What to wear with leggings – 37 photo fashion image for all occasions
The question of what to wear with leggings, remains relevant from year to year. However, given the variety of stylish models and mainly for their versatility, you can create an original and attractive bows, focusing their practicality and originality.

These stylish skinny pants gained incredible popularity in the distant 90-ies. And since the demand for them is increasing. However, due to the dynamic fashion trends it is important to know what to wear with leggings today, to be always in the trend. A variety of models will help every girl find your best option.

What to wear with women’s leggings?

Modern market offers an incredible selection of stylish pants that always emphasize the harmony, elegance and even sexiness. However, it is important to understand that this dress will fit girls slim appearance. After all cut “slinky” will reveal any shortcomings of the figure and undesirable curves. However, the modern fashionista with plus size options don’t abandon this trend, skillfully blending in fitted styles with the rest of the details. Let’s find out how to combine the most popular models:

  • Model fur. This design option is ideal for those who are wondering what to wear with leggings in the winter. Synthetic knit or stretch fabric complemented by a thick faux-fur lining – this product will help to ease the way and to abandon the tights underneath.
  • What to wear with leggings under jeans? Stylish choices are models with coloring under the denim fabric. Surprisingly, this option is considered to be as versatile as traditional jeans.
  • Brilliant design. If you are looking for comfortable and practical clothes for club Luca, a good choice would be a metal shade in gold or silver. Complemented by large-scale embroidery or rhinestones pattern suit and dressy ensembles for the evening.
  • Lace design. This design belongs to the category of accessories and is designed to complement romantic and feminine bows in the ensemble with long shirts or blouses, mini-skirt or short dress. Popular are and items with lace inserts, perfect for everyday wear.
  • What to wear with leather leggings?

    One of the most popular models made of leather or imitation leather. So relevant and the question of what to wear with leggings under the skin. A good choice for such products will wear the grunge – jacket, rough boots, jewelry in the form of large chains and the choker with spikes. However, in today’s market presents leather pants bright colors and prints. This option will fit well into the romantic ensemble with a blouse, shirt or top. If your office style is not constrained by the strict limits, dark model fits the classic jacket and pumps.

    What to wear with leggings with stripes?

    Design complemented by contrast stripes at the sides, especially important for women of small stature. Because the stripes will visually help you to look taller and make the legs slimmer. Such models are presented in two-tone colors or in shapes of two materials of different texture. Answering the question of what to wear under tights with stripes, unbeaten stylists are considered sports style. This garment is perfect for Jogging or workout in the gym in conjunction with sneakers and a fitted tops. Welcome to everyday wear leggings with a sweater and casual shoes.

    What to wear with suede leggings?

    Lovers of gentle and romantic combinations stylists recommend to stop your choice on products from soft suede. However, in this case it is important to consider the characteristics of the body. If you have extra inches in the hips, it is better to abandon the bright colors that are visually more complete. A stylish trend have become the styles with a high rise. Such a beautiful well look women’s leggings with a short top and classic shoes. During the cold season suede clothes can be supplemented with a knitted sweater or tunic and high shoes of suede.

    What to wear with velvet leggings?

    This option has become an attribute of formal style. Combined with a velvet top, for example, a jacket or short coat, the image is exquisite and elegant. In the ensemble with a translucent blouse or lace top and you emphasize their romance. And adding such a massive bow decorations add a touch of luxury to their appearance. Velvet deep colors relevant for everyday wear. So for example, if you are puzzled, what to wear with maroon leggings, the surest solution is a closet in the youth style – hoodies, Casuarina footwear, knitted accessories and more.

    What to wear with colored tights?

    A fashion trend that came from the 90’s remains the design with prints. The most popular today is 3D pictures. In the fashion the theme of space, floral abstraction, geometric and animal themes. A stylish solution, these models will be for the club’s images. Fashionable tights for a party can be supplemented by an asymmetric top with sequins or loose oversized t-shirt with vivid images. Don’t be afraid to overdo it with garish, modern club bow implies saturation. Colored pants will be a good choice for youth combinations.

    What to wear with sports leggings?

    The model sport style different material. These pants are always made of natural and breathable fabrics – knit cotton. Often products sports complemented by contrasting stripes, but this finish is not considered essential. The actual colors in this line were practical dark colors. Ideally the question of what to wear with black leggings will be the choice of sports clothing – top or t-shirt, sneakers, Raglan. If you use these pants everyday Luki, here is to stay at a comfortable combined with the windbreaker or anorak, fleece hoodies, sneakers.

    Looks with leggings

    In the modern fashion, fashion tight pants are considered a universal solution. Especially popular are models became for active everyday wear because of its practicality and comfort. However, this trend knows no age limits. Stylists offer a combination of design and restrained ensembles, which are suitable for women aged. Decorative lace products or design with a grid has become an alternative to nylon tights. However, unlike the latter, it is permissible shoes with open heel and toes. But let’s look at the latest:

  • With outerwear. The selection of warm items of clothing is also limitless. Fitting trousers of dark colors can be worn with an elegant coat or cloak. Color or original design to better complement parkay, down jacket, denim jacket.
  • Shoes. Bows with leather breeches universal for any type of completion. Model of the Jersey and under jeans well look with sneakers or high platform. The suede products should wear with classic shoes.
  • Accessories. Slim fit pants allows you to choose the bulky and cumbersome additions, while remaining fragile and delicate. A good solution will be thick knitted accessories and roomy bag.
  • Women’s leggings with a tunic

    One of the most stylish combinations are considered to be form-fitting pants with long top. The tunic can be both free and tight. The Duo are relevant in the question of what to wear with warm tights. Free And the a-line or asymmetric long jacket will draw attention away from tight legs. Ensemble with a tunic stylists recommend girls with a full figure. This combination will balance the disproportionate parameters and emphasize the femininity. Alternatively, the tunic will be a video made of cotton or denim shirt in an elongated cut.

    Women’s leggings with the dress

    Another popular combination remains the ensemble of slim trousers and casual dresses. However, in this case it is important to choose the right style feminine clothing. Best choice for daily wear will be short of a trapezoid or hoodies. This Duo looks romantic and confident. The question how to wear a dress with leggings on the way out, stylists recommend to stay on the semi-transparent lace accessories and a fitted top with a neckline or bare shoulders. Win-win is the sweater dress as a crop, and of moderate length, chunky knits or a fitted silhouette.

    Tights with shorts

    This combination is designed for the most strong and extraordinary fashionistas. In this case, as in the question of the ensemble of shorts with tights, it is important to stick to a dense opaque design of the pants. Another important condition is the maximum length and high shoes. It is necessary to exclude any clearance at the ankle. In a way with the women’s leggings fit shorts only casalinga style. It can be denim, leather or cotton fabrics. This option is valid in the club and Luke. However, an exception will be colored pants.

    Leggings with skirt

    Picking up the skirt, should stay on the short models wide cut. A great solution is sun or line of dense material that holds its shape well. Fashionable bow complement with leggings and straight jeans and a leather model of the extra-short length. In this case, you need to choose the most long trousers, which visually replaces the tights. To avoid any clearance, wear shoes with a wide leg or ankle. Under skirt you should choose a solid-color products, adding another element in identical colors.