Carving the hair – looks like a long-term blow to short, medium and long hair?
Carving the hair can eliminate the need for daily styling and constant use of Curling irons. Read about the features, advantages and disadvantages of this procedure, find out how to do this yourself. Choose your version of gentle iron.

Daily styling takes women a lot of time and effort. A good alternative to this process are the ways of giving the curls the stable form for several months. Carving is one of progressive methods of long-term styling. Before execution it is important to thoroughly study the procedure, its advantages and disadvantages.

What is carving for the hair?

Most of the clients of the beauty salons considered confusing manipulation with the classic “chemistry”. The correct definition of what a carving hair: long gentle waves. The tools used for the procedure, do not penetrate into the core and envelop him. Due to surface effects hair reduce spoilage, but hold their shape well.

Long-term blow – pros and cons

The present technology has both advantages and significant disadvantages. Pros carving hair:

  • Reducing the fat content of the scalp. After a gentle iron, the sebaceous glands are less active, less likely to wash the tresses.
  • Additional volume. Strands become thicker, lifted at the roots, especially popular carving on thin hair.
  • Security. Drugs to manipulate not contain ammonia and hydrogen peroxide, which provides the hair a healthy look.
  • Stability. The results of this procedure are kept up to 9 weeks.
  • Time saving. The Perm looks great even in the morning, enough for 5 minutes to give it the desired shape.
  • Long-term stacking has the following disadvantages:

    • the deterioration of brittle, split ends, dry hair;
    • rapid leaching of pigment during a recent painting;
    • the need for frequent correction;
    • difficulty straightening;
    • the risk of being unfair to the wizard and ruin the curls.

    How does carving the hair?

    The results of the procedure depend on the size of the bobbins (diameter curls), the length of the strands and the time of wearing. Described long hair styling looks better on short and medium curls a few days after the manipulation. With long braid curls quickly unwound due to the severity of hair. Gentle perms similar to the typical “chemistry”. It looks like strands, wound on curlers. Any styling looks very natural carving of the hair, before and after the manipulation is confirmed. Especially is a Perm women with a square and an elongated Bob.

    The carving on short hair

    Owner of modern and fashionable haircuts are often faced with a lack of volume at the roots. Carving the hair instantly solves this problem. Gentle wave lifts and structures the strands, making them thicker and visually thicker. Long-term styling for short hair eliminates the need for daily use of hair dryer or Curling irons. To get the desired effect you need to wind the curls on the larger bobbins. Otherwise, the result will be similar to a clown wig.

    The carving on medium hair

    With a length up to shoulder level this wave looks very gentle, airy and romantic. Long-term blow to square, cascade, long Bob haircuts and other similar length gives the hair volume and fluffiness. Visually thicken the curls look so much thicker and denser. It is especially noticeable when thin strands that quickly lose their shape and smoothed at the roots. Long-term styling for medium hair is performed with large bobbins. Small diameter rollers are used only if you wish to Afro.

    The carving on long hair

    Women with luxurious curls below the shoulder blades not recommended to do gentle Perm. Long-term styling for long hair lasts only 3-4 weeks, and every shampooing the curls harder to spin under the weight of the strands. The procedure is increasingly performed only at the ends or in the middle of the spit. In this case, carving long hair and looks beautiful and retains its shape for about 2 months. Depending on the desired result and the additional volume you can cheat curls on the rod of any diameter.

    How to make long-lasting styling at home?

    The procedure is to costly services in the salon of beauty, so some women prefer to do it yourself. Carving hair at home easy to do if the right to prepare for it. It is important that the hair was healthy and not dry, the ends are not whipped and not break off. You can’t achieve a gentle Perm on recently dyed, bleached and with integrally colored strands.

    What you need for carving hair?

    The end result of the manipulation depends on the quality of cosmetic products. They should only be purchased in specialized stores, after checking the certificates and the expiration dates of goods. Following tools are required for carving hair:

    • deep cleansing shampoo;
    • the active ingredients for long-term stowage;
    • stabilizer (fixator);
    • the mask or conditioner.

    Necessary item:

    • dry towel;
    • the rods or curlers selected diameter;
    • plastic cap;
    • gloves;
    • sponge or wide brush.

    Carving hair at home – step by step instructions

    The above drugs are often sold set. It is better to buy a ready set of tools from the same manufacturer.

    How is carving the hair:

  • Purification. Thoroughly wash the tresses with shampoo, dry them with a towel.
  • Shaping. Divide hair into thin strands, cheat on curlers or Perm rods.
  • Wave. Wear gloves to apply the curl active ingredients for carving with an applicator, brush or sponge. You should start with the nape of the neck, moving to the front of the head.
  • Keeping. Cover the strands with a plastic cap and leave the product for the exposure time specified in the instructions.
  • Washing. Without removing hair curlers, carefully wash out hair warm water without shampoo. Blot them with a towel.
  • Fixation. To put the locks on the stabilizing composition. Soak it in the allotted instruction time.
  • The result of consolidation. To remove the rod and rinse strands with clean water.
  • Care and protection. Carving for the hair – damaging manipulation, immediately after the procedure, it is better to treat the tresses mask or balm.
  • Drying. You can give your locks to dry naturally or use a Hairdryer.
  • After a gentle iron not to wash hair for 2-3 days. During the week is prohibited:

    • coloring;
    • pulling irons;
    • clarification (including partial);
    • the application of henna and Basma;
    • lamination and similar procedures.

    Carving of hair – how to style?

    This step can not perform, after the above described soft iron curls already look well-groomed. If you want to emphasize the carving, hair styling is carried out by different methods:

  • On damp locks, apply a little hand gel, dry with a hair dryer. This will give the curls defined structure and “springiness”.
  • Distribute the roots and along the curls, foam or mousse, dry the hair dryer with a nozzle-diffuser. With this styling carving the hair looks natural.
  • To wind the strands on curlers or shape them with a round brush while blow-drying.
  • To straighten hair with a straightening iron. You can not pull it off completely, leaving the curls at the ends.
  • To do my hair. The carving looks beautiful in bunches and Polubotko, weaves and tails.