Successfully performed the exterior finish of the wooden house can even the old building to give spectacular views. Of the many options facing you need to choose the most beautiful and practical project, which will help to protect the facade from all the vagaries of nature.

Made promptly to the exterior finish of the wooden house will help eliminate damage to the facade and make the old building more attractive. In preparation for the upcoming repair work, you need to be able to choose the right stylish type of skin taking into account all peculiarities of the local climate and landscape.

External facing of a wooden house

With all the attention interior of your home, built of logs or timber, many owners forget to check the condition of the facade, which over many years of operation can be covered with cracks, mold or other unpleasant injuries. In most cases, saves the day, new exterior finish of the wooden house, choosing options covering material, you should consider the cost, usability, durability and resistance to external influences.

What requirements must meet the exterior decoration of wooden house:

  • The façade needs to be durable.
  • A modern and attractive appearance.
  • The finish should be protected from possible mechanical damage.
  • Resistance to mold and pests.
  • Resistance to solar radiation.
  • Protect the facade from rain and critical temperature.
  • Good thermal insulation characteristics.
  • Maximum masking of the existing defects of the plan.
  • Recommended exterior wood house entirely of fireproof materials.
  • The exterior treatment of the wooden house

    Even solid wood home finishing and processing protective compounds quickly covered with mold and begin to collapse under the influence of the vagi and ultraviolet radiation. To avoid deformation of the outer layer are required to perform complex activities with the use of special tools. The best option – the application antiseptirujut and fire resistant primer.

    Example antiseptics for protection of wooden house:

    • Senezh, Agneby;
    • The neomid 440;
    • Aquatex;
    • Tikkurila Pinjasol Wax.

    How to decorate the facade of a wooden house?

    Fresh buildings of logs is not recommended to make major façade work, to wait until the full shrinkage until the material completely will not give up its moisture. Exterior finish of the wooden house can be destroyed in the process of drying wet wood. The exceptions are designs from specially prepared profiled beam, which passes high-quality drying for another production.

    The main stages of the exterior finishing of wooden houses:

  • The outer surface of the wooden walls is treated with drugs for comprehensive protection.
  • Laying vapor barrier.
  • Installation work on the manufacture of the frame.
  • Laying of thermal insulation.
  • Fastening of waterproofing.
  • The final stage is the external veneer is also a decorative coating.
  • Finish Windows in a wooden house

    In buildings of logs or timber you can install both wooden and plastic Windows. External finish wooden houses and the design of slopes are often produced with plastic, wood clapboard or Board. It is advisable to choose a practical option, which will reliably protect the living space from the weather, and will look beautiful against the background of the facade.

    The variants of finishing of window slopes in a wooden house:

  • Plastic panels – sealed, cold-resistant and durable material, easy to install, easy to clean, has a wide selection of colors.
  • Wood paneling – eco-friendly, durable and long lasting finish, a huge variety of sizes and colors, suitable for interior use. Disadvantage – more expensive paneling, PVC panels, requires treatment to protect from moisture.
  • Finish basement of a wooden house

    The ground part of the structure serves as a barrier separating the lower harness wooden framework from the Foundation. It protects walls from water and snow improves thermal insulation characteristics. There are three versions of the cap raised for walls, sinks, flush with the walls. For decorative purposes and to improve comfort in premises is recommended to make insulation and finish ground surfaces of various durable materials.

    How to decorate the socle of a wooden house:

    • concrete;
    • brick;
    • artificial or natural stone;
    • moistureproof wood;
    • foam concrete;
    • claydite-concrete;
    • tile;
    • decorative plaster;
    • PVC panels.

    How to decorate a wooden house outside?

    The design of the facade is subject to the taste of the owner of the estate and its financial capacity. It is advisable to think carefully about the interior of the house and the layout of the entire area to the exterior finish of the wooden house fit the overall style of your home and surrounding landscape. Important are the strength characteristics of the facing material and its resistance to external impact.

    There are various ways of fastening a decorative layer is wet and spatial volume. In the first case require the use of glue or mortar. In the second case, the panels can be installed using the sheathing and located at a distance from the rough wooden walls. The use of this method allows to improve the thermal properties of the building and to better protect the house from the vagaries of the weather.

    Finishes of the wooden house:

    • brickwork;
    • clinker Thermopanel;
    • block house;
    • siding PVC or metal;
    • painting;
    • stone;
    • tile;
    • decorative plaster;
    • granite.

    Finishing a wooden house brick

    Using facing bricks, can significantly increase the strength characteristics of the construction, make a facade of a reliable, fire-resistant and durable. The material for finishing the wooden house has a significant drawback – a large weight, and therefore requires the construction of additional foundations to the width of the forthcoming laying. The brick veneer is produced not earlier than 3 years from the date of construction of the main wooden structures.

    To connect facing walls with bearing walls, apply pins or clips. They are 3-5 rows, depending on the type of masonry, which can be performed on the edge of the brick or half-brick. Using a figured material in the design of the eaves, Windows and doorways that can transform the appearance of the facade, to soften the severe forms. Interesting and spectacular results are obtained with a combination of bricks of different color or shade.

    External painting of wooden house

    Aging wood in the air is losing its color, fades, bursts, covered with mold. With the purpose to protect the facade from the identified damage to apply exterior paint to the wooden house. First remove the previous finish, is mopping timber or wooden walls, which are treated with a layer of primer and antiseptic. In the end, after drying the surface, doing a painting job. The longest is acrylic paint, it’s up to 10 years does not lose luster, color, and presentable.

    External plaster wooden house

    A thin layer of plaster to respond more quickly to shrink and if you don’t wait the recommended time frame, then your facade can be covered with cracks. At the initial stage should be to clean up the wood from debris, zakonopatit cracks, treat them with antiseptics. Increases the adhesion of the plaster composition with the tree in the multi-layered shingle that is made from reek in the thickness of 5 mm. Stuffed it with nails perpendicular to the rows at a 45° angle, creating a flat, square cells.

    You can combine this process with capital home insulation, creating a layered cake of insulating material, reinforcement layer and plaster. There are different qualitative methods of finishing wooden houses with plaster, but they all require work certain skills. Now used primarily the following types of working solutions:

    • mineral mixture;
    • acrylic plaster;
    • silicone plaster;
    • silicate plasters.

    How to decorate wooden house siding?

    Siding installation may be performed exclusively on metal or wooden crate, the Resulting gap is convenient to fill the insulating material, and ventilation ducts will protect the structure from spread of mold. In addition to PVC panels there is wooden siding for exterior home, which is made from dried unedged Board of coniferous breeds. After giving the material a predetermined shape with the subsequent processing of varnish or paint, outer wall paneling of the wood gains strength and resistance to external factors.

    Finishing a wooden house block house

    The block house will appeal to people who want to preserve the classic design of facade in the form of a Russian log cabin of round logs. Exterior trim wood home siding is installed similar to, it requires the arrangement of the sheathing, attachment of insulation and waterproof film. The alternative – metal block house. This material looks very reminiscent of round logs, but has several advantages. External finishing of wooden houses, metal, fire-resistant, not susceptible to decay, much cheaper than wood.

    Finishing a wooden house with stone on the outside

    It is possible to produce veneer stone the individual fragments of buildings (Windows, doorways, corners, eaves) or completely cover the wooden walls decorative material. The question how to decorate a wooden house outside, more practical and cheaper to use the simulation rocks in the thin tiles. At the initial stage, produce cleaning and processing of the rough wall, attach the sheathing, then insulation nailed to the reinforcing network. Exterior finish stone produced from the base with a special adhesive.

    The types of exterior finishes for natural stone:

    • tile under granite;
    • marbled;
    • under limestone;
    • under the basalt;
    • slate.

    Panels for exterior finishing of wooden houses

    Home’s exterior wooden panels as a lining looks decorative, expensive, well-insulates walls from frost. The disadvantage of this method is the high cost, in addition, requires regular care surface made of natural material. Practical owners of private buildings trying to seek alternatives and are increasingly involved in the exterior cladding panels of durable artificial compounds.

    Types of outdoor panels for finishing of wooden houses:

    • Thermopanel;
    • fiber cement panels;
    • metal panel;
    • exterior panels are made of polypropylene;
    • sandwich panel;
    • outdoor PVC panels.

    External insulation of a wooden house

    Significant savings increasing energy costs and improve comfort in the home help work on strengthening the insulation of external walls, which can be combined with the decoration of the facade. On top of the sheathing is attached vapor barrier, and the top is an exterior insulation for a wooden house. Further mounted waterproofing barrier in the form of a thin film that protects the mineral wool from rain and condensation. Outside of the protected complex “pie” paneling, siding or other material.

    The types of external insulation for wooden house:

    • mineral wool;
    • ecowool;
    • fiber;
    • Thermopanel;
    • foam polystyrene;
    • polyurethane foam.