Cleaning iron can be a task if you know some proven methods for the treatment of soles and the reservoir of the appliance. Conventional means for removal of sludge and scum that are easy to find in the house, will help restore technique, well-groomed appearance.

Any owner solution to this issue, as cleaning the iron sooner or later begins to wonder. As promised by the manufacturers of modern appliances for Ironing made of such materials, which almost does not get dirty. In practice, not so perfect – iron contaminated after prolonged use.

Clean iron at home of carbon

Dark spots on the soles of the appliance can appear at any moment – only enough to Pat him thing at the wrong temperature. Before cleaning the iron from the burnt synthetics or other pieces of fiber, it is important to determine which method will be suitable for a particular technology. Chrome or aluminum heated surfaces are easy to clean through a wooden spoon or plastic brush-brush. Teflon or a ceramic plane is allowed to handle, using only gentle techniques.

How to clean iron with Teflon coating?

Technique with Teflon soles is prohibited to RUB the abrasive mixtures. They can harm the material, leaving scratches. What you can clean the iron with Teflon coating:

  • Heat the iron to the lowest heat, gently wipe the sole of soap and leave for 40 minutes. It begins to be liquid and to mitigate the penetration. Next, completely wipe the soles moistened with a sponge and holes for a pair of clean chopsticks from wool together with the remnants of soap will depart and adhering dirt.
  • Teflon is easily cleansed with vinegar. The soles wipe soaked in the composition of the rough side of the sponge with intense movements. After the unnecessary piece of cotton cloth should be moistened with vinegar and iron it to get rid of the remaining dirt.
  • Ammonia, diluted in water 1:1, moisten the cloth or the nonrigid sponge and wipe the heated surface of the iron. The procedure can be repeated several times, until the stains disappear.
  • Hydrogen peroxide to moisten a piece of cotton wool and wipe lightly heated iron surface. The tool softens the contamination and facilitates its removal. The smell in the period of this cleaning is missing. Holes for steam cleaned soaked in hydrogen peroxide with a cotton swab.
  • How to clean a ceramic iron?

    All methods for cleaning Teflon surfaces acceptable for ceramic. There are still a few proven ways. How to clean ceramic soleplate:

  • Wet a cotton swab nail Polish remover or acetone and wipe down all the problem areas. Care must be taken not to get chemicals on the plastic parts of the iron. A particularly good liquid Polish remover helps to clean the surface from adhering residues of plastic and synthetic fabrics.
  • Gidroperit – a great tool for cleaning irons. Putting on gloves and taking the pill, you need to spend it on the areas of accumulation of carbon (the iron is heated in advance). Plaque with the soles beginning to peel off. Using this method stands out strong smell, so use it in better-ventilated the apartment or on the street.
  • Soda mixed with water to a paste consistency. The agent should be applied on a rag and wipe over stains on the soleplate. After cleaning iron soda residues are removed with a clean cloth. The tool will help to get rid of as weak and strong spots.
  • Cleaning of iron with citric acid

    Cleaning of iron with citric acid has long been known method, suitable for all surfaces. Means it does not equipment from deposits and scale. How to clean iron at home citric acid:

  • A tablespoon of citric acid should be diluted in a glass of warm water.
  • Heated sole wipe moistened with gauze or a cotton pad.
  • Inaccessible holes shall be cleaned with cotton sticks.
  • The tool can be poured in the reservoir of the iron. Then heat equipment to maximum temperature and run a few cycles of steaming over a basin. Together with the liquid will be removed and the remnants of the mud from the tank and holes for steaming.
  • How to clean the iron with salt?

    Salt is the most popular tool for cleaning iron, which was used before the advent of various household chemicals in the stores. But it cannot be used for Teflon and ceramic surfaces. How to remove iron from the burnt dirt salt:

  • To put on the Ironing Board cotton cloth, a paper towel, which is not a pity to throw away, or a sheet of paper.
  • Sprinkle on the cloth a tablespoon of salt.
  • Enable the iron to the maximum heating on and off pairs.
  • Iron sprinkle salt towel or paper with pressure while black will not do. With the soles of the soot will stick to salt, gradually to the surface of the iron will be purified to a high state.
  • How to clean iron with toothpaste?

    Ordinary toothpaste can be used to clean the surface of the iron. But you need to purchase a white vehicle and not a gel. How to clean the surface of your iron with toothpaste:

  • A small amount of the paste should be applied on a slightly heated sole, well lubricate the problem areas.
  • Then you need to wait for the complete drying of the paste and then wipe the area with a clean cloth.
  • Then heat up the iron and ironed them with old fabric to get rid of residues.
  • Cleaning pen for iron

    Cleaning the iron with a special chemical pencil is the best way of getting rid of soot. But this tool is intended only for external use. Do not try to use it to remove limescale inside the appliance, trying to crush a pencil. Manufacturers guarantee removal of sludge, scale, plaque fiber and starch. The product does not contain any harmful impurities and safe for health. Clean iron at home with a pencil:

  • You must include iron, heat it, unplug it from the outlet and the base of the grate with a pencil.
  • After some time, will start a chemical reaction, and the softened carbon will be removed easily with a dry soft cloth.
  • After the iron should be wiped with a damp cloth. It needs to be clean, and sole it would be better to slide on the surface of the fabric.
  • You can perform the cleaning in another way: pour into the water reservoir, the heated sole apply the pencil. To take this old thing and iron it using the steam mode.
  • Clean iron from scale

    In the process, the steam, the container elements and the sole of the iron formed layer of minerals. It appears from the tap water, which is rich in salts and trace elements. Layer accumulates in the form of scum that clogs the holes in the soles and can eventually cause damage to the appliance. To avoid this, you need to find an effective tool for cleaning iron and sometimes clean the inner tank technology.

    How to clean iron from scale vinegar?

    Acetic acid is a weak active substance, which is able to react with the coating and dissolve it. Not to pour vinegar inside of the appliance, how to clean iron from scale build up inside you cannot use it – it may damage internal elements. But acetic acid is easy to remove scale from the surface of the sole and holes for steam output, for that you need:

  • A liter of water mixed with two cups of vinegar.
  • Pour in the reservoir with the vinegar solution, so it closed fully on the bottom of device (handy to do this, adjust the baking pan).
  • The steam regulator to supply the maximum to place the container on a plate and make a small fire.
  • Keep the iron in such a bath should be within the hour. Vinegar solution it is advisable to cool and after re-conduct the procedure to great effect.
  • Liquid for cleaning iron from scale

    In the store, it is advisable to buy a special product to clean iron from scale (for example, “Antiscale”), it will remove the plaque from the tank and holes for steam. You need to do the following:

  • Pour into the reservoir of the iron cleaner.
  • To put the temperature control to maximum and wait until the appliance warms up.
  • To unplug the iron and hold it to the sink.
  • If the model has self-cleaning function, just press it and hold.
  • If the iron is only the steam button, it should repetitively for cleaning.
  • With the steam from the tank will reach the scale.
  • The cleaning process can be produced by repeatedly adding liquid to the reservoir.
  • When will you stop to move the pieces of scale out of the holes of the sole, the procedure of cleaning the iron may be over.