Luxurious ring with agate will be the perfect complement to an evening look. Besides, this stone has a truly miraculous properties known since ancient times – it protects against disease and improves well-being.

Luxurious and exquisite ring with agate attracts admiring glances of men and the interested views of the fair sex. This product perfectly fits into the atmosphere of holiday and celebration, complementing elegant evening outfits.

How to choose a ring with agate?

Since jewelries are not cheap, purchasing such jewelry should be treated with the utmost responsibility. So, to protect yourself from purchasing poor quality fakes, preference should be given to the brand salons and shops in which you can always ask for a certificate for the proposed product. Not worth chasing low prices accessories made of precious metals, decorated with natural stones, can not be cheap.

When the external form of jewelry should be governed by Constitution. For example, the possessor of a wide brush is recommended to give preference to the ring-the ring of asymmetrical form. Full fingers will look great silver ring with black agate triangular shape, and the short will be able to visually lengthen the rectangular gem is medium in size.

Ring with agate in gold

Gold ring with agate can be found in a refined and elegant models, and in a massive volume of variation that attracts attention. The latter should be worn very carefully – they require the appropriate environment and attire. First, in contrast, can be worn every day – they are perfectly combined with any clothes perfectly into the atmosphere of everyday life.

Ring with agate natural gold fits perfectly for all women. It looks very elegant but not too flashy or pretentious. Besides, stones in such jewelry may have many different shades of gold always enhances the beauty of the gem and presents it in the best possible way.

Ring with agate silver

Silver ring with agate looks much simpler and more concise than similar jewelry from natural gold. Meanwhile, it is no less spectacular and elegant. On the contrary, in some cases, the silver accessories perfectly fit into business, casual and ceremonial images, making them harmonious and complete.

In addition, a ring with agate and silver is considered the best amulet and talisman. According to experts, in the frame of this metal gemstone much better reveals its energy and aesthetic qualities. At constant wearing silver accessory with this magic gem gives its owner longevity, good health, material prosperity, and high achievements in work.

Women’s ring with agate

Gorgeous agate allows jewelers to create a variety of jewelry that can take the minimalist understated design, or a large size and a large number of decorative elements. In addition, ring with natural agate is not only very attractive but also has a miraculous magical properties – it protects his owner from the evil eye and evil thoughts of enemies, helps her cope with illnesses and supports the financial well-being.

Ring with black agate

In the work of jewelers stone black used very often – they are encrusted with large rings-rings, decorate exquisite and subtle gold accessories for everyday wear or decorate simple silver jewelry. Ring with black agate in gold looks the most interesting.

Often it is supplemented with shiny cubic Zirconia or exquisite diamonds, making this accessory incredibly luxurious and suitable exclusively for large parties. If such a ring does not further decorated, it will look great in combination with a business suit or simple feminine dress.

Ring with white agate

White, or cold, and the stone looks great in a frame of silver, white gold or platinum. Natural yellow gold, it’s combined not often, because this combination can look unfinished. Meanwhile, if you Supplement this product with other stones or enamel accents, it will look fantastic and will be able to find its place in most of the images of modern fashionistas.

So, a gold ring with white agate can be a choice for young brides or young ladies that will participate in the prom. In an ensemble with other jewelry, made in the same style, this product looks very stylish and attractive. Silver ring with white agate is not inferior to this model – it has a very interesting and original appearance, making the ability to make even the easiest way is incredibly effective.

Ring with green agate

With special respect jewelers refer to the stone of emerald green, which was named “Royal”. This gem has a truly unique properties – it could save its owner almost all diseases and protect it from ailments even in those cases where medicine is powerless.

The green gem is perfectly treatable under the influence of modern jewelry technologies, this stone is able to take absolutely any shape, making it very widely used to produce kinds of rings and rings. It is particularly bright and interesting reveals this gem mounted in yellow gold together with silver, white gold or platinum his tone becomes a little paler.

Ring with green agate in gold can take many different variations. Girls and women popular miniature rings with a single stone of small size, ring tone, in which are inlaid a number of small Agalakov of the same shade, large rings with a massive decor and more.

Ring with pink agate

Women’s gold ring with agate pink color looks very gentle and romantic. It is able to give its owner a unique femininity and charm, thanks to which it will not go unnoticed. This product has a gentle color shade, looks good with romantic dresses, long skirts and chiffon and silk blouses. It is ideal for a Dating with her lover, but can find their place in a business way, built on the elegant suit light colors.

A ring with a blue agate

Beautiful blue stone is slightly reminiscent of turquoise, however, has very different properties. His cold tone does not just fit the image of a modern fashionista – in some cases, this gem contrasts sharply with the appearance of the girl or certain components of its trendy look.

Best of all with blue gem look silver rim – set in white gold, platinum or silver. In yellow gold this stone may be a little lost, so jewelers use this combination very rarely. Women’s ring with agate and silver is a great choice in all respects. It looks very stylish and modern, makes women’s hands, delicate and refined, perfectly combined with strict business suits, feminine dresses and basic items everyday wardrobe.

How much is a ring with agate?

The price of such jewelry can be a very wide range. So, silver ring with agate, not decorated with other precious gems, available to all women, it can be purchased for approximately 15-80.e. To answer the question, how much is a gold ring with agate, not quite easy, as it depends on many factors. For example:

  • price simple jewelry of gold 585, decorated with a single stone is small, is approximately 100-200.e.;
  • options with a mix of stones cost about 400-500.e. however, the final price of such products depends on the size and type of gems, as well as brand, under the auspices of the decoration;
  • luxurious gold ring with black agate and diamonds don’t come cheap – the average price of this accessory varies from about 2000.e.;
  • the most rare and expensive variety of this jewelry is a ring with a blue agate and diamonds set in white gold or platinum. The price of accessories this kind can reach 10 000.e. and even more.