White jumper – 41 photos of the most stylish models of this season
White sweater is incredibly stylish and spectacular outfits, which can be combined with many things. There are different variations of models: shortened, elongated, surrounding the figure, oversized, with different cutouts at the neckline.

The white jumper is justifiably considered as one of the most stylish and elegant items of women’s wardrobe, so is highly appreciated by many fashionistas. He presented different variations of models that vary depending on the material, style, length.

Womens white jumper

In many collections of famous designers presented such a garment as a woman’s white knitted jumper. It is possible to note such variations of his models:

  • the length can vary from cropped above the waist, to elongate, descending below the hips;
  • the product can be connected of wool or fuzzy yarns;
  • can be formfitting, it is typical for style noodles, or casual oversized;
  • the thing can be done with simple binding, for example, British gum, or be decorated with various patterns: braids, Arana, harnesses;
  • binding can be both small and large;
  • white jackets can be simple or adorned with prints and drawings.

Womens white jumper

White longline cardigan

For the cool time of year ideal white sweater tunic. Characterized by these distinguishing features:

  • length, covering the hips, but not reaching the level typical for the dress;
  • the style can be as formfitting and slim and voluminous oversized;
  • white sweater is perfectly combined with trousers or jeans cut shirt, leggings or jeggings are allowed short straight skirt.

White sweater-grass

A great option for creating a spectacular outfit will be the white fluffy jumper-weed. He is able to give a festive appearance thanks to the following characteristics:

  • many models are complemented by a shiny gold or silver sequins;
  • the product may be shortened or reach length, representing an independent subject of clothes;
  • it can be combined with pants, jeans, straight or flared skirts, it all depends on the features of the model.

White sweater with braids

Unique and original, you can make this garment as a knitted white sweater, if you use a decorative binding. The most common pattern are braids, they can be issued the following ways:

  • pigtails can be placed on the center, sides;
  • the pattern may consist of one or more braids, which are located in different parts of the things;
  • braids can adorn a front surface of the product, at the same time the front and back of the sleeves;
  • braids can be of different widths, both narrow and very wide.

White jumper-noodles

Girls with slender figure can afford such a model as the white jumper-lespa. It has such features:

  • close-fitting fit;
  • the structure of the thread can be as soft or more hard;
  • the neckline can be round or triangular cut, found and white sweater under the throat;
  • dominated by simple binding without an abundance of decorative patterns.

White dress-jumper

For the official release of the perfect solution will be a beautiful white sweater, made in the form of dresses. It can be worn as a standalone garment, we can note such variations of models:

  • completely formfitting;
  • simple straight cut;
  • free style oversized;
  • thing you can combine with tight tights, light or dark colors, high boots or bottomtime.

White chunky knit jumper

A real fashion trend of recent seasons has become a big white sweater made using a chunky knit. For its production often use thick yarn gives an original appearance. Of the bulk of top it is recommended to choose the form-fitting bottom, for example, tight pants or skinny jeans.

Fashionable white jumper

In many collections of famous designers presented stylish white jumper, with each brand peculiar charms of its own. Among the most known brands are: Zara, Gucci, Stone Island. Things can be manufactured in a variety of variations of models:

  • made dense or openwork viscous;
  • cropped or long;
  • the neckline can be decorated with round or triangular cut, have a high collar under the throat;
  • white stylish cardigan can be supplemented by a decorative belt.

White jumper Zara

Incredibly stylish and looks elegant white sweater Zara, which is characterized by such features:

  • simple and neat shape, elegant fit;
  • dominated by simple binding without an abundance of decorative elements;
  • can be delicate patterns.

White cardigan Gucci

The trademark Gucci is distinguished by its unique original architecture. This is reflected in the presence of such characteristic features:

  • distributed in a cropped white sweater or medium length;
  • there are often strips any other colors;
  • can be supplemented with original images containing animal or vegetable motifs, for example, the common image of the tiger;
  • there may be a company logo.

White Stone Island jumper

Fashionistas who want to buy winter white sweater, it is recommended to pay attention to the things of the brand Stone Island. For them are characteristic the following characteristics:

  • simple concise fit;
  • simple binding, the advantage goes to the English band;
  • on the lateral surface of the sleeve is the emblem of the company;
  • the neckline is presented in the form of a stand-up collar, high collar under the throat, the rounded or triangular cutout;
  • widespread medium length, ending at the level of the waist line.

What to wear with a white jumper?

Ladies who decide to purchase such a spectacular thing, wondering what to wear with women’s white cardigan? This top is recognized as universal, it can be combined with many items of clothing, due to the fact that the white color is perfectly combined with any other shades. Depending on the style of top is determined by what the cut will be the bottom.

Are popular with a white jumper:

  • To create an office bow to hook under the bottom of a dress shirt collar which will make the business official. The sweater can be complemented by classic-cut trousers or a skirt-pencil.
  • Romance happens in combination with the flared skirt of light material. Such a combination can be used in the spring and summer, in this case for the manufacture of skirt suit chiffon or lace.
  • Bulk product is oversized will be perfect to create an image in casual style. It is possible to choose skinny jeans skinny or boyfriend that contains ripped elements.
  • The style of the dress allows it to be used as a standalone garment. It is supplemented with thick tights and high boots look great boots.
  • As for color, it is selected depending on individual preferences, the season and the image you selected. It can be classical black, dark blue tones, relaxing pastel shades, vibrant red, aquamarine, yellow, green, purple, crimson.
  • White stylish cardigan classic straight cut can be worn with almost any hem style: straight or flared skirts of any length, form-fitting, straight or flared pants, jeans, skinny, boyfriend, flare. Generic and form-fitting top. If the product is bulky, the bottom should select form-fitting, to balance the image.
  • In recent seasons the trend is layering, so a welcome option when the sweater will pry all kinds of models of women’s jackets that can be as strict business and romantic, contains a large lace or chiffon collars.
  • Thing can be applied to create a spectacular evening Luca, complementing it with the skirts of appropriate styles, with cut-outs at the foot, decorated with sequins and sparkles. Ideally in this case will fit this model like pot.
  • The product can be used for everyday wear and for special outputs. This is because what wardrobe items will get to him, and changing them, you can create a variety of images.
  • To give a bold look to you, if you pick up shoes and accessories of white color. In this case, the fashionista would look incredibly organic and attractive.