Earrings-broach – who is fit and like to wear fashionable earrings prodavci?
Earrings-broach is one of the most elegant, feminine and sophisticated jewelry. They can be encrusted with precious or semi-precious stones, made of different metal. The choice will depend entirely on your taste.

Ladies at any age tend to be attractive, mysterious. They like to stand out and emphasize their individuality. One way is jewelry. Earrings-broaches have a long history, but their peculiarity and uniqueness lies in the fact that they are suitable for all women.

To fit the earring-pulling?

If you choose the right model, we can safely say that earrings prodavci suit all women without exception. They emphasize the elegance, tenderness and irresistible owner. Due to the fact that this ornament focuses on the lower part of the face, it is particularly recommended for ladies with round and rectangular faces. In this case, it will make visual features more carefully.

Gold earrings-broach

Demand for jewelry and fantasy masters contributed to the fact that the lineup is constantly updated. Gold earrings-prodavci are very popular among fashionistas. This metal is suitable to all without exception and is considered one of the most expensive and status. It will add luxury and style to any look. Among the options are jewelry is traditionally yellow material. But if you like originality, you can choose the interesting option of pink, white gold, or combinations thereof.

Earrings-broach silver

If you like white metal is a very worthy look earrings prodavci of silver. Besides its aesthetic properties, this material did not cause any allergic reactions. It is beautiful and shining. If it suddenly happens that the product will darken, it can be cleaned even at home, and it would again assume its original appearance. Offered a lot of options, so you can easily choose the decoration and for everyday wear and chic, perfect for an evening dress.

Fashion earrings-broach

Especially popular among the girls are earrings chain pulling. They have a wide assortment of jewelry stores, but if you want something unique, then you can make the personal order to the master and to make a reality of almost any wishes. These decorations have a number of features:

  • Most of these products do not have clasps. In this respect, the positive moment is that the weight of the jewelry is less, so the price is also lower. Don’t worry about the probable loss of the ear-pulling. Jewelers carefully calculate the balance that ensures a secure fit.
  • Earrings-broaches look good on women of any age.
  • Earrings-broach visually correct oval of the face and fit women of any build.
  • Earrings with cubic Zirconia prodavci

    Often women choose earrings-broach with cubic Zirconia. This faux gemstone, possessing a particular strength. It is particularly valued in jewelry because of its Shine, due to special light refraction, is not inferior to diamond. It can be of different colors, so it is sometimes used for imitation of Topaz, sapphire, garnet, aquamarine and even diamond. It happens that a scientist manages to create a unique lavender color. It is unique and looks nice in the product.

    Earrings broach with diamonds

    Since ancient times, prized jewelry, inlaid with precious stones. They were very popular and they were treated with special awe. Earrings broach gold with diamonds was considered a family heirloom. Their carefully stored and passed to his descendants from generation to generation. Today, this tradition remains relevant, and the beauty and luxury of such products once again not to speak. Their enchantment, luster and durability is the best proof.

    Earrings broach with Topaz

    Topaz belongs to the second group of gemstones. When properly processed it has the dazzling radiance. In nature, there is a few colors: blue, pink, yellow, cognac and others, the saturation of which may be by nature or by heating. Earrings prodavci white gold with a natural color of the crystal are quite expensive. But the tone, which managed to achieve an artificial way, more affordable.

    Earrings with pearls prodavci

    There is nothing more feminine and delicate than Golden earring prodavci with pearls. This stone in ancient times was considered the epitome of luxury, of wealth, of gentility. For example, in the Baroque period, women of high society had to have ornaments with a complex interweaving of pearls and embroidered their dresses. A few seasons ago, this stone was worn only by adult ladies. Now the fashion on it again and it became obvious that he comes to the fairer sex at any age.

    Earrings with emerald prodavci

    Emerald is a rare and beautiful stone. Its velvety rich color will not leave indifferent any woman. It’s a classic for the elite. It attaches to the decoration of sophistication with which any outfit, even the ugly, will play differently. This mineral is sufficient, but if necessary it can be combined with other jewelry. On the market there are many jewelry manufacturers, each of which has its own characteristics. Gold earrings-prodavci Adamas is a great balance of price and quality.

    Earrings broach with beads

    To look unique, not necessary to buy earrings broach with stones. There are many options, which at the base have a beautiful, solid shapes or delicate curls. It can be beads, stars, hearts, diamonds, rectangles. Such jewelry is suitable not only young girls, but respectable ladies. Restrained and concise model will become an irreplaceable detail, both for everyday and festive attire.

    Earrings with amethyst prodavci

    Amethyst – the most expensive variety of quartz. In his colour he combined an intense purple color with various shades and transparency with a pearly or vitreous luster. With brief heating, this stone loses its color and becomes pale green or yellow. This allows you to vary the jewelry world. Long earrings-broach with this gem will add sophistication and accentuate the natural beauty of women. If the natural amethyst you are too expensive, you can choose the product with the artificial, which has such advantages:

    • availability prices;
    • resistance to fading;
    • defects;
    • strength.

    How to wear earrings-broach?

    It may seem that the choice of long earrings will not be easy, but there are moments that are worth paying special attention:

  • For this type of jewelry is no age restriction, but the choice must take into account not only the model but also what you will wear. Earrings-broach, encrusted with precious stones, are unlikely to be relevant for a teenager in casual clothes. Consider the status of the case.
  • Chubby ladies better choose a long jewelry, and the owners of the oval shape you need to choose earrings-broach with a massive base (inlaid with stone or pearls), otherwise the face will look too stretched.
  • The beauty of the eyes can be emphasized with properly selected the color of the stone. Then the ear-pulling will best blend in with your look.
  • Whether it’s earrings-broach white gold, yellow or silver – they look always great, but for more appropriate and stylish appearance, it is better to think carefully about the image:

  • Earrings-broaches with black pearls will be the perfect addition to the romantic image. They will add softness, lightness and refinement. You can Supplement bow bracelet, ring or necklace with the same stone.
  • To the business along ideal tidy discreet earrings broach with a small pebble.
  • Earrings with diamonds prodavci eloquently emphasize luxury, status and good taste women. This is perfect for special occasions, where you are bound to be the center of attention. Stylists recommend in such cases makeup to make expressive, but not too bright. To focus on the decoration, it is better to pin up curls or to gather in my hair.
  • For a daily look, choose earrings-broach with decorative element in the form of rhombuses, hearts, stars, flowers, spirals, balls, small signs of the zodiac. Such jewelry is suitable not only young girls, but also a business woman. The main thing to choose the model.
  • Looks stylish and original decoration, when the pattern on the earrings-broaches coincides with the pattern on the blouse or dress.
  • There is also an interesting and unconventional decision in favor of diversity. There are earrings-broaches, of which the base is made in the form of a hook, which you can wear a variety of charms and change them at will. They can be with different stones or simply in the form of any shapes. Therefore, with the help of the same jewelry every day, you can create new images.