Fashion trends 2018 in clothes is very diverse, so each girl can choose one that suitable her. In addition to current trends, the stylists highlighted and the things that have completely lost their positions.

Modern girls who always want to look good, follow the fashion trends changing with every season. Current trends 2018 in clothing is incredibly diverse, so every lady can easily choose for themselves the appropriate way.

Trends 2018 in clothing – spring-summer

Every new season brings interesting and original trends for women’s clothing, shoes and accessories. Especially frequently updated preferences stylists and fashionistas of different ages with the arrival of spring because this time of year, women want to look better, brighter and more attractive.

Trends spring-summer of 2018, clothing, are incredibly diverse. Among all the presented options trendsetters especially emphasizes the following:

  • comfort, convenience and practicality. All these characteristics inherent in knitted jumpers, jeans of various styles, knitted skirts, dresses, pants and other items of women’s wardrobe, remain on the crest of popularity;
  • style Safari suits and dresses with straight, cropped sleeves, matching shorts and skirts are also not hand over their positions;
  • feminine and romantic floral prints on a theme;

  • the oversize;
  • exquisite embroidery;
  • open shoulders on sweaters, blouses, dresses and even jackets;

  • all kinds of bows is a charming decorative element, making the image ladies elegant and refined;
  • high waist pants, skirts and shorts. This feature allows not only to demonstrate a slender and seductive silhouette, but visually to be a little higher;
  • scrolling 2018 trends in clothes for spring and summer, not to focus on the items of clothing from denim of different density. Especially popular this season denim total-bow;

  • shiny texture. Fashion trends in clothing, spring 2018, allow the decoration of various items of clothing sequins, rhinestones and other elements that can make things shiny and mysterious. However, it should be understood that such a bright decor can be appropriate only on products with a simple silhouette;
  • red and its many shades. This year all the fashion runways are a lot of items of women’s wardrobe, made in red color. This bright and intense hue in fashion again, and it is actively used for decoration as jackets and coats, and items of the basic wardrobe.

Fashion trends 2018 in women’s clothing

Current fashion trends 2018 in clothes not much different from previous years, but among them the interesting news. Still at the peak of popularity remain simple basic things in casual style, is able to give its owner a unique convenience and comfort. The appearance of such products does not impose specific requirements, so they can be absolutely any. Meanwhile, in all areas of modern fashion occurred in their changes that you should know ladies who are interested in creating stylish and appealing images.

Trend 2018 – outerwear

Almost all of the latest trends in clothing 2018 are reduced to a single performance – they emphasize femininity and sophistication of its owner, making her look graceful and romantic. For this reason, the majority of coats, jackets, coats and fur coats in this year has a straight or fitted cut, whereas too bulky garments, making the woman’s silhouette is massive, has departed far on the second plan.

Trends 2018 outerwear are very diverse – actual jackets and coats of leather in various colours, models in military-inspired double-breasted coat-jackets, ultra-short jacket-Bolero and more. Although the majority of stylists and designers this year refused the use of natural animal furs, furs also does not leave the top of the fashion Olympus, and remains one of the biggest hits of the coming season.

Casual wear 2018 – trends

In the urban casual style fashion trends 2018 in clothes are reflected in conjunction with practicality and maximum convenience. So, one of the biggest hits of the year steel knitted dresses that can be worn in any weather. These products are beautifully emphasize gracefulness and gracefulness of the female silhouette and, in addition, safely warm and protected from the cold even in the dead of winter.

Popular knitted pullovers, jeans in various styles, classic straight skirts and slightly flared cuff. Colors of such products are incredibly diverse – not hand over their positions models: universal colors – white, gray, black and beige, however, an even greater echo in the hearts of young girls and older women earned bright things flashy color schemes.

Casual clothing 2018 can have red, blue, yellow or emerald green hue. The young ladies who want to look feminine and sexy, can give their preference for garments with delicate pink or peach color. In addition, incredibly topical products with prints that can be as simple and concise and catchy and original, or embroidery.

Business dress style 2018 – trends

Trends 2018 in the clothing business is also diverse. Although many women believe that the office can appear only in a white blouse and classic black trousers or skirt, in fact, it is not so. Modern fashion allows for the wearing of formal suits, made in soft and romantic shades of coral, peach, pale pink and others.

In addition, stylists and designers in their collections for 2018 presented a variety of models of dresses suitable for the office. Most of them are straight or slightly fitted cut, calm colors, sleek prints and a minimum of decorative elements. A separate place in the office fashion this season is the main clothing trends 2018 – pencil skirt, made of genuine leather, and the original skirt and trousers – they make any look stylish, bold and provocative and visibly added to the woman confidence in her own attractiveness.

Trends of sportswear 2018

The garments in the sporty style are popular not only among girls involved in sports professionally, but active young ladies who do not want to part with comfort under any circumstances. Bright colors, femininity and practicality are the main trends of spring-summer of 2018, clothing, are in this category, the items of clothing beautiful ladies.

So, tracksuits are often performed in a pajama style, are made from a soft and surprisingly pleasant to the touch velour, have bright and intense colors, delicate and romantic prints and more. In addition, this season has separated another new trend – badly-fitting sports clothing that highlights all the sexy curves and roundness of the female figure.

Fashion trends 2018 in street clothes

All trends spring 2018, women’s clothing, wonderfully intertwined with each other and can be combined in a single outdoor image, characterized by originality and striking appearance. On the streets of major and small cities in this season you will see girls and women retro jewelry, jeans and the unusual asymmetric cut, pleated skirts, feminine blouses and many other things.

Evening wear 2018 – trends

Especially for public appearances and special events stylists and designers have developed a bright fashionable women’s clothing in 2018, corresponding to current trends. This season in the foreground will be exquisite patterns with ruffles, ruching and ruffles, outfits with drape, mini-dress, resembling a tutu, and multi-level toilets, the amazing girls and women.

For the most daring fashionistas will suit the bold and sexy trends 2018 in clothes designed for evening events are incredibly high slits, in some cases reaching to the groin, sheer panels, including those located in the intimate parts of the body, and the incredibly deep neckline, which always attracts the interested views of men.

Fashionable prints of 2018 clothing

The biggest hit of the coming season was the floral print in clothes in 2018, emphasizing the softness, the femininity and elegance of its owner. This year popular as a cute and charming flowers of small size, and large luxury single buds, for example, poppies or peonies. In addition, this year a great many of the fair sex wear the garments with geometric and animal prints, simple cage, and a perfectly flat strip, a location which can be anything.

Trend colors in clothing 2018

As before, on top of relevance will be the product of classic color shades – white, beige, brown and black. Meanwhile, trend clothing 2018 can have a bright and intense color – emerald green, blue, yellow or pink. The main hits of the new year was asphalt gray, purple and baklazhanovy sheen and gorgeous red with all of its many shades.

Clothing for full 2018 – trends

Fashion clothes for fat women 2018 are also subject to current trends. This year, stylists and designers have offered to “pyshechka” some interesting and original models, such as:

  • dresses and sun dresses with highlighted waist;
  • overalls;
  • tunic dresses;
  • blouses and jackets with peplum;
  • slimming breeches.

Antitrend 2018 clothing

Every new season, some trends come on top of the fashion Olympus, and others, on the contrary, lose their positions. So, the stylists there are the following antitrend 2018 clothing:

  • coat oversize, resembling a blanket;
  • tight and tapered skinny jeans;
  • pants and jeans with a too low rise;
  • tuxedo pants.