Warm tights are an essential attribute of the female wardrobe for the cold season. They are presented in different models which not only provide comfort but also look great: with smooth surface, patterns, openwork patterns.

With the onset of cold weather, the fairer sex is becoming extremely important not only to look stylish but feel comfortable. Warm tights is one of the essential garments for this season, they are comfortable and have an attractive appearance.

How to choose tights for the winter?

Choosing for winter warm pantyhose, it is important to take into account their heat-saving characteristics and how they fit. It is therefore necessary to consider the following recommendations:

  • You need to look for products that consist solely of cotton or wool, you can “sit down” after washing, and full legs. Therefore, the best choice would be the combination of these natural materials with elastane, which ensures a good fit in the figure. These same properties and lycra.
  • To make the product more durable will help the presence of a material such as polyamide, and microfiber will make it softer.
  • Many girls wonder how much den tights for the winter must have? For warmer weather may be sufficient, and 80 Dan, and the intense cold, it is recommended to choose products with a density 120-250 den.
  • Special attention should be paid to choice of colors. Bright colors and the available patterns will add volume and make your legs slimmer will help dark shades. If you want to create a catchy bow, you can opt for bright colors.
  • Women’s warm tights for the winter

    In recent seasons in many fashion collections are winter tights. You can use them to make stylish bows, there are various models that differ in such characteristics:

    • the composition of products may include microfiber, cotton, wool, depending on that is determined by their density and elasticity;
    • as for color, it may be black, dark grey, color, beige winter tights;
    • the product may have a smooth surface, to be open-knit contain a variety of drawings.

    Black tights

    A truly versatile option are warm women’s tights black. They perfectly match with clothes of different shades. Their undoubted advantage is the fact that they make legs look more slender. Black product can be smooth, or may contain on its surface a Lacy pattern that will help to make the image more interesting and visually will not add volume.

    Warm tights with a pattern

    One of the most original variants, which includes winter tights, are models containing the pictures. Peculiar to them, such distinctive characteristics:

    • image executed in different variations: it may be a weave of lines and patterns, shapes, which are squares or rhombuses;
    • drawings can be applied in the same color as the product, in similar colours, or be in a contrasting shade;
    • it is worth considering that warm patterned tights can make legs look fuller, so they are preferable for owners of slender legs.

    Warm fishnet tights

    To give the image a romantic feel capable of warm fancy tights made with lace knitting. They are characterized with such traits:

    • can be linked from woolen threads, which are arranged in a special way, creating delicate patterns. In this case, it is worth considering that the formed via hole may penetrate the cold, so they can pry nylon products;
    • warm fishnet tights can have a solid surface on which patterns are applied that mimic the swirls or lace.

    Warm tights

    To diversify the onion and make it bright and memorable will help colored tights for the winter. There are variations:

    • made in more subdued colors, for example dark blue, brown or Burgundy. For them characteristic of more versatility compared to the very bright models, they can be combined with many items of clothing, having a variety of colors;
    • warm tights, made in very bright shades such as red, yellow, green, bright blue. They are intended to perform the role of raisins and a bright accent of the image, but the selection of items that can be combined with them is limited. The clothes and shoes restrained black, brown, dark blue tones and matching similar color scheme.

    Warm knitted tights

    To provide extra warmth and comfort-able winter women’s wool tights. However, their choice should be treated with extreme caution as they can make legs visually fuller. Therefore, this option is perfect for slim fit girls or owners of skinny legs that want to give them a visual volume. In addition, this is a great solution that will help to insulate if to pry them under pants or jeans.

    Seamless tights

    Especially popular among the fair sex enjoy seamless warm winter tights. Their undoubted advantage is the smooth structure and the absence of seams. Because of this they can be wear under bodycon dresses and skirts, narrow tonic trousers, leggings or jeggings. The image will turn out flawless, without unnecessary detail, and at the same time will be provided for warmth and comfort.

    C than to wear warm tights?

    When deciding what tights to wear in winter, equally important is the correct selection of clothes, combined with them. You can identify such combinations:

    • with dresses or skirts with lengths mini or MIDI;
    • with shorts, cropped or knee-length;
    • podawa them under jeans, especially worn, if they look in the holes of ripped jeans;
    • shoes any and is selected depending on individual preferences. This can be ugg boots, short boots, winter shoes, ankle boots, boots, boots, medium length or high boots. Shoes can be to go low or heels contain a platform or wedge heel.

    Can I wear shorts with tights in the winter?

    A article of clothing like shorts used to create stylish bows, including in the winter. However, many fashionistas are wondering how to wear shorts with tights in the winter? To look harmonious, when combining things, consider these points:

    • the fabric from which sewed the shorts must have a dense structure. Perfect tweed, velvet, denim or corduroy, a great option would be and knitted shorts;
    • as a top you can use sweaters, turtlenecks, jumpers, cardigans, vests made of leather or fur;
    • shoes you can choose in accordance with your individual preferences, it can be ankle boots, boots, boots with heels, platform or wedge heels, boots;
    • when choosing shorts you should pay attention to the features of its shape, the owner of slim and beautiful legs will be able to afford a cropped product, if there are any flaws, it is better to prefer a model knee length;
    • shorts with a MIDI length, you can use when creating office Luke, if you match it with appropriate items of clothing and warm tights and neutral tones. For a daily look, you can choose bright colors, the only taboo when combined with shorts is a flesh tone.

    Dress with warm tights

    Dresses of different styles can look great if they are complemented by warm tights. They can pick up these variations of patterns of dresses:

    • products knitted from wool;
    • styles, are made of thick fabrics such as denim or tweed;
    • the perfect solution would be a sweater dress as the fitted style, and oversized;
    • for office dresses bodycon is the perfect addition will be warm grey tights or black;
    • casual bow can decorate a t-shirt dress;
    • dresses with prints for example plaid or stripe, it is recommended to choose solid options and models of the same color suit and fishnet elements, or patterns.

    Tights under jeans in the winter

    To further insulate you can, if you wear under jeans warm nylon pantyhose. With them you are not afraid of even severe cold, they will provide comfort. Daring fashionistas will be able to use this standard solution to wear under ripped jeans or black color option. The onions will turn out extraordinary and maximize attract the attention.