Women’s winter pants – how to choose what to wear and how to create a stylish image?
Women’s winter trousers will be a lifesaver for the image in any style during the cold weather. This garment will help to ensure complete comfort and reliability. And in a wide variety of models every fashionista will be able to find your best option.

In cold period, the images are especially important qualities such as practicality, comfort, functionality. A great solution to this issue will be the women’s winter pants. A variety of stylish patterns will help you to choose the convenient option for everyday wear or an elegant model to the business bow.

How to choose a womens winter pants?

The modern market presents a wide range of quality and diverse styles. The difference is not only cut, but also material, insulation. Designers offer an insulated option for the period of the cool winter and stylish solution to extreme cold. A wide range you can pick up a good versatile option for every day or practical thing for outdoor activities and sports. Let’s see the most popular ideas:

  • Women’s winter pants fleece. This material can act as a lining and the main fabric in the design of the pants. The advantage of fleece during the cold season is its thermostatic properties and the ability to take moisture away from the body.

  • On sintepon. One of the warm rainproof considered models with polyester fiber insulation. This option is easy, though its design and looks more voluminous. These pants are especially relevant for active wear and ski holidays.

  • Fur. Novelty the latest collections became a model, insulated artificial fur. Usually, designers are completing this form of insulation in the design of models of knitwear that in General it looks neat.

  • Knitted. If you are looking for a solution that will attract attention for its originality, pay attention to products made of wool or acrylic yarn. A beautiful textured patterns will be an additional decorative element in your image.

Fashion women’s winter pants

To date, considerable importance when choosing clothes is the color scheme. The collections warm women’s trousers, predominantly practical and versatile colors – black, gray, brown. However, this piece of clothing can be a bright accent, because fashion rich monochromatic shades of green, blue, red, and also attractive prints, colors, geometry, openwork motifs and Norwegian figures. Printed design always dilute dark style closed bows. But let’s learn how women’s winter insulated pants trend:

  • Leggings. Fitted cut will always make the focus on the slender legs and accentuate the elegance in the way. Warm leggings complemented by a fur lining or a tall tale. This option is perfect for everyday wear.

  • Jeans. The actual choice are and warm pants of denim. In this case, often the fleece is used in combination with the tight denim material. Insulated models are available in classic and slim fit, can be supplemented with a high rise waist.

  • Corduroy model. A fashion trend that is back on top positions, are products of the nice velvet. The material itself refers to the winter fabrics. Fashion straight, close fit and a flared style, like from the hip and the knee.

Winter cargo pants

The option in which you will always be comfortably represented in the men’s free cut from crisp canvas fabric or Bologna. Kargo distinguished by the presence of roomy patch pockets. In recent collections, designers have experimented with the cut of this style, presenting a fitted model. Women’s winter pants always have protective coloring, which is especially convenient during the period of mud and slush. Fashionable colours are khaki, Burgundy, dark blue, brown. Cargo can be complemented with elastic waist or a drawstring waist-tie.

Quilted women’s winter pants

One of the most popular solutions to become models, complemented by quilted stitching. This finish is more common in the design of waterproof pants with padding polyester. In this case, the quilted pattern is not only decorative but also functional detail. Thanks to the many stitched lines insulation not break and is distributed evenly along the entire length. Women’s winter warm pants can be made of thick or double-knit, fleece and flannelette. Sometimes this decision is found in the combined design – waterproof fabric-knit, Bologna-bike and other.

Winter skirt-pants

One of the most attractive styles is the model with wide-leg trousers. When walking, the garment similar to a skirt. Womens warm winter pants from soft fabrics like Jersey and fine wool. In this case, the form is not saved and visualization skirts more obvious. Fashion trend referred from the distant 90-ies, steel products, fitted style, with short mini-skirt on top. Any of the above options will help keep the femininity and elegance while remaining practical and confident.

Winter classic pants

Topical solution in winter, for business ladies and girls, limited by a strict dress code, are models of classical style. Such products are made of wool or heavy cotton with a thin layer of insulation. Women’s winter classic pants have a standard or high fit. Strict clothing can be casual straight cut, a tapered shape or flared from the hip. Appropriate finishes in this case are smoothed arrows. In modern fashion classics are presented in subdued colors – black, white, Natur. Fashionable choice would be the variant cells or stripes.

Snow pants military

Stylish, original and unusual for the girls selection, clothing is in army style. In this case, distinctive features serves a practical and comfortable fit. Such models are presented in a direct style of protective material, often supplemented or roomy patch pockets. Legs can take a lace or knitted cuff. Another difference between army style acts as camouflage coloring. This color scheme also true for waterproof products. Conspicuous example is considered the women’s winter pants with padding polyester.

Winter women’s skinny pants

Fashion trend in all seasons considered pants narrowed towards the bottom. This option may be form-fitting, which is often represented in the collections of women’s bell-bottomed jeans. More comfortable will be the choice of the free style. This stylish solution is presented in the line of bananas and chinos. Good for disproportionate figures was a style of riding breeches. Stylish winter pants for women designers complement the trim on the smell or high rise waist. The current materials for these products, steel knit, wool, tweed, thick cotton.

Women’s winter pants elastic

A good selection of warm pants is the idea of elastic on the waistband instead of a zipper. This option will greatly facilitate the process of taking off and putting on. With a wide elastic trim, you can hide the extra inches of the abdomen. This option will provide extra support for pregnant belly. Such models are primarily intended for leisure, so it is represented in a series of winter pants for walking or active recreation. Elastic band relevant for almost any kazualnyh styles – knit, waterproof design on sintepon, sports and knitwear.

Winter sports, city pants

Lately becoming more popular selection of sports apparel for everyday wear. During the cold season such ideas are especially welcome because of the functionality and comfort of the image. Womens winter sports pants is presented in soft, thick flannelette, fleece and knitwear. Fit such models often free, can be narrowed down or cuffed hem pant legs. Waist trousers often attached by rubber bands or bands of lace. Choosing fitted styles, pay attention to their elasticity, which directly affects the wearing comfort.

Snow pants for a complete

In fashion collections designers do not deprive the attention of fashionistas with the parameters of the figure plus size. For such girls, the actual choice will be available with the sport models for everyday wear and classic styles to the output or simply the image. Choosing jeans or leggings, should give preference to dark colors. Even if in the thighs and legs you do not have weaknesses, lighter shades will make you look fuller. If the fundamental flaws enclosed in the waist and sides, a good solution would be insulated winter pants for women, flared from the hip cut.

Winter images with pants

In the cold period warm pants are one of the most versatile items of clothing. Such clothes can be combined with long coats and parks, and short jackets. Tight and tapered products can be supplemented outerwear oversized and voluminous knitted accessories. Free and wide styles best worn with neat, cropped top, fitted silhouette. But let’s look at the most popular choices stylists:

  • Sports bow. For these ensembles will be relevant winter sports pants for women. In urban Luki successfully combine the pants with a sheepskin coat or jacket, boots or uggs. In combinations for active recreation appropriate sports termonorte and insulated shoes.

  • Daily casual. Corduroy pants, jeans and leggings can be supplemented with short coat, down jacket, parcoy and Rovers, uggs or boots inflated. Modern style welcome and bows mixed with sports models and coats, knitted accessories.

  • Strict combinations. Coats and elegant coats to wear in combination with classic wool pants. These images will complement the stylish heels or wedges, a scarf in a masculine style or a handkerchief on the neck.