Very trendy this season women’s stretch pants will make it elegant and very stylish. The fitted styles and the perfect fit – some of the latest techniques needed in the creation of elegant women’s images.

Summer women’s stretch pants

In the summer models are especially valuable as the material itself. The definition of “stretch” fall of the fabric, which contains fibers of spandex, elastane or lycra. Their optimum ratio of no more than 30 percent to the natural fibers in the summer – the cotton and satin, satin and linen.

Such models ideally sit on the figure and are not deformed in the process of socks. Trying on pants, be sure to perform the test: the fabric the “right” model should work only in one horizontal direction.

The trend in elegant sexuality brought to the first position women’s summer stretch footless tights pants literally duplicating. They perfectly emphasize all the advantages of the figure, but at the same time, does not correct its shortcomings. Such model, according to fashion trends look best in combination with comprehensive but easy – air riding. For example, with boxy tunics with length up to thigh or blouses with cuff at the hips.

Summer colors and sexy style perfectly reflect the idea of the trend. This season especially relevant are models optimistic shades of red, yellow and blue the whole spectrum of fashionable colors. But, be prepared for the fact that this model will become the main accent of your image.

Classic women’s stretch pants pictures of them,

Plasticity and the ability to keep good form – almost indispensable quality in both high and street fashion. With the effect of “stretch” are in demand today not only cotton, but wool and even leather.

The optimal variant of such models can serve women’s stretch pants classic styles, like cropped and long. Thanks to the precise fit, in these models is highlighted waist and thigh and straight or slightly flared silhouette perfectly “collected” figure, giving the slimness and lightness of proportion.

Classic in this version, it does not seem boring. Primarily because of the colors. Models themselves have been asked rather bold and outspoken tone of the image, and use the brightest shades of the fashion spectrum perfectly supports the idea.

In this case, you can (and should!) to choose the brightest shades of any fashion colors – cherry or cranberry tones from the spectrum of red, or turquoise and Navy blue trendy blue – green spectrum.

Very stylish, and if you want to correct my figure, look model in a classic denim style. Delicate pockets and vertical stitching on the side seams add shape and structure definition.

Look at the other photo, female pants stretch any style impeccably elegant: