Divination by Baptism January 19 – what divination is carried out in the eve of the Epiphany of 18 to 19 January?
There are different divination on Epiphany on January 19, which have great strength and help to learn a lot of interesting information about the future. It is important to conduct the rituals according to the existing rules, otherwise the answer is false.

There are different divination on Epiphany on January 19 that are used since ancient times. It is believed that this day has tremendous power, so all predictions will be true. Guessing on love, money, future and so on.

The tradition of divination by Baptism on January 19

There are a number of rules, superstitions and traditions associated with this day. Since ancient times, is that conducted under the baptism of the January 19, divination will be the most truthful, so many people love to predict your future in this holiday. There are other traditions associated with this day:

  • The main dish on Christmas eve, sochivo, which remains after a meal, pour out the chickens.
  • In the evening it is accepted to consecrate water in the temple that can be used for washing and drinking.
  • An ancient tradition is swimming in the hole. It is believed that on Epiphany water has tremendous power that is able to protect from disease, give strength and save from possible negative. It is worth noting that any rules regarding swimming in the hole, no.
  • Divination from 18 to 19 January, the Baptism of the

    If you have the desire to perform the ritual for predicting the future, then it is important to know the number of rules required to obtain the most accurate results.

  • The perfect place for divination in Baptism January 18 – non-residential premises, for example, bath or attic. In the extreme case, suitable room with access to the balcony.
  • No one needs to know about undertaking such magical rituals.
  • In the room there should be cats and different distractions, for example, ticking clocks.
  • With yourself it is important to remove the belt, cross, to let your hair down and unleash the available on clothing sites.
  • If you are guessing before bedtime, then at the head should put the candle.
  • Divination on Epiphany on January 19 on the fate of

    To find out what has prepared in the future, the destiny, you can spend a simple fortune-telling, which is called “7 cups”. Prepare seven identical vessels in which to put items that has a different value. Then you need to close your eyes and change blood vessels in places that it was impossible to understand where a subject lies. To finish the divination under Baptism January 19, mentally ask the question: “What has prepared me for destiny?”and randomly select one of the glasses. Its contents will be the interpretation:

    • salt – tears, sadness;
    • sugar – sweet and fun-filled life;
    • bread satiety;
    • coin – financial well-being;
    • ring – offer hands and hearts;
    • matches – the birth of the baby;
    • the grain complex workdays.

    Divination in the Baptism on January 19 in love

    Most normal girls use different divination techniques to understand the issues regarding his personal life. Interesting is the guessing at narrowing on Epiphany on January 19 with the needles. For the ritual you must prepare two needles and RUB them in any fat, for example, oil or fat. It is important that the entire surface of the needles were slippery. Type in an ordinary glass of water, set it on the table and drop it into a needle. Then you can ask a question, about the relationship with a specific person. The interpretation is carried out, focusing on the behavior of needles:

  • If the needle went to the bottom is a bad sign, presaging trouble. This behavior may be due to the fact that the needles were poorly greased.
  • If the needles come together, this is evidence of the warm relations and sincere feelings.
  • If needles are “frozen” and no convergence is observed, then this indicates a cool attitude. Divination by Baptism on January 19 indicates that pataudi out of the room, and the other person turns the container upside down and puts one coin under the other crumpled note, and leaves the third blank.
  • If the needle broke, then the relationship will end, so do not waste time in vain and hope that everything will work out.
  • Divination the money on Epiphany on January 19

    There are different ways of predictions that will help to learn about the situation in the financial sector. A simple divination on the Epiphany, on January 19, wealth is carried out under the scheme:

  • Take capacity, which should not be transparent, a handful of coins and one bill that should be rushed through. For predicting need an assistant.
  • Reptile leaves the room, and the other person turns the container upside down and puts one coin under the other crumpled note, and leaves the third blank.
  • Guess, without looking, chooses any Cup and looks content. If were found the coins, it promises a good profit, the empty Cup indicates that changes in the financial sector will not, but crumpled bill indicates that one should expect losses.
  • Divination by Baptism on January 19 in the future

    Many seek to learn about your future, to know about possible problems and tests. There is a simple divination on the Epiphany January 19, through which you can learn about future events and understand it will come true if the desire soon or not.

  • Before you go to bed on the eve of the holiday, you need 12 sheets of paper to write their wishes and put them under the pillow. Important one piece of paper left blank. In the morning, lying in bed, randomly remove one note and see what the wish will come true. If the paper is clean, this indicates that in the near future, nothing will change.
  • To carry out divination before Baptism January 19, you need to prepare the mirror where you want your finger to write your dream. Put a reflective surface under the bed, spreading around him a small fir branches. If the next morning the inscription has disappeared, the wish will become real.
  • Divination by Baptism on January 19 children

    In Epiphany you can perform a simple rite, to see how many have children in the future and what sex.

  • Necessary in the engagement ring thread red thread to make a pendulum. Hold it over your right hand and take a few deep breaths. The fingers should be splayed.
  • First ring should be skipped between the index finger and thumb, and then place it over the center of the palm.
  • To know the value of divination on the eve of the Epiphany January 18, look at the movement of the ring. If it started to spin in a circle, then wait for the first girl, and if in the opposite direction – boy.
  • Then put the ornament between the toes three times and repeat. Holding such manipulation before the ring does not stop at all to move. The number of repetitions will indicate the number of children.
  • Methods of divination at the Baptism on January 19

    There is a lot of myth, for which there are different objects available. It is important to note that such magical rituals attract not only good but bad spirits, and therefore need protection at home. For this purpose, on window frames and doors, draw with chalk crosses. After guessing on Baptism 18 Jan bedtime will be conducted, it is recommended to wash with Holy water or at least take a shower.

    Tarot cards for Baptism on January 19

    To predict the fate often use cards that give detailed answers to different questions. You can do different layouts, and that’s the most simple divination on the Baptism on 18 January on the cards:

  • Take a simple deck that had not previously been used for the game. First, make a wish, then spend the balance. Shuffle the deck and place it on four piles. In the first, and then in other you need to find the aces. The interpretation shows that the more aces in the first stack, the greater the likelihood that the desire will become real and so on.
  • If there are Gypsy cards, the value of which we can see on the picture, then distribute them in four rows of nine cards. Find a map of the “Unexpected joy”, which personifies Gad. The map, which is on the left – past and right – future, a number located at the top – thoughts, and the bottom – obstacles.
  • Describing what divination on Epiphany on January 19 can be carried out with cards worth mentioning, and the option with the Tarot. Lay out nine cards in three rows: the first – that was the average – that is, a bottom – what will be. The value of Taro can be found here.
  • Divination on Epiphany on January 19 on paper

    To learn about the events of the near future, you can use a simple ritual. It must spend alone, to not interfere. For divination in the night of Baptism January 19, crumple a sheet of paper, put it in a saucer and ignite. If the paper has burned down and left only ashes – all the problems will end soon, and there will be a white strip of life. When there are pieces of paper, then expect trouble.

    Divination by Baptism on January 19 wax

    The most popular are the Epiphany divination rituals using candles. To predict the future on wax, you need to take a bowl of water and even prepare a spoon and a candle to light. Guessing on Baptism 18 Jan on wax is carried out under the scheme:

  • One candle need to break or grate to get the chips for easy melting. Put it in a spoon and begin to heat on a second lit candle.
  • When the wax is liquid, pour it abruptly in water to form a figure. It will be the interpretation of a divination, which you need to include fantasy.
  • Here are the examples of a few common interpretations of divination on wax:

    • heart – love;
    • car, boot road;
    • hillocks difficulties;
    • the dog – a friend;
    • veer – loss;
    • stars – the long-awaited news;
    • mushroom – vitality;
    • snake disease;
    • a leaf – good luck;
    • hammer – strength;
    • the bridge is the exit from a difficult situation.