Fashion spring 2018 – major trends of the season spring-summer 2018 – clothing, shoes, accessories
Fashion spring 2018 dictates the rules that should be known by every modern fashionista. The main principles of the new season are feminine and sexy, while coarseness and vulgarity went far into the background.

With the advent of the first spring sun ladies tend to take off the winter clothes and change into more comfortable things. All ladies want their new look consistent with current trends. Fashion, spring 2018, incredibly varied, so choose your variant will not be easy.

Fashion trend – spring-summer 2018

Fashion, spring summer 2018, key trends, which will be listed in this article, you will appreciate the beauties riot and intensity of colors, bold decisions, feminine silhouettes and great originality. In the presented garments is dominated by sophisticated styles, an abundance of decorative elements, the presence of small and almost imperceptible accents and more. You can pick up both the original and daring models for young people, so feminine and elegant products for the older generation. Rough options in men’s style this season has faded into the background.

Street fashion – spring 2018

In the upcoming warm season in the city streets you can meet girls in the most unusual, sometimes amazing outfits. Street fashion, spring summer 2018, will combine traits that contrast with each other – the tenderness and femininity and brightness and daring. Any limitation does not exist here – ladies are free to wear what they like, however, the overall impression of the image must match the specified trends.

Street fashion, spring 2018, is incredibly diverse. So, in the cool days of the upcoming season, it will be possible to throw like a traditional trench coat of any pastel shades, and colorful poncho or the incredibly catchy lacquered coat. In order to stand out from the crowd, stylists recommend ladies to pay attention to the upper garment with short sleeves, reaching to the elbow, original models of coat, in color and style reminiscent of a light summer dress, and leather jackets with floral prints.

With the onset of the first spring days girls can wear pleated skirts or Maxi dresses of flowing chiffon. Fashion spring 2018, involves a combination of these items of clothing with a heavy riding – warm denim jacket with fur trim or coat of thick skin. Do not lose their relevance and sheer blouses, and other garments. This year it is not recommended to wear no underwear and match in the same way with other similar products.

In the period when the warm season has not yet come into its own, on the streets you can meet a lot of girls clothes faux fur or unusual types of natural furs. Shoes decorated with fur inserts or decorated with rich fur trim, will also become one of the main trends.

Also, speaking about the street fashion, it is necessary to mention jeans and other garments made of denim. As in previous seasons, these comfortable and practical trousers remain incredibly popular. Their style and color can be arbitrary in this respect, fashion, spring 2018, gives no indication, however, the young lady in the chosen model should feel confident and comfortable.

Knitted fashion – spring 2018

Most women understand that all the fashion trends with enviable regularity go back to the top of mount Olympus. In the upcoming season, this fate will overtake knitted items, the most popular of which came in the second half of the twentieth century. Fashion, spring summer 2018, permits the carrying of any knitted items of clothing that look feminine and romantic.

Moreover, particular preference is given to products made by their own hands, because hand-made is also one of the main trends of the season. At the peak of relevance will be warm dresses, which was used by the English band, Scandinavian motifs, the combination of a large number of contrasting colors and more. With the onset of heat in the front will be laced tunic, highlighting the slender and seductive silhouette of its owner.

Evening wear – spring 2018

In the world of evening wear stylists and designers went. The famous fashion house has presented an incredibly wide range of dresses in which every woman can feel like a real Queen. In the upcoming season excessively short dresses that allows you to demonstrate long legs, will depart on the second plan. At first, on the contrary, go MIDI and Maxi models, which mask the sexy silhouette for the thickness of the material and accentuate the fashionista mystique and charm.

Among the decorative elements that will be actively used in the design of cocktail and evening dresses, it is possible to allocate the following:

  • veils, capes, Lacy plumes;
  • asymmetrical cut;
  • tiered ruffles, ruffles, ruffles and pleats;
  • dresses with an open top bustier, bandeau and other;
  • translucent materials;
  • models with embroidery and applique on a floral theme;
  • plunging necklines and high slits.

Evening wear – shoes – spring 2018, by contrast, does not differ a special variety. Here are still dominated by pumps with high heels, models in velvet, elegant sandals with thin straps and all sorts of options with a pointed toe. The main trend of the season became evening shoes studded with sequins over the entire surface.

Fashion for the full – spring 2018

With the onset of the first warm days in front of the girls with appetizing forms gets the most difficult question – how to dress so as not to draw attention to problem areas and excess weight. Trying to hide their shortcomings, many girls dressed in shapeless robes that is fundamentally wrong. Fashion for fat women spring 2018, offers a variety of options, in which you can look stylish and attractive and feel as comfortable as possible, for example:

  • a light coat of pastel shades, with cropped sleeves and a silhouette in the shape of the letter “A”. Also popular coat-cocoons;
  • a delicate and romantic blouse, trendy floral motifs, ruffles and organza;
  • classic trousers in dark shades of green, chocolate, blue and other;
  • jeans with cuffs;
  • suits with pencil skirt’s classic color scheme;
  • pleated skirts and a-line skirts.

Fashion – spring 2018 – major trends clothes

As in any other season, fashion, spring 2018, dictated the requirements for each type of women’s clothing. However, some trends have remained at the top of popularity since the past periods, and the other suddenly broke into the top and quickly won the hearts of stylists. Season spring 2018, fashion, outerwear which must be as feminine and romantic, similar requirements to the items of the basic wardrobe.

Coat – fashion – spring 2018

Thinking about buying outerwear for the upcoming season, many girls wonder what kind of coat will be in fashion in spring 2018. The most relevant models are those in which reveals the femininity and sexuality of a lady – the product accentuates the sexy curves and representing them in the most favorable light. This season stylists recommend to give preference to pastel or classic colors and styles the following:

  • cropped silhouette fitted or semifitted silhouette;
  • double-breasted coat;
  • cocoon coat;
  • coat-Cape.

Jackets – fashion – spring 2018

Answers to the question, what jackets will be in fashion in spring 2018, there are several. At the peak of popularity will be light and feminine options with a cropped style, which are much better than others emphasize gracefulness and elegance of the silhouette of its owner. Additionally fashion, spring 2018 for the girls, suggests wearing bright bombers and leather jackets with oblique zipper, reminiscent of all the famous leather jackets. Shapeless models and products oversize in the new season of the popular will.

Dresses – spring-summer 2018

As fashion dictates, spring 2018, the dresses should be as feminine and elegant. Among the daily options the most popular are various models with an open top, products with prints in floral theme, knitted and denim dresses and more. In the upcoming season, every girl can wear any dress that does not look too strict or, on the contrary, vulgar.

Jeans – fashion – spring 2018

Women’s fashion, spring 2018, gave ladies the freedom in the choice of jeans. Stylists in the new season did not stint on a bright and unusual colors, original shapes, unusual textures and rich decor. The most relevant options are the following:

  • jeans”varenkov»;
  • jeans with fringe;
  • models with large patch pockets;
  • combination of products from denim and other materials;
  • jeans with floral prints and other drawings;
  • “torn” jeans and models with fading;
  • jeans with cuffs;
  • shortened version;
  • pants with an extremely high waist;
  • overly broad product;
  • the model with asymmetry.

Fashion spring 2018 – major trends in shoes

To compose the finished image, you need to know not only what clothes stylists have prepared for the new season, but also to understand what shoes will be in fashion in spring 2018. The main trends of the upcoming season will be the boots, stockings that cover the knees, and elegant ankle boots with pointed toe. In addition, the unprecedented popularity this season won velvet shoes, combined items of different materials, shiny models and extravagant options with print.

Accessories – spring 2018

Current fashion trends, spring 2018, and apply to accessories. To be in trend, you need to complement your look relevant parts, which with the correct selection will make it as harmonious and complete. Fashion spring 2018 offers to give preference to accessories of the following areas:

  • products in the rebellious rocker style;
  • all sorts of things with animal prints and floral themes;
  • massive accessories that attract attention;
  • jewelry with precious stones and poludragocennye;
  • various options with ethnic motifs.

Handbags – spring-summer 2018

Beautiful handbag for many women is perhaps the most important part of a fashionable image. In the format of evening events in the new season you need to use tiny clutches and minaudiere, richly decorated with various decorative elements. So, popular elegant model, sprinkled with glitter or sequins, neat purses of unusual shape, petite velvet variations and more. Casual fashion – spring 2018 – allows wearing of any shoulder bags, large bags and bags, textiles and so on.