Earrings in platinum – a spectacular decoration that can become the crown of your personal collection of jewelry masterpieces. Moderate variations in the classic version or a bold pair of unusual Bohemian will become the highlight of the image.

In the Arsenal of any ladies, there are beautiful decorations of the classic precious metals – a luxurious gold and elegant silver. But true elegance gives platinum. Earrings in platinum – a sign of prosperity and good taste.

How to choose earrings made of platinum?

Solid and reliable precious metal, jewelry of which used to wear sovereigns, valued at significantly more than the traditional gold. Quality alloy, its constituent components and the skill of the jeweler all affect the appearance and value of jewelry. Platinum in its pure form takes bad shape jewelry so it is mixed with ruthenium or cobalt.

The presence of impurities in the form of iridium is not the best variation, because it does not guarantee the appearance of unwanted scratches. High-quality samples, which made platinum earrings, are considered the 900 and 950. If you are planning to acquire a real family value, even heirloom, passing from generation to generation, pay attention to handmade products.

Fashion earrings in platinum

Whatever is fickle, and even an eccentric would not be the fashion relating to the jewelry industry, remain eternal materials, whose significance and value is not reduced over the centuries. Platinum is one of them, being at the forefront of the preferences fashionistas with a great sense of style. Meanwhile, the white gold perfectly embodies the classic variety and even the most extravagant ideas decorations:

  • Union diamond is beneficial for both materials.
  • For everyday images the perfect simple earrings without inserts.
  • Round couples inspire a tantalizing sense of freedom and looseness.
  • Supplement in the form of pearls, expressive sapphire, deep emerald only accentuate the femininity and refinement of the basic precious metal.

  • Earrings in platinum with diamonds

    The sophisticated Shine of precious material with nothing to confuse. Even in minimalist design earrings in platinum highlighted with restraint and elegance. But in tandem with diamonds, the precious metal becomes a symbol of elegant luxury and well-being. If the Union of a diamond with gold the last extinguishes incredible Shine and sparkle, platinum, conversely, emphasizes:

  • Timeless classical model with an English castle.
  • Cute “track” and floral motifs good for each day.
  • Laconic round or diamond-shaped diamond enclosed in platinum setting – the option at all times.
  • Gorgeous intricate configuration with attractive diamonds will crown a women’s jewelry collection.
  • Cute pinks accentuate femininity, but will not distract attention from the merits of your appearance.

  • Earrings in platinum without inserts

    The range offered by jewelers, there are a couple with a completely smooth surface. Perfect polishing, fully revealing the natural magnificence of precious metal, charms, cold sheen. Earrings in platinum without stones are versatile and suitable for any occasion. They are appropriate in a business dress code, good to frilly dress or outfit for your date.

    In such jewelry the leading role played by the clarity of the shapes – oval, triangular, square. An unusual effect has the option of punching – through-hole, forming a mesh pattern. Interesting combo earrings of platinum and gold, yellow or pink. Another spectacular version – three-dimensional sculptural jewelry in the form of figures, characters.

    Congo earrings in platinum

    One of the earliest forms of earrings were present in the lives of women of past centuries almost all peoples. Special love harbored and still do not conceal her women of Africa. Jewelers gladly took a bold version, and the ladies will not get tired of wearing inspiring freedom and laxity of fashionable platinum earrings in the shape of a circle:

  • Products small diameter with a modest design daily wear, skillfully combining with a casual, classic or romantic wardrobe.
  • Major pairs, with a diameter more than 5 cm, with embossed patterns, inlaid with diamonds, a texture used as an accessory output.
  • Them ideal cocktail outfits and developing dresses on the floor.

  • Earrings in platinum with sapphires

    Incredibly attractive in its alien beauty of the stone is a deep blue in the past centuries were considered as belonging to the nobility and individuals of Royal dynasties. In jewelry shops, he was always sent back to precious metals. The modern world has erased the boundaries in our time to buy exquisite earrings in platinum with sapphire can each of us.

    Sapphire has no age restrictions, earrings with stones of platinum are both young damsels and Mature beauties. The appearance is also important, although girls with blue or blue eyes can with the help of sapphire to accentuate the depth of color of eyes:

  • Luxury mineral wins in Union with the platinum, as the cold glitter of the last sets off to the deep cornflower blue sapphire.
  • Neat models (Pusey, tracks, with English lock) with small-sized stones are convenient in everyday wear.
  • For special occasions in your collection needs to be pair with sophisticated design pattern.
  • Great combo with sapphire earrings in platinum and gold. Both metals reveal all the facets of the beauty color.
  • Earrings in platinum with pearl

    Best friends girls can be not only luxurious diamonds but also fine in its velvet radiance of a pearl. In them there is not a single gram of vulgarity or incontinence, they love women with good taste. Women’s earrings made of platinum, decorated with mother-of-pearl pearls, is a hymn to aesthetics and to beauty in its purest form.

    Jewelry with pearls – the choice of world celebrities for the red carpet. But you can be feminine and elegant every day, vdev in lugs earrings in platinum with pearl:

  • Discreet couple with a unit including, for example, Pusey an ideal choice for business style.
  • A pearl in the rim in the form of a leaf, geometric shapes – a stylish accessory for feminine images.
  • Jewelry decorated with diamonds, cubic Zirconia crystals in the hanging models, unusual configurations, tandem with yellow gold – worthy frame ornate bows.

  • Stud earrings in platinum

    Miniature carnations, as Posey – the best option for everyday wear. Small in size, the earrings are in great demand due to the low weight and affordable price. But that’s not the main advantages of studs. Cute and delicate earrings Pusey platinum versatile and meanwhile the bearer of the adorn, without overloading the image.

    Stylish variations that offer jewelers, diverse:

  • The luxury variant is the inclusion of diamonds as a Central element. Popular rim in the form of legs that surrounded the mineral or several diamonds.
  • For the romantic signs of attention, the perfect couple with a love theme, for example, in the form of hearts.
  • Young fashionistas will love the fun Pusey – in the form of butterflies, bows, bees, flowers.
  • Leaders preferences remain simple, but striking geometric shapes – round, square, diamond-shaped.

  • Earrings in platinum with emerald

    Decoration with exquisite emerald – ordinary people on the red carpet and social events. Earrings in platinum with emeralds – another great show like white gold, beautifully highlights the depth of bright gem. Including in the way diamond earrings in platinum, please note that they are able to shift attention to himself. So it makes sense to build a bow for a trendy contrast, that is, to oppose catchy accessories are stylish but not flamboyant outfit.

    How much are earrings made of platinum?

    There is no doubt that platinum is one of the most expensive materials, which is recommended as a profitable investment. After processing in the jewelry shop, gold increases in price as compared with untreated platinum. Of the factors that influence the price, which have beautiful earrings made of platinum, is to specify the following details:

    • product weight;
    • sample;
    • the use of precious stones;
    • the unconventional design.