Plaid dress 40 fashion images in dress in a cage for all occasions
A plaid dress will become a trend of the spring season. It is represented by numerous variations of models: small, large, Scottish-inspired print styles a-line, boho, sheath, various colors, lengths mini, MIDI or Maxi.

Come back into fashion simply items of clothing, they dilute the informal silhouettes and add a clean lines and elements. Such accents include a plaid dress, it’s relevant in the spring season, the style created with a geometry pattern.

Dress in a cage 2018

In many fashion collections presents dress in a cage is relevant in 2018. Variations create images that print a lot, you can enumerate these trends:

  • it can be loose and informal country style, close to it boho style;
  • popular and strict office Luke, “skul gerl” images of school girls;
  • this print has extensive features and the mood created by the clothing ranges from comfortable home to provocative and shocking. Using the colors in the box can not only emphasize your individuality, but the correct accents;
  • fashion plaid dress would be so vast that many models will be used bold combination of different textures;
  • cut will not undergo significant changes in fashion will remain the same running model: Maxi, MIDI and mini provocative;
  • depending on the a-line silhouette will distinguish the cuts flared, trapeze, wallets and shirts. Choose a product to taste and depending on the characteristics of the shape of the spring can each girl.

Plaid dress

One of the most popular models will be dress in a cage in the floor. There are model variations:

  • Made of fine woolen fabric, austere, reminiscent of a Victorian silhouette is the choice of many girls. In the new season things will get a new incarnation that will further accentuate the retro style.
  • Maxi dress in small cells, supplemented with neat lace collar or bow drop on the chest, will be one of the most trendy models.
  • A hint of vintage to emphasize jewelry and accessories: thin leather strap, removable cuffs and collars handmade brooch-cameos. These products can be combined with short coats and thin coats.

  • MIDI dress in a cage

    One of the most popular are the trendy dresses in a cage 2018 medium-length, knee-length or slightly below. They can be as strong and free everyday. The main focus is on the model of such length, it has the following distinctive characteristics:

    • in the new spring season, the variability of colors will be huge;
    • things MIDI special sparkle small cell, large, asymmetrical, double unobtrusive and classic Scottish;
    • the pattern will be placed not only straight horizontal and vertical lines, but oblique, forming numerous diamonds;
    • flared plaid stylish dress to create intricate stripes, due to large folds of the hem.

    Short plaid dress

    Association with a young coquettish girl cause short dress in the cage. This is the image of a schoolgirl and a reference to the era of 60-ies of XX century, a thing endowed with such characteristic features:

    • for a short the products will be fashion big bright colors, a combination of shades of blue, pink, yellow, pastel colors with slightly brighter contrast colours;
    • more elongated silhouette is obtained by the positioning of the print diagonally in the form of diamonds, this visually elongates the figure and adds even more informality;
    • short flared plaid dress with pleated skirt is the usual combination of cuts and colors of fabric.

    Models of dresses in a cage

    The most interesting styles of dresses in a cage created from fabrics of textured colors. In the spring of 2018 will be relevant such trends:

    • this on-trend colors will decorate all the possible styles, except formal models;
    • products every day, such as MIDI, long to the floor and trapezoid, made of thick Jersey or fine wool, are embellished cell;
    • cropped and informal shirts will be a bright accent the whole way through small or large cell;
    • will look great combined details on a checkered cloth, for example, lace, panels of fabric or other colors of cotton lace ruffles;
    • boho style inspired by this print and create many things with an asymmetrical skirt or a floor-length of fabric and on-trend colors.

    Trapeze dress in a cage

    Trapezoidal cut – the most mischievous and informal. Seeing a girl in a dress in a cage for the first Association – ease. For novelty characteristic of these distinguishing features:

    • mini and MIDI cut-line and is made from a plaid fabric, the fashion trend next season;
    • the actual colors are brown and beige, red blue, pink blue, checkered mix of pastel shades;
    • trapezoid of fabric in the box better than the other things combined with accessories such as collars and cuffs. This fashion image Twiggy and Audrey Hepburn;
    • plaid stylish dress of any size can afford both skinny girls and ladies plus-size, this cut fits any type of figure.

    Dress in tartan

    Real wool fabric, which are sewn Scottish mens kilts, is not just a cloth, it indicates the tribal affiliation to a particular Scottish clan. Historically. The cloth, which is conventionally called the “tartan” of sew stylish plaid dress is the imitation of original material from Scotland. It has certain features:

    • made of parallel and cross combinations of lines of two or more flowers on monochrome background;
    • background can be red, Burgundy, blue, dark green;
    • depending on the colors of lines and background, their combinations, is determined by tribal affiliation for men’s kilt. Modern dresses successfully mimic the Scottish skirt is not only colors. They are decorated with partial pleating and decorated with leather straps.

    Plaid shirtdress

    A style of dress shirt is popular with the previous summer season. It will be relevant in the period of spring and summer 2018. In the new fashion seasons shirt will be an integral part of the wardrobe, decorate such clothes will be a popular print. It can be multi-line large cage consisting of thin bands or small plain box. In any case, this subject of clothes will be a must-have no 1.

    Checkered dress-boho

    Boho very close to classic traditional colors of fabric. Shift dress in a cage could not be better characterize this trend in combination with fabrics and lace trim, rough textures and natural materials. There are the following variations of models:

    • wide in the floor from the high waistline and double-layered skirt, cut on the bias – it is the typical model style boho;
    • the asymmetric line of the hem of the skirt and as if by chance open to the gaze of the lace edge of the lower layer, the combination of delicate lace textures, natural fabrics and strict cells creates extremely interesting ensemble, than successfully use the style boho;
    • print is not very bright and restrained colors work on the contrast of textures of fabrics.

    Combo plaid dress

    The combination of fabrics and colors with trim elements – it’s a staple that will be used in the new season. Will these current fashion trends:

    • dress in plaid with lace, ribbons, woven ruching creates an informal and pastoral mood;
    • successfully are combined fabrics in small flower, monochrome, translucent fabric with a checkered ground pattern;
    • combining plaids with stripes or peas, you need to be careful, because these patterns are rarely successfully combined with each other.

    Sheath dress in a cage

    A great option for the office or for a cocktail party or a dinner with colleagues – this dress in a large square style case. It must be done in the classic black-and-white checkered, preferably not too large, otherwise the pattern on the product will enhance the horizontal lines of the figure. A great option – print, which consists of thin stripes on pale background of the main fabric.

    What to wear with a dress in a cage?

    Depending on the cut of a fashionable dress in a cage can be combined with a variety of wardrobe items. Among the most successful variations of the combination are as follows:

  • Look great with a coat of medium length and cropped coats. It is desirable that outerwear was plain and got at least one tone color plaid fabric.
  • Products of Maxi, mid-length, flared and trapeze style boho will be a great ensemble with black or brown leather biker jacket.
  • Light coat, a plaid dress and solid tights – here is a stylish bow for the coming spring.