Haircut ladder – 40 variants that you like
Haircut ladder can contribute significantly to a woman’s life and save a lot of time if it is adjusted correctly. Learn about the available types and forms of this hairstyle, its combinations with bangs. Try to cut the hair of the proposed scheme.

The dream of most modern women – comfortable and stylish hairstyle that does not need long to pack. Ladder is the best haircut to achieve this goal. It has a simple shape, always looks neat and blends with any trend in clothing and makeup.

Who is the haircut ladder?

Offer a hairstyle recommended for women with straight hair. Only the blue strands is a clear speed calibration, structure and form. Sometimes owner choose wavy curls, but in this case, it will always have to pull them utjuzhkom. Kinky women consider hairstyle is not suitable in the curls completely defeats the aliasing.

Women’s haircut ladder refers to the generic options for the design of strands for different face types. The cutting line is positioned so that the front create an oval. Depending on the chosen length and bangs hairstyle hides and round cheeks, and angular cheekbones, softens the jawline or massive lower jaw, makes the neck visually thinner, sleeker.

Haircut ladder for long hair

When you do not want to part with luxurious braid, but banal slices already tired of the hair style is a great solution. Haircut ladder does not alter the main length of the strands. It is only needed to give hair shape. From the front, they will be as short as possible, lengthening gradually to the sides. After reaching the desired level is straight or curved cut, on which the invisible haircut ladder, rear view is almost indistinguishable from the original.

There are many variations of the described hairstyles, which are selected in accordance with the structure of the curls. Ladder for long hair normal and high density is performed with a long interval between the steps. This gives the haircut dynamics, makes strands alive and moving. If the curls are rare and thin, the best fit ladder with a smooth transition from short hair to long. Strands will acquire additional volume and will be easier.

This haircut helps to adjust the shape of the face. Depending on the shortcomings experienced, the wizard selects the appropriate level for the first stage of the ladder. If the problem in the broad cheek-bones or large her cheeks, it is advisable to start cutting from the line of the ear lobe. Angular lower jaw and solid chin it is easier to conceal by lowering the front strands. Enhance the visual approach to the oval through bangs.

Haircut ladder for medium hair

Owners of perfectly smooth strands, this hairstyle will save you from daily styling. Ladder for medium hair without waves and curls always looks neat and well-groomed, easily takes the desired shape. If the locks are not straight, day will have to use a hair dryer, mousse and lacquer or other bonding means for stacking. It is especially difficult for women with light porous hair that starts to curl when air humidity increases.

With any kind of person successfully looks haircut ladder photo below, I acknowledge that she discreetly covers blemishes and looks beautiful on the models of different type. Thanks presented the hairstyle can hide not only wide cheekbones and chubby cheeks, but a massive forehead, square jaw. This helps bangs, which begins the calibration.

Haircut ladder on short hair

The hair is done and at the level of the strands, barely reaching the ear lobe. Ladder on short hair Flirty frames the face like a hood. To give the image of exclusivity, the calibration is done with sharp edges, like torn or bitten region. Haircut to look spectacular, have the time to do styling. To emphasize the structure of the hair and its shape will help gel or wax for your hair.

Haircut ladder with bangs

The specified element is an integral part when performing hairstyles on short strands. This haircut ladder should be complemented with bangs that performs the corrective function. It serves as the initial step and helps to visually hide some defects. Through this element of the hair is easy to reduce a high forehead and a little narrow face, to bring his form to the oval.

Haircut ladder for medium hair with bangs looks youthful and romantic. Additional detail making lines and transitions more soft and smooth. Depending on the desired result and the need for correction of the face the bangs are given a different form:

  • video;
  • asymmetric;
  • extended to the side;
  • oblique;
  • torn;
  • arch;
  • short.

Long version of the ladder of the described element of hairstyle is also in perfect harmony. If you want to disguise massive forehead, ideal classic straight bangs up to the middle or slightly below the eyebrows. In the presence of a wide face, big cheeks, or big cheeks the front lock better to do asymmetrical cut out arch or mow on the side. To correct the angular of the lower jaw and a rough chin lengthening is used with a smooth transition in the bulk of the hair.

Haircut ladder without bangs

This type of hairstyle is popular due to the simplicity and speed of installation. Without bangs it is easier to give the strands the desired shape and no need for a large number of fixing means. The only option the ladder, which involves an unconditional presence of the said part – short hair. The lack of bangs makes her incomplete and like men.

Haircut ladder for medium strands without bangs often recommended for women with thick straight or slightly curly at the ends hair. In this combination hair does not lose the original form and geometry, maintains the existing level and structure. Owners of fine and rare curls is better to choose another version of the haircut because the ladder is not gives the hair splendor, especially when a large interval steps.

Women with strands below the shoulders – the main target audience of the described hairstyle. Haircut ladder does not deprive regrow length, but adds lightness and dynamism. It can help to change a boring image into a bold and stylish look while hiding some imperfections. This hairstyle is good adjusts square, round and triangular face shape.

Types of haircuts ladder

In addition to the classical step of the embodiment, there are two popular types consider hairstyles – Kare and cascade. Hair cut ladder these methods is suitable only happy owners of thick and tight curls. Kara graduated and layered cascade remove unnecessary volume. Women with rare, thin and heavy locks of hair is not, she will emphasize the meager amount of hair.

Haircut caret-ladder

The standard view presents the design of the curls suggests even cut along the entire length. Kare-ladder runs with clear graduations of all, so that they acquire the form of small steps. In contrast to the classic hair style strands in the front a little shorter than the back, creating the effect of volume cap from the hair on his head. Speed of the caret can be done with bangs or without.

Haircut ladder-cascade

This type of hairstyle is designed to significantly reduce the volume of hair and give them a desired geometry. Cascade haircut ladder for long or medium tresses and calibrated on the cut, and vertically, so it is recommended only to owners of very lush and thick strands. It looks very impressive and beautiful, if done correctly. It is dynamic, structured and flexible, keeps the shape and easy fit.

Haircut ladder – technique

The bulk of the work when creating a hairstyle is focused on the front. The back of the hair remains intact or slightly podavlivaya, kruglitsa, so some women wield the scissors yourself. It is important to pre-determine your face shape and identify shortcomings (if any) that you want to hide. After that you can begin to change, one of the simplest is the haircut ladder diagram of the calibration of the strands will help. If you do not want to experiment and possible failure scares, better to turn to professional hairdresser.

Haircut ladder – styling options

Ways considered hairstyle is not too much. The result should be clearly visible ladder – styling involves straightening with a slight twisting of the ends inside. If a standard method already tired, I want to refresh and diversify the image, you can try two more interesting options:

  • Body ladder. The structure and geometry of the hairstyles remain the same. You need to add a significant volume at the roots and slightly curl the strands away from the face, as when you create Hollywood curls. This styling looks very elegant, perfect for special events and romantic encounters.
  • Haircut sloppy ladder. This method is recommended for women who prefer casual style in clothing, wishing to emphasize its independence and integrity. Hair should be straight and slightly disheveled, they should not be accurately placed, it’s better to just comb through with your fingers.