Earrings with peridot – 30 photos of beautiful earrings with natural peridot
Earrings with peridot are an incredible stylish and spectacular decoration. The stone can have a variety of shades from bright yellow green to deep emerald. It is being combined with cubic Zirconia, diamonds, rhodonite, citrine.

Many ladies can’t resist jewelry, especially if they are decorated with glittering stones. Popular earrings with peridot, which has a refined olive color and has purity and perfection. It looks very impressive because it has a special Golden threads that create different color tints.

Earrings with natural peridot

Green stone has a volcanic origin, vary in shades of pale green versions. The mineral is yellow, olive, lime, but you can see a rich emerald tone. Earrings with chrysolite in the following variations of models:

  • can have absolutely different shape, they do not cease to look original;
  • the form is divided into cloves, pendants, cuffs, classic and clips;
  • earrings-ear-stud with chrysolite – the simplest versions of the ornaments are used to create one or more stones;
  • cuffs continue to be popular, they can be of different forms and be executed in completely different styles. In kaffah can be used gold, silver and platinum inserts;
  • clip – the perfect solution for fashionistas who don’t want to bake the ears, but also need the beautiful decorations. Clips are represented in the models with geometric cut stone;
  • pendants can have different mounting, but English is considered the most strong, it withstands the largest decorative elements on the product;
  • earrings-chandeliers look great, they can be a wonderful addition to an evening outfit. Such items have a gold or silver design, there are other precious parts;
  • geometric ornaments are very popular, in preference of round, square, oval and diamond shapes.

Earrings with peridot in gold

For many women gold ornaments are considered the most desirable, and therefore semi-precious pebbles are often complementary gold. Gold earrings with peridot can be used for publication, they will be a great alternative to expensive emerald accessories. The earrings are different in characteristics:

  • meet all forms, from mini studs to luxurious pendants;
  • earrings with chrysolite may have a relatively low cost or can be very expensive, it all depends on the amount of gold and its fineness;
  • found not only the classic yellow gold, but the alloys in pink and white;
  • incredibly effectively looks dark metal color with rich green hue. It looks like the emerald, only rays of light in this visible yellowness.

Earrings with peridot in silver

Silver is a more budget option compared to gold. Green stone goes well with silver. These ornaments are more suitable for young girls, for older women it is better to stay on a gold frame. At the peak of popularity are silver earrings with peridot various shapes, they are presented in such variations:

  • it is not only round and square options, but also in the form of butterflies and flowers;
  • can be supplemented with other semi-precious stones in a variety of color colors;
  • extremely stylish look earrings with peridot, vintage style;
  • for casual style is better to choose a simple design, which does not use intricate shapes.

Beautiful earrings with chrysolite

In many fashion collections presented by gold or silver earrings with natural peridot. One of the advantages of this stone is that it is very similar to ruby, only in green. It is characterized by unique gradations of color, it can perfectly complement a gold or silver rim. For everyday wear will fit a small clove, but for evening events it is better to choose elegant “chandeliers”.

Stud earrings with chrysolite

Very elegant look gold stud earrings with chrysolite, moreover, they do not cause absolutely no discomfort during wear.Products are metal, is conveniently located the clasp. The green color of the main element can be extended with other colored stones, which will look truly luxurious. They will effectively catch the light and is perfect for everyday wear.

Earrings with large peridot

Among female older popular massive earrings with chrysolite. They have such distinctive characteristics:

  • at their core lies a huge stone, which may have the form of a heart, drop, round or oval;
  • earrings with large peridot can pick almost any shade of green: from light to rich dark;
  • large instance can be found in clips, pendants and earrings in geometric shapes. It is in such products can have quite a different shape, such products are complemented with several options of clasps.

Vintage earrings peridot

To do the unsurpassed way to help ring and earrings with peridot, vintage style. They will give their owner an exclusivity, in addition, they have high quality and reliability. They must have such properties:

  • use only gold or silver the highest standard;
  • the earrings should be only natural stone noble emerald hue;
  • these fashionable earrings with peridot have a certain feature:the presence of metal items decorating the rim.

Long earrings with chrysolite

Evening outfit is able to effectively complement the earrings with chrysolite. They look very gentle and elegant, they can be the main stone, but also other semi-precious stones. Products are found in such variations:

  • decorative elements can be the entire length of the accessory or to be in a single instance, representing a large stone, located at the bottom;
  • to give an additional luxury able the patterned decorative metal detail.

Earrings with peridot and cubic Zirconia

Incredibly organic look gold earrings with peridot and cubic Zirconia, which have such characteristic features:

  • to a brighter shade of green, perfectly transparent diamonds, they create the perfect Duo. Cubic Zirconia is in addition to the tenderness that is present in the product;
  • it is full of green you can pick black cubic Zirconia that will add mystery, these earrings with cubic Zirconia, peridot fine will be combined with black dress;
  • the perfect combination will be a green main stone and blue cubic Zirconia, these colors are very harmonious look;
  • can be inserted in a frame of gold or silver, and most reliable closure will be English.

Earrings with peridot and diamonds

Truly luxurious look gold earrings with peridot and diamonds. They are found in such variations of the models:

  • can be performed in the form of studs or pustov;
  • in the center of the jewelry can be a large diamond, and around it to be small rocks;
  • very interesting the so-called “track” where small rocks nearby, creating a small rectangle or a spectacular chain;
  • in geometric earrings can be used like decoration, often found in such forms as rhombus and circle;
  • sometimes the combination creates the look of a bunch of grapes;
  • popular model Malinka, which visually resembles the corresponding berry.

Earrings with peridot and rhodolite

Rhodolite has a perfect pink-red color and can perfectly complement the earrings with a real peridot. Among their distinguishing features include the following:

  • rhodolite can be easily cut, it can be circular, oval appearance;
  • large specimens are rare, but the small stone is able to convey beautiful bright crimson color;
  • these parts together are capable of unsurpassed look great as pendants or on posite;
  • such earrings can be used a gold or silver rim;
  • beautiful colored compositions are created from multiple elements, it is the main stone, amethyst and rhodolite.

Earrings with citrine and peridot

Citrine – bright yellow gem, it can be large and different shapes, you’ll be extremely showy yellow tints. Earrings with real peridot and citrine are often complemented by gold or silver socket, they are perfectly combined with other stones. Citrine main stone can be transformed into elegant poseth or hanging models. Also a great addition can become diamonds.