttons or volume buttons. Additional designer jewelry:

    • large pockets;
    • contrast buttons;
    • the differential length;
    • asymmetrical clasp.

    Short coat Zara

    Modern Zara blue coat reaching to the hips, is modified according to the latest trends high fashion models from the Basic-collection. They are presented with a basic form-fitting and loose styles extra mini and slightly above the knees, can be sewn as coat, and to have the jacket cut. New this season in grey and brown shades:

    • coat robe Zara in the ethnic style and Cape;

    • coat jacket with fur lining and in the same turn-down collar plaid;
    • short monochrome models duffle coat.

    Long coat Zara

    Deviation from the canons of elongate dark blue, black and beige coat for Zara, although the brand remains true to himself, and a lover of Maxi to the floor it will be difficult to find a model of a favorite length. That allowed themselves designers is to produce a Zara coat, reaching high up to the ankle. These solutions will fit tall fashionistas, holders of magnificent forms can look after yourself things boxy, but slim beauty – any long styles, from smooth oversized to fitted bottoms.

    Stylists recommend to select a long coat Zara elegant shoes: feminine boots, retro boots and heeled ankle boots. However, the main trend of modern fashion to combine incompatible not been canceled. So free styles, military-inspired, quilted coats and down jackets can be easily combined with sneakers and brutal “masculine” boots and ankle boots, a romantic and flared from the waist and ethno safe to wear even with the Cossacks.

    Kate Middleton in a trench coat Zara

    The best advertisement for the brand was Kate Middleton in a trench coat Zara. The Duchess of Cambridge and Princess of great Britain, which is famous for its affordable and trendy outfits and always great, not the first year is a fan of this company. She prefers MIDI oversized plaid, strict but feminine and military-inspired cropped coat jacket, perfectly combining them with smart casual clothes and simple accessories.