Bob-Bob with elongation – 24 option trend hairstyles for short and medium hair
Bob-Bob with elongation is one of the most popular haircuts. It suits women with any face shape, type and density of hair. Read about the existing types of this hairstyle and fashion trends in its installation, choose the option for yourself.

The beauty of Slavic women is slightly marred by the quality of the hair – they are delicate and heavy, often devoid of even if thick. The optimal haircut in such cases is considered Bob with long front strands. This hairstyle is universal fit to any style and image, enlarges the face shape to the oval and adds the missing splendor.

The types of the Bob extension

The advantage of considering the haircut is its variability. Based on the classic geometry masters create unique hairstyles for the different women. There are 3 basic Bob-Bob – types:

  • standard;
  • asymmetry;
  • calibration of the instrument.

The first type of haircut is characterized by smooth clean lines and clean straight cut that follows the curve of the cheekbones. Back hair is a bit shorter than the front, but without extreme transitions and sharp corners. This Bob with elongation is versatile, it suits women with any face shape. Hairstyle corrects and approximates to the ideal due to the oval inner contour.

Asymmetrical Bob with elongation

Is a variation of the haircut looks stylish, impressive and bold. Bold Kare-Bob with elongation in one direction immediately attracts attention, emphasizes the cheekbones and eyes. This hairstyle can be worn with center and side parting depending on the shape and characteristics of the person. Described the Bob is good for women with angular or rough-hewn features, wide cheekbones. The asymmetry shifts the focus to itself, and visual masking these defects.

Bob-Bob with elongation and graduations

There are many options to perform this cutting – milled or torn ends, cascade, ladder and other methods of study strands. Graduated Bob with extension is ideal for women with square, rectangular and wide round face. The fuzzy contour of the slice visually softens these shortcomings, and this cropped top increases the height of the head, hand and pulls her closer to an oval shape.

Who is the Bob-Kare?

The hair is versatile, it can be worn by women with any type and color of the locks regardless of the shape of the face or age. The only caveat – the curls should be laying. Too hard and thick hair Bob with elongation-to-face looks sloppy and quickly loses its shape. Haircut has several variants of execution of different level and structure of the strands.

Bob-Bob with elongation for short hair

In this case, refers to the curls, the ends of which touch the middle or the ear lobe. Short Bob with elongation involves vystraivanii hair on top and back, so described type of hairstyle is more suitable for young women without visual signs of aging on the neck. Face shape doesn’t matter, with middle parting, bangs, and thinning out can be “fit” cut to the individual characteristics of every woman.

Bob-Bob with elongation for medium hair

We offer the kind of hairstyles work if I want to give the strands a beautiful form and volume, but not much of their crop. Medium haircut Bob with elongation is performed at the level of the earlobes or lower to the collarbone. The slice may have a different slope and the sharpness angle. The standard average Bob with elongation for thin hair hair cut with a smooth transition from short curls in the back (middle of neck) to the maximum strands in the front. The difference between them is about 2-3 cm.

More extravagant and feminine at the same time looks extreme elongation of the Bob. Rear hair are similarly short, but the cut is under a large inclination. The front strands have sharp ends and are at a level slightly below the collarbone. Significant lengthening not only beautiful and unusual looks, but also helps to disguise some defects in the face. Haircut hides a square jaw and big cheekbones, softens rough chin.

Bob-Bob with an extension for curly hair

Consider the hairstyle most women imagine straight and smooth, but it looks good and wavy curls. Bob-Bob with a slight elongation in combination with soft curls gives volume marked, rounds, square facial features and visually makes it oval. This is a very delicate and feminine haircut that accentuates the eyes and lip contour. Bob-Bob with elongation for curly strands is suitable for all women. The hairstyle can be worn at any angular facial features, it is relevant in adolescence, and in adulthood, in harmony with different styles of clothes.

Styling for Bob-Bob with elongation

This haircut is simple contours and geometries, experienced barbers perform it in accordance with the direction of hair growth clients. Due to this hairstyles for Bob-Bob with elongation easily and quickly stacked. There are classic and alternative options for the design of strands. Ways of styling women choose individually, focusing on their own style, taste, features of the face and preferences in clothing.

Bob-Bob with long bangs

The specified element of a haircut is recommended if you have high or wide forehead, massive cheekbones and other faults. Standard straight and smooth bangs to the line of growth of the eyebrows suitable for women with a narrow face and sharp, elongated features. This hairstyle visually all rounds and softens the edges. Short Bob with bangs to the extension is a good option for owners of neat chin, but high and wide cheekbones. Front lock hide excess facial volume, giving it the desired oval shape.

The most popular version is the Bob with elongation and oblique bangs. This is a versatile haircut which suits all face types. Long sloping Bang adds asymmetry than distracting attention away from any flaws – rough lower jaw and chin, broad cheekbones, high forehead, chubby cheeks. This hairstyle will fit into different images and will look seamless with both classic and sports outfits.

Methods of styling a Bob with a flat, oblique bangs or a strand with the extension of the lot:

  • pulling irons;
  • to comb your bangs back or up;
  • to create a neat crimp;
  • curl;
  • lightly deconstruct hair;
  • braid out bangs braid, twist harness;
  • to allocate ends (“needles”);
  • backcomb the crown and other ways.

Bob-Bob with elongation without bangs

The lack of these details hairstyles makes it more concise. Hair cut Bob caret on the elongation often is done without bangs, especially if the woman wide (round or square) face. In such situations, it is necessary to visually pull, not round, so the front strand is not cut. Long hair on the sides, slightly curled at the ends inside, create the oval in which “fits” the face. Due to this effect it is visually reduced in width, neck line acquire elegance and finesse.

Bob-Bob with aspect ratio looks great at any styling options:

  • straightening;
  • soft curls;
  • waves;
  • negligence;
  • simulation of wet hair;
  • weaving and braids;
  • the fleece on the back of the head or the crown.