Haircut cascade – more than 40 options for different lengths and hair type
Haircut cascade – a versatile option give hair volume and a beautiful shape. It suits women of any age with different types of persons. Read about types and features of this hairstyles, styling methods, rate the examples from the extensive photo gallery.

Some hairstyles never go out of fashion, for decades, just slightly modified. Cascade is the most popular haircut, women appreciate it for its versatility, practicality and speed of installation. It gives the hair volume, lightness and fluffiness, combined with any images that are appropriate in everyday life and at events.

Who is cut cascade?

This hairstyle looks beneficial in any form and fullness of the face. To Supplement the haircut with bangs or abandon it depending on defects. Hairstyle cascade successfully emphasizes beautiful features and visual flaws – the wide cheekbones, the blunt chin, chubby cheeks or angular lower jaw. She brings your face shape to oval, attached to a delicate neck.

There are instances when cut cascade is not recommended. Complex layered structure is not suitable for owners of thin and thick, heavy curls. In such situations, the hair almost completely deprives the hair of volume they seem too rare and smoothed at the roots. Women with hard and strongly curly locks is also better to choose a different type of curls.

Types of haircuts cascade

Considering the versatility of the hairstyle lies in the diversity of its variations. Cascade haircut can be applied to the hair in any shape, perfectly straight and wavy, obedient and hard-packing. You can refresh bangs in different types – straight, oblique, asymmetric, and other species. The length is also not significant, even on short strands this hairstyle looks spectacular.

Haircut cascade on short hair

Curls, reaching to the lobes of the ears, become alive, lush and moving due to the described hairstyle. Classic short haircut cascade consists of several layers, the length of which increases from top to bottom. Hair thoroughly heliroute to graduation turned out soft and smooth, without abrupt transitions and clear structuring.

Cascade on short hair, you can make and other variations:

  • “ragged” ends;
  • asymmetry;
  • sloping the back of the head (“cap”);
  • “Italian” (fine, distracting strands-“feathers”);
  • the shaved head;
  • on the leg.

Haircut cascade to medium hair

The curls at the level of the clavicle often make out with the hairstyles. Cascade for medium hair easy and simple to use, depending on the styling it looks in everyday life, at work and on festive occasions. The classic version of the hairstyle is with layers of uniform thickness, elongated from the back. The tips of the hair gently heliroute.

If you wish to refresh the image and to add it personality, haircut cascade to medium curls done in other styles or issued a Bang. Interesting look ragged ends, with non-uniform thinning and different length strands. Mature women are more suitable graded type of hair style or a cascade on the leg. To add volume, you can increase the difference between the length of the curls on the top and bottom.

Haircut cascade of long hair

Feature complete this hair thinning of the ends of each layer. For this reason, the cascade haircut for long hair is an excellent way of dealing with a section, especially if its timely adjustments. The strands in this hairstyle always look healthy and well groomed, less broken and splitting even with frequent hot styling. The cut allows women to remain stylish without shortening the locks.

Standard cascade for long hair provides maximum volume in the upper part of the head. Due to the shortening of the strands is eliminated their excess weight, hair becomes lighter and puffier. If desired, you can perform other types of hairstyles:

  • cascade-ladder;
  • asymmetry;
  • structured graduation (layers of different thickness);
  • “cap”;
  • ragged ends.

Haircut cascade with bangs

The specified element of hairstyles not only adorns and complements, but also helps to hide some flaws. Short cascade with bangs reduces the height of the forehead accentuates the eyes and eyebrows. Strands you can cover protruding ears or large cheeks. Cascade for medium hair with bangs to cope with the problem of wide cheekbones, making them more feminine and less. With long curls this hairstyle narrows down the face, visually brings it closer to the oval shape.

Select the type of Bang depends on the preferences of women and their goals. Classic straight or voluminous front strand to the eyebrows visibly rejuvenates and adds freshness, mask a high forehead. Long bangs hide the massive lower jaw, and softens the jawline, making the face less wide. Oblique, asymmetric, and other options describe the details distract from the minor flaws, emphasize individual style.

Cascade haircut without bangs

If the proportions of the face normal, you can not apply for the hairstyle of the considered element. Stage medium, short and long hair looks successfully and without bangs if forehead is not too high. To adjust the shape and highlight its great features helps the layered structure of the haircut, its lightness, and the generated volume. Strands on the sides frame the face smooth arc lines, so large cheekbones, large ears and wide jaw safely hidden.

When the bangs were trimmed earlier, but she decided to give it up, easy to hide regrow hair in most of the curls. If desired, they can be nice to stab from the side or from above. This works especially well if cut cascade is made on medium and long strands. The shortest layer reaches the upper tip of the ear flush with outgrown bangs.

A cascade of curly hair

Some girls are afraid to do the haircut in the presence of curls, fearing the result to the clown hair. A cascade of curly hair is not only very hard locks with a small “African spring”. If the curls just curl or wavy hair will look good and impressive, especially when you lack natural volume.

The advantage of combining cascade and curls is considered to be uniform luxuriance of the hair along the entire length. Haircut volume stays throughout the day, not dyed at the roots. It can be arranged stylish bangs:

  • scythe;
  • asymmetric;
  • extended;
  • arch.

The haircutting technique cascade

Multilayer structure, graduation and thinning hairstyle seems a daunting task, but the reality is much simpler. The haircut cascade is based only on one strand – test. It is in the center of the head, is drawn at an angle of about 45 degrees back and shortened. All other locks trimmed at the level of the strands, as shown in the diagram.

There are more simple way of performing this hairstyle, almost in one cut with scissors. Wet and carefully combed curls need to collect in a neat tail at the very top. After that, the band shifted to a level, how long must be the hair. The remainder (tail) exactly sastregums, the ends can be slightly profiled “fence”.

Styling for haircut cascade

As quickly as possible to give the hair the desired shape by using a hair dryer and a round brush. Haircut cascade fit for a few minutes, becomes pronounced volume and independently structured layers. No need to fix the curls foam or varnish, hair holds its shape even when the many prichesyvaniya and wearing hats.

If the casual way the strands are tired, fit styling haircut cascade flat irons or Curling irons. You just need to twist the ends away from the face and make a few large curls in the back. This hairstyle looks more elegant and romantic, it can be done on special occasions or a date, to accessorize with bows, headbands, hairpins with beads or rhinestones.

Bold and stylish looks chaotic stacking of the cascade with the release of graduation, the individual strands-“feathers” and ends. It matches perfectly with the grunge and rock style of clothing, reflects the rebellious spirit and strong character of women. This presentation is advantageous emphasizes bright hints of curls or contrast staining of several strands.