Earrings with opal – 42 photo of fashionable earrings with natural opals
Earrings with opal always been popular due to the extraordinary play of color of this precious mineral. This gem of a pleasing variety of colors and has magical properties. Decorating with it is aristocratic, elegant and extremely beautiful.

Give your image even more beauty and grace wearing earrings with opal. This gem is famous for its beautiful play of colors and light. Has long attracted jewelers and connoisseurs originality created by the nature. This stone is popular for several thousand years, due to the rare properties, and attributed to him magical abilities.

Earrings with natural opal

Opal is famous for its ancient origin, it is an expensive stone due to the fact that it is rare, produced only a few deposits in the world and very difficult to process. A large demand for this mineral gave rise to his forgery in the form of fused glass and cultured of the sample. Before you buy earrings with opal need to know how to identify the precious mineral from its imitation:

  • Play of light. Real opal refracts the light and when you hold it in your hands, in your hands will play all the colors of the spectrum. Why not tell about the fake. Earrings with genuine opals beautifully reflected glare on your cheekbones and neck, adding a touch of romance and sparkle to your look.
  • Stickiness. To determine the synthetic sample will help your tongue if him to touch the stone, it is easy to stick to it, unlike natural.
  • The shimmering from color to color. In this stone, they are very soft and smooth.
  • Patterns – uneven and never the same.
  • Price. Cheap natural decorations with opal does not happen.
  • In any case, you can always turn to the jeweler for expert assessment. Also by purchasing this decoration, you want them to be happy with for many years, so it is worth considering that the stone is properly cared for. Otherwise, the gem may lose its precious properties or even crumble. What you should know about its properties and undertake to conserve its beauty for years to come:

  • Noble gems contain a certain amount of water. Therefore earrings with opal is to wear often, so they absorb moisture from the air and from your skin. If you wear earrings, rarely, sometimes, you can wrap them in a damp cloth or put a few minutes in the water.
  • They are afraid of sudden changes in temperature. All for the same water content.
  • Due to the porous structure absorbs oil, cosmetics and lose their original properties.
  • Once you wore the opal, it should be polished with a soft natural cloth in a circular motion.
  • It should be protected from mechanical damage, the stone is very fragile.
  • By these simple manipulations, you will ensure the original beauty of your jewelry with this gem for a long time. In addition, such care as you saturate earrings with opal his energy, saying that it has magical properties, for example, helps the noble people gives confidence and relieves anxiety. This is another reason to “care” about your stone.

    Earrings with natural opal

    Earrings with black opal

    This opal with a dark base color, not necessarily black. Stone plays the beautiful iridescence of different colors and shades. Who has ever seen a piece of jewelry with a natural black opal, he is forever in love with this ornament. They are rolled lightning, twinkling stars and shimmering itself “Northern lights”. This kind of the most expensive of opals. Jewelry with these stones in my ears, underline the refined taste, the aristocracy and the social status of its owner. Earrings with black opals look good on blondes and complement cool skin tone.

    Earrings with white opal

    This is one of the common types of the mineral, also known as “milk” or “white opal”. Often used in jewelry. Common tandem gold earrings with white opal, because aristocratic stone should be in a decent frame. It is best to deal with it are white or pale yellow gold. These earrings will appreciate blondes with blue eyes or brunettes with dark or brown eyes, played in this case by contrast. Will be nice to flicker among the flowing hair and gathering hair at the nape clearly accentuate the beauty of the product and overflow of the stone.

    Earrings with blue opal

    If in doubt what color to choose – choose blue or “Peruvian”. This is probably the most versatile color among the stones. Suitable for any color type appearance. They can be worn in the daytime and evening reception. Looks good with business style, in combination with the suit color beige, the image is perfect. If you want a pebble brighter note earrings with blue opal, they have a more pronounced color. These earrings remind and shimmer in the color of the sea waves in shades of dark blue clouds or the paint and the clear blue sky. Exquisite decoration!

    Earring with green opal

    Among fans of jewelry, jewelry with green mineral enjoyed great success. It shimmers with shades of green. The beauty of this overflow of colors adds subtle silver. Earrings with natural opal in silver in addition to its beauty and uniqueness are even and healing properties. For a long time people notice the magical properties of this gem. Silver only adds to his magical energy. Such earrings in bright-rimmed accentuate dark eye color, is also suitable for light Karim. This decoration option is more evening than daytime.

    Earrings with pink opal

    This mineral is very valued along with black. The rarest colour of stone. His field is Australia, as for most of them. By itself, this is one of the most expensive instances, it is combined with silver to reduce the cost of the product and make it more affordable. Although often framed and gold. Silver earrings with pink opal, very fit and brown-haired brunettes with dark skin, the brighter and brighter the stone is, the more Shine it gives you. Very important are earrings in small size to wear for dinner in the restaurant with the little black dress.

    Earrings with fire opal

    Earned its name because it if playing the flames, combining colors from red, red-orange to yellow. In some, if you look carefully, flashes and crimson. It is also called “the Mexican” because his birthplace is Mexico. Unlike the other instances, not poured, but appreciated no less. Revered for its rich reddish orange tone. Earrings with natural opal of this color, held in high esteem by connoisseurs. Come to chestnut or dark blonde hair and green, blue, and dark brown eyes.

    Earrings with red opal

    This is the same “fire opal” only with a more expressive red. In order to emphasize their femininity and beauty items and jewelry with this stone look amazing on the ears. Massive earrings with the stones is better not to buy, there is a big risk to get a fake. Prefer small and neat. Gold earrings with natural opal with a thin frame and minimal detailing are the best choice. They can be worn to work, to a party or official reception.

    Fashionable earrings with opal

    The color play of these minerals knows no bounds, is what makes the earrings with opals so valuable. They seem to glow from within. Stones with such properties are particularly appreciated. But there are minerals that do not possess such properties, they are called “ordinary”, they are considered semi-precious and pricing policy for products with such a stone is much lower. The most popular option is natural stone. Relevant to wear earrings in a classic design with clothes in casual style. Earrings with gemstones will highlight your special way and give it flavor.

    Earrings with opal in gold

    This piece of jewelry is extremely thin and graceful beauty. This mineral is essentially a very fragile, when cut often breaks up and falls through the cracks, as well one of the reasons of its high price. Therefore, it is often the shape of a circle or oval. So a transfusion of colors even more beneficial emphasizes. Jewelry with this gem gave Napoleon his beloved wife, Josephine, was such ornaments and Queen Victoria of great Britain. Wearing gold earrings with opal and you will feel, if not the Queen, Princess or an aristocratic figure for sure.

    Earrings with opal in silver

    This type of metal tends to darken, and when the silver is slightly darkened and framed with exquisite gem, this decoration creates a vintage look. This is a fashion trend today. It is believed that silver opal earrings are only suitable for more Mature women. This prejudice, designers fashion jewelry created models of jewelry, which suit girls and women of any age. The main thing is to wear a minimum of jewelry at the same time, it is possible to wear earrings and an opal ring to add the image of elegance and luxury.

    Stud earrings with opal

    Perhaps the most versatile type of earrings. Creates a delicate and romantic way. Suitable for daily wear and for festive events. Look good with long flowing hair and with short hair. Convenient and practical, do not burden the earlobe. Its minimalism, emphasize the beauty and color of stones. Suitable for girls with any face shapes. If you choose, earrings with black opal in gold will be a win-win option is a great financial investment. And gold, and the gem will never lose its wealth and beauty.