Activator of hair growth rating of prepared foods and homemade recipes
Activator of hair growth helps for a short period of time to significantly increase the length of the strands. It is useful to get acquainted with the ranking of the best shampoos, masks, serums and pharmaceutical drugs used for these purposes.

Weakened, exhausted strands are the scourge of modern society, because the hair growth activator is so important. Can be used as purchased, and improvised means. For greater efficiency, its application must be combined with special vitamin complex.

Why slow growing hair?

The reasons can be many. Why not grow hair:

  • Genetics – the rate of increase in the length of the strands to be inherited. Besides, scientifically proven, natural length of hair depends on the race. The owner of the longest hair I live in the Eastern, Northern and South-East Asia. Among the representatives of the Negroid race is very short strands. European women also curls medium length.
  • Lack of vitamins and minerals – this problem is particularly acute in winter and spring. More damage as the hair causes the deficiency of iodine, silicon, zinc, chromium. Before you use the shampoo hair, you need to mineralogramma.
  • Trichological problems – they can be attributed seborrhea, alopecia and other pathological conditions that slow the growth of the strands.
  • Chronic sleep deprivation – when a person sleeps, his body is intensely produces the hormone melatonin. He has a strong influence on the condition of the hair. Due to the constant lack of sleep strands become dull, thin out and stop growing.
  • Antibiotics these drugs disrupt the intestinal flora, creating “holes” in the protective system of the body. As a result, in the bloodstream penetrate the toxins. Reaching hair follicles, they destroy them, why, and there is intense hair loss. The growth of the strands in this case, the speech can not go.
  • Hair cut – the rate of growth of the strands may be normal, but due to the fact that the tips break off, length of hair does not increase.
  • Excessive stress – undermines both short and long-running of nervous tension.
  • Is it possible to accelerate the growth of hair on the head?

    In an average month, the hair increases in length by 1-1,5 cm on pace to grow the hair on the belt after a short haircut looks a daunting task. For this reason, girls are trying to figure out whether you can accelerate hair growth. To achieve such a result it is possible, and this will help the following tips:

  • You need to eat properly – strands are nearly 90% composed of keratin. To activate hair growth, it is necessary to enrich the diet of protein foods.
  • The body must receive special vitamin-mineral complex. Pharmacies sell special supplements that are designed to accelerate the growth of the strands.
  • You should do massage of the scalp during this procedure increases blood flow to the hair follicles. As a result of accelerated growth of the strands.
  • You need to abandon low-quality styling products – cheap products are mainly used silicones and acrylates. First easily washed off with shampoo. Acrylates create a thick film on the scalp, preventing the hair follicles receive oxygen and nutrients.
  • You need to use shampoo with keratin – the substance “repair” all rods are damaged, causing the strands will become more beautiful and healthier.
  • Use a comb made of natural materials is the ideal is one that is made from beech or juniper.
  • You need to give up a hair dryer and Ironing.
  • Remedies for hair growth – TOP

    In specialty stores and pharmacies sold many masks, serums, shampoos and other products, the use of which substantially increases the length of the strands. The composition of these funds, be sure there are activators of hair growth. Often they are the components that increase blood circulation: Cayenne pepper, ginseng extract, citrus extracts and so on. In addition, these funds may contain in its composition substances that stimulate cell metabolism and improve the structure of the hair shaft.

    To choose such products should trichologist is a dermatologist. He will take into account the condition of the scalp and strands. However, few have the perfect tool: it is still important to use properly. Even the best activator of hair growth will not give the desired result (and in some cases hurt), if to be used for other purposes. To enhance the effect of the professional products can be used simultaneously with folk remedies.

    Hair activator hair growth

    Such funds are unique composition. Each product is aimed at resolving a problem. Professional shampoo not available in a 2-in-1. Besides, it is not intended for everyday use. Apply this remedy should be strictly according to the prescription of the trichologist. To enhance the effect, at the same time it is necessary to use other means of this line of balms, masks and so on.

    To choose the best activator of hair growth will help here is the ranking of the product:

    • shampoo Dercos Neogenic from Vichy;
    • Schwarzkopf Hair Activator Shampoo;
    • the “Beluga” from Natura Siberica;
    • shampoo brand “Bark»;
    • Compliment Selenium+;
    • activator Hair Vital;
    • Alerana shampoo.

    The activating lotion hair growth

    So the effect is not long to wait, you need to choose the tool which includes the following components:

    • B vitamins;
    • antioxidants;
    • plant extract;
    • substances with a vasodilator effect.

    After applying the activator, it cannot be washed off, so owners of greasy hair type should prefer lotions with a light texture. Based on numerous reviews have formed a rating of the best remedies:

    • lotion Garnier Fructis;
    • spray the hair growth activator “Exederm»;
    • lotion “Medikomed»;
    • activator Dnc;
    • means “Cashmere”.

    Tonic activator hair growth

    These cosmetic products are available in different brands. The best for hair growth on head are the following:

    • tool from Estel Otium Unique;
    • activator Polyplant Stimulant;
    • tonic “Bark»;
    • product brand “Expert Neo»;
    • tonic “Belita-Vitex”.

    Hot mask activator hair growth

    This cosmetic product affects both basal area and strands. However, there are instances when its use would have to give. Contraindications are as follows:

    • the presence of scratches or sores on the scalp;
    • allergic to one of ingredients;
    • increased sensitivity of the skin.

    Particularly popular are such hot pack:

    • burdock Weis active hot formula;
    • activator of hair growth Constant Delight with silk proteins;
    • hot compress Burdock;
    • mask activator hair growth Herbal Clinic from Green Planet;
    • product Nettle hops from Floresan.

    The best vitamins for hair growth

    To deal with the “dream” hair should not only outside but inside as well. In this to the aid of a special vitamin-mineral complexes. The most effective means for hair growth contain the following components:

    • retinol;
    • inositol;
    • folic acid;
    • tocopherol;
    • Biotin and so on.

    The best are vitamin-mineral complexes:

    • Vitrum Baby;
    • Complivit Siyanie;
    • Alerana;
    • Perfectil;
    • Vitasharm.

    Pills for hair growth on head

    Drugs in this form of issue are highly popular among women and men. Pharmacy remedies for hair growth are presented in a large assortment. However, occasionally they have trichologist. The doctor knows what the pills for hair growth for women is more effective and will take into account when choosing the possible side effects. Often prescribe such drugs:

    • Nutricap;
    • Salentin;
    • nicotinic acid;
    • Hair expert;
    • calcium gluconate;
    • Pantovigar.

    Serum-activator hair growth

    This cosmetic product combines the properties of styling tools, conditioner and mask. Such a growth activator “sleeping” hair easy to use. So there is no need to rinse: it creates on the surface of the strands of heat tape. The greatest demand is for such a drug for hair growth:

    • Azumi;
    • B. U. T. Y.;
    • Ekolab;
    • Dercos Neogenic from Vishy;
    • Golden silk;
    • Kerastase Densifique Hair Density Programme.

    Folk remedies for hair growth

    By themselves, such “remedies” are ineffective. Trichologists recommend to use them as auxiliary means. For hair growth at home can be homemade products:

    • masks;
    • rinsers;
    • compresses;
    • mixture of oil and so on.

    Recipe pepper activator


    • water – ½ tsp;
    • castor oil – 1 tbsp;
    • hair balm – 2 tbsp.;
    • tincture of hot pepper – 1 tbsp.

    Preparation, application

  • The ingredients are combined and thoroughly mixed.
  • Applied composition massage on basal part.
  • Cover the head with plastic wrap and insulate with a towel.
  • After 30 minutes wash off with shampoo.