Ring with enamel – 68 photos of the most trendy and beautiful rings with enamel for every taste
Although a ring with enamel in fashion, this season designers tried to glory. Ladies prefer such jewelry, will be pleasantly surprised with the variety of shapes, colors and patterns favorite jewelry pieces, presented in new collections.

Ring with enamel, a unique product, which depending on the shape, pattern and size, suitable for business attire and smart casual and evening ensembles. Those who are up-to-date with the pleasure in choosing stylish wedding bands with trend patterns that look unique and original.

Fashionable ring with enamel

What’s trending in the new year?

  • Thin ring with pink enamel cool design with small precious and semi – precious stones-it’s sophistication and charm, they will win the hearts of sophisticated women.
  • Massive products like jewelry and costume jewelry. Skilled craftsmen create real masterpieces: sleek product, combining the coating of enamel and a scattering of small stones; rings with floral, geometric and abstract motifs, narrative patterns and the hit ethno motives.
  • Fashion rings in the form of funny animals, fish and insects. Given the tendency: the more the better, and they look great not only in a single performance, but in combination with other diverse rings.
  • Ring with enamel and with large stones, which is worn by the principle is one thing, but big and flashy.
  • Silver ring with enamel

    Trendy and stylish jewelry ring with enamel Sokolov modern design is made according to the latest new-fangled trends. This well-known Russian brand produces about 600 types of various rings of precious metals: silver 925 and gold 585 are of high quality and the presence of two prints of the code of the manufacturer and the conformity of the sample.

    Among enameled products. you can find options of many different shapes, patterns and colors from classic to extravagant variations. In the latest collection, the brand introduced:

    • ring with enamel and stones, the favorites of the season – big solutions with pearls;
    • floral and animal jewelry;
    • rings with geometric, floral and ethnic patterns.

    Golden ring with enamel

    Miniature and massive ring of gold with enamel decoration, original, able to attract attention to your pens. It can be covered with both cold and hot enamel, to have any pattern, decorated with stones and without them. This amazing accessory is complete with earrings, a whole set, will put a bright finishing accents in a respectable extravagant image of a business woman, socialite and glamorous diva.

    Ring with colored enamel

    Another trend is multi-colored ring with enamel, which tightly covers the entire product, gives them a bright and has vibrant colors. For such adornments used matte opaque enamel all shades of the rainbow, and skilled jewelers skillfully blended tones, creating a harmonious transitions in the most unexpected combinations and patterns. These original works are impressive not only for its patterns and shapes, from traditional rings to modern variants. At the peak of popularity abstraction, narrative paintings and folk painting in Slavic, Orthodox, Indian and Greek style.

    Ring with white enamel

    Always stylish – gold ring with white enamel from ceramic and fashioned large jewelry transformers that looks like a men’s signet. To match their elegant thin rings of yellow, pink and white gold with spherical and flower accents; wide round options like ideal shapes and uneven curves. Additional decor – inlaid oval or around the ring of small rhinestones or precious and semi-precious small stones.

    Jewelry and costume jewelry, plating white enamel, suitable for absolutely all existing color palette. They can be safely combined with the same type of precious earrings and trendy earrings hanging from plastic, plastic and beads. Them easy to select the bracelets are not only in a dominant tone, but also in pastels and rich dark tones. Concise gold rings and solid rings, but the single version will be perfectly even strict business images.

    Ring with enamel and diamonds

    Increasingly on the catwalk of famous brands present a gold ring with enamel and diamonds white and pink gold plated tone on tone or contrast. This headset is a brilliant choice for publication. The new collections can be seen:

    • classic thin ring with one small diamond in the center;

    • massive rings and seals of different geometric shapes, are covered with colorful enamel and encrusted with diamond;
    • ring of medium size with a large stone in centre and small stones along the lines of the curves;

    • convex and concave pieces with pattern in Oriental style.

    Ring with hot enamel

    If you like women’s ring with enamel, it is better to choose those in which the coating is applied hot and under high temperatures. These products are durable, well protected from external influences and does not lose its luster. Along with the classics, come into fashion, geometric rings with Orthodox motifs and inscriptions, Slavic and Oriental paintings, original rings with precious and semi-precious stones.

    Smooth and with curves, miniature and massive, thin and wide, flat and volumetric, standard and unusual shapes, from flowers and plants to animals and reptiles, ring with colored enamel is the perfect complement to the images of urban chic. It can combine not compatible at first glance, compositional drawings and colors, but at the same time fit harmoniously into the overall selected onions.

    Ring with enamel and cubic Zirconia

    A great alternative to diamond jewelry – silver ring with cubic Zirconia and enamel, costs less, and looks beautiful. An unusual new interpretation of the classic variants, combining metal, coating and interesting insert:

    • convex inlaid stones and thin with big flower silver ring with black enamel;

    • double layered ring with ethnic and Oriental designs.

    A wide ring with enamel

    For those who prefer large jewelry, the designers created a bright and ornate ring with red enamel painted large poppies. Gaining popularity wide wedding ring in red tones and multi-layered versions with diverse accents, surround the rings with vegetable and flower prints and the round convex solutions of the abstract. Remains in Vogue wide sleek ring with hot enamel, traditional forms.

    A wide ring with enamel

    On takeoff a great decoration with a flat surface, which can be as large as the whole finger, and walk to the middle of it. Exclusive author’s works are covered with colorful enamel, have a variety of pictures and insert made in the trend of blue and brown-coffee palette. Stylists recommend not to wear them in multiple design, and to create additional accents with such big earrings.

    Ring with black enamel

    Borrowed from men’s women’s gold ring with black enamel is delicately designed and looks very stylish. Never go out of fashion original slim rings with inscriptions and diverse remote controls, look perfect:

    • neoclassical ring with black enamel in pink gold;

    • round smooth product with small pebbles;
    • concise rings-signets.

    Wedding rings with enamel

    Hot hit – engagement rings with black enamel created for fashionistas who prefer originality in everything. They can be smooth and restrained with diverse patterns. Wishing to stand out from the crowd prefer bright enamelled articles of precious metals, silver, gold and platinum, with dark floors and trendy floral ornaments and flourishes. Permitted inlaid oval small scattering of precious and semi-precious stones.

    Great choice of accommodation – engagement ring with enamel in Church style and exquisite rings with diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies in white, yellow and rose gold with a black or bright coating and extra padding. Stylish wedding rings have an average value and is made with embossed pattern in Eastern and ethnic style, for example, with the Greek ornament and ornate monograms.