Matte manicure 2018 – fashion trends, trends, interesting ideas
Matte manicure 2018 became a favorite of the new season. Modern nail industry offers a variety of interpretations, ranging from plain cover and delicate drawings in the spirit of minimalism to luxurious paintings with a variety of decor.

Matte manicure 2018 is sophisticated and elegant, but at the same time original design. It can be performed in different techniques in the most incredible variations, complemented by rhinestone, kamimusubi beautiful and unusual patterns, simultaneously to combine a velvety texture and a glossy sheen.

Matte manicure 2018 – fashion trends

Fashionable matte manicure 2018 as if specially created for fashionistas who prefer extraordinary and stylish solution. That offer leading masters of nail-art?

  • Not out of fashion color cover for the actual length of the nail plate, both short and trend is not extremely long. On takeoff the emphasis on a few fingers, geometric, abstract, floral and plant patterns, narrative compositions in the style of futurism, lace, folk painting, Slavic, Indian and Greek ornament.
  • The shape of the nail. On the foreground of almond, ballerina square and not sharp, not inferior to them a pointed elongated oval, but the stilettos with jagged edges still in disgrace.
  • Equipment and additional decor. In addition to the monotony, airbrushing and diverse figures, the trend remains: stamping, deep desing, stencil patterns, decoration of various stones and metal pieces.
  • Frosted 2018 manicure on short nails

    Looks great short matte manicure 2018 is not only one tone, but combining the deep saturated shades to pastels, gray tones and beige, as separate accents and Ombre technique. The best and original combination:

    • gray and pink, white and red, black and bright;
    • pale pink, milky white and dark black, wet asphalt, blue, bottle, khaki;
    • yellow, purple, lilac and blue tones of the pastel drawings on a basis.

    Frosted 2018 manicure on short nails will be perfect, if skillfully combine matte and gloss, to highlight the decor, the moon, add a single small crystals, to shift the focus on the sides to make the pattern on a few fingers. To combine in one manicure two or three shades of the dominant color, or play on the contrast, for example, elegant beige, gray and pink, stylish and bright light colors with black and rich blue, green and Bordeaux.

    Frosted 2018 manicure on long nails

    Those who prefer matte finish, you know that the matte manicure on long nails 2018 trend forms, especially in the form of sharp almond, ballerinas, even in the monotonic version – is a chic choice for every day. Like interesting design – look for abstract geometry, subtle but stylish patterns and small rhinestone, original – black-and-yellow, blue-black and beige-and-Burgundy palette. Do not give ground smooth color transitions, “broken glass,” and at the peak of popularity – a combination of matte and marble.

    Experts give some practical advice on how to avoid trouble and to give your nails the perfect look. Before applying the Matt varnish:

    • nails better than Polish, as the coating is very capricious to the slightest flaws and irregularities of the nail plate;
    • they apply a basic Foundation to dark colors are not ingrained in the nail;
    • it is impossible to cover the nail nourishing creams and oils, because it may not be the desired effect of “velvet”.

    Ideas matte nail Polish 2018

    To make a flawless matte nails 2018, fashionable ideas of the new season combines all the hit trends in modern nail art.

  • Stylish monotone. Looks great on manicured nails matte manicure 2018 in rich black, blue, green, red, turquoise, grey and beige palette. Extraordinary, but in the trend: yellow, orange and neon shades. In the salons use gel and shellac, at home, experts advise to choose the nail Polish of well-known companies, for example, OPI, El Corazon, MAC, ORLY and Golden Rose.
  • Original design. The game of contrast, emphasis on multiple fingers. The combination of diverse techniques: stamping and negative space, the selection of one or two nails, pattern, painting, crystals, metal figurines, confetti, airbrush droplets and small colored dots. The use of shiny sand, pearl, mirror and other powder, sequin. Zonal and double coating mixed types of finishes – matte and gloss, a combination of lunar and French French gradient.

  • Fashionable prints. Demand: hand-painted small and large flowers, vegetable, animal ornaments, ethnic patterns, three-dimensional knitted braids, musical signs. In favor: geometry, abstract narrative paintings and inscriptions. Hot new marble and “broken glass”. Skilled craftsmen not only draw the patterns and spread them out sequin, rhinestone, foil and sealed lace and elements of live plants and flowers.
  • Matte black manicure 2018

    A great addition to the bold and extravagant images are matte nails with black lacquer 2018, but not in a solid performance. The trend of variation:

    • the combination of several patterns and techniques in one design, dots, openwork, abstraction, space, strips and lozenges, the selection of French, negative space and full cover;

    • full contrast emphasis on one or two fingers;

    • the connection Matt and gloss varnish, for coating the entire nail, and for the main drawing patterned lines;
    • strass and glittery decor.

    Red matte manicure 2018

    A brilliant solution for smart-casual bow – matte nail design 2018 in red colours, as bright and classic and catchy saturated. He’s absolutely gorgeous by itself without any decorations “EN Pointe” not a short sharp squares. For those who like to be always in the spotlight, matte bright manicure 2018 for each day it is possible to dilute kamimusubi and “broken glass”. For evening ensembles to use exquisite and brilliant strass decor, hand-painted floral or patterns in the romantic style.

    Red matte manicure 2018

    Beige matte manicure 2018

    A stylish choice for finishing touches in business images, solid beige matte nails 2018 in the spirit of the trend of minimalism, both short and long. Newfangled offers from leading artists:

    • refined strass or raised accents on one or two nails;

    • zone coverage or the use of multiple shades of beige;

    • knitted volumetric pattern and delicate matte manicure 2018 with the drawing elements of plants and flowers in the Chinese style.

    Matte manicure with rhinestones 2018

    The hit will be the 2018 manicure, matte nails which are decorated with a variety of stones, from ordinary crystals to Swarovski expensive and even precious, it’s as you like it and how much finances allow. Rhinestones can be used as a separate element of a decor, and to emphasize the main image. In the trend luxury inlaid in Oriental style for holiday design and concise single blotches on the delicate manicure.

    Look non-trivial combination of openwork patterns, mirror tirki, three-dimensional appliques and crystals in light and dark tones, highlighting the moon and the side lines, offset horizontal and vertical geometric strass stripes and triangle insert. Flowing asymmetrical zigzags on the nail plate, separating the boundary between the matte and glossy surface.

    Matte manicure 2018 with pictures

    What fashionable matte nails 2018 was presented at the seasonal shows?

  • At the forefront of leading masters put delicate manicure in pink, peach, beige, white and blue colours with floral, abstract and animal prints, velvet fine monograms and small patches of small crystals or metal pieces.

  • Frosted 2018 manicure on short nails with delicate patterns, hearts, which is important not only in cold but also in anticipation of Valentine’s day and the arrival of spring.
  • Dual design in a bright tone with hand painted flowers and plants, monograms and flourishes, complemented by points and pebbles, and “silver” or “Golden” patterns.

  • French 2018 with a matte finish

    Stylish matte manicure 2018 made with French and Hollywood smile in a yellow, black, beige, white and Burgundy tones, and combines the jacket with full coverage, or a variety of discreet pattern. Original matte manicure 2018 combines velvety and glossy French in the same tone, it’s all the rage – laced smile and lace ornament with strass point patches, multi-colored jacket envelope for light-based, and the negative space.

    French 2018 with a matte finish

    Matte manicure with a gradient of 2018

    Impressive and matte manicure Ombre 2018, which beautifully combines the dark rich colors and bright shades. Impressive looking transitions: black and Burgundy, blue and black, grey and dark grey game shades of red, purple and Marsala. Original matte manicure 2018 with a gradient effect from dark blue, Bordeaux and wet asphalt, to a milky-white color, on one finger. Please those who like juicy colors and bright yellow-orange-pink, peach or blue-pink Ombre with powder. For those who prefer the tenderness, look to nodulosa gradient.

    Matte manicure with a gradient of 2018

    Matte manicure 2018 – geometry

    One of the leading places occupies a beautiful matte manicure 2018 with geometric patterns. Fashion exact figures and abstract geometry, a mix of lines, squares, rhombuses, rectangles, and zigzags, circles, ovals, small dots and thin and wide lines made using metal foil, and drawn in contrast or a different texture varnishes. This matte manicure 2018 is perfect for casual and cocktail onions.

    Matte manicure 2018 – geometry

    Fashionable matte manicure 2018