How to clean carpet – proven methods for effective removal of dirt
The problem of how to clean the carpet, to solve simple, if you know some proven methods of cleaning. With the help of improvised means – vinegar, baking soda, salt, soap, you may return any product (silk, synthetic, long or white cloth) well-groomed appearance.

Sooner or later, every home owner has a dilemma how to clean the carpet. On any product, whether it’s rarity or trendy expensive model, spots appear and even a very powerful vacuum cleaner is not able to cope with them. There are some proven methods to lead the carpet in order without the use of dry cleaning services.

How to clean a rug at home?

There is a whole Arsenal of recipes for cleaning carpets. In the course of going and prepared from the store, and handy tools – from sauerkraut to ammonia. Although many of them are universal, before you clean the carpet with home remedies, it is necessary to evaluate its composition and color. After all, for example, expensive natural bristles may not withstand the chemicals, and the white coating is not suitable for some traditional recipes.

How to clean carpet with baking soda?

Baking soda is able to bring some dirt and stains from textiles, it appearance refreshing. The advantage of this method is its safety for humans and Pets, after cleaning the room remains sharp smell, and the pile of harmful chemicals. In addition, this method is cheap and available to everyone, however, silk products, it can not be used. There are several tips on how to clean the carpet at home soda.

Dry clean (gentle):

  • The carpet to vacuum to clean up small debris and dust.
  • Evenly sprinkle a pile of baking soda, leave it on the product for half an hour.
  • Vacuum the carpet several times to all the soda to collect.
  • Wet cleaning (a more thorough):

  • Mix a Cup of baking soda with 10 l of heated water.
  • Before you clean the carpet it should be vacuumed from debris.
  • Spray the club soda on the product using a spray on the spots using a brush.
  • Wait for drying of the carpet, it may take more than 30 minutes.
  • Thoroughly vacuum the product repeatedly, so that it came out all soda with dirt.
  • How to clean the carpet with Vanish?

    The Vanish is specially designed for cleaning of carpets, removal of stains on them, it helps to refresh the appearance of the product. Manufacturers produce this powder, shampoo and spray. For use product you need to prepare to vacuum and remove debris. There are three ways to clean the carpet with Vanish:

    The wetted powder for dry cleaning:

  • On the prepared area evenly apply powder with a brush and leave for 25-30 minutes to dry.
  • After drying, the powder several times to collect a vacuum cleaner.
  • Spray stain remover:

  • After preparing the carpet spray Vanish spray on stains. You can gently RUB the contamination with a soft brush.
  • Wait about 5 minutes and a clean cloth to remove the tool from the pile.
  • Shampoo for wet cleaning

  • Shampoo Vanish diluted with tepid water in proportion 1 to 9. The tool should be thoroughly whipped for education soapy foam, which is used for cleaning.
  • Foam is evenly applied to the carpet with a sponge.
  • After you need to wait until the foam is completely dry, and vacuum the product in the traditional way.
  • How to clean carpet with vinegar?

    Deciding how quickly to clean the carpet, it is advisable to use vinegar. It is often used to remove dirt and stains on wool carpets, the pile creates original luster. How to clean carpet with vinegar at home:

  • After the carpet is vacuumed, you have to go on the pile with a soft brush dipped in a solution of vinegar (20 ml per 1 liter of water). On the stains, you can wet the product stronger.
  • After applying vinegar you have to wait 20 minutes and clean sponge along the NAP to wipe the carpet. Then it is necessary to vacuum and ventilate the room.
  • How to clean a rug with snow?

    Winter fluffy fresh snow will help to freshen the carpet in a natural way. This method is simple and requires no cost. How to clean a rug with snow:

  • Carpet to twist and choose a place on the street for cleaning.
  • Spread the product down pile on the snow from above prisypat a snow.
  • After you can start to knock the carpet or just walk it to the dirt and dust out of fibers.
  • To shift the carpet to a new location and repeat the procedure. So you need to do several times, until the snow under the product after knocking out will not be clean.
  • Then carpets turn pile up, sprinkled with snow and brush or broom sweep it.
  • At the end of the cleaning cover can be embossed on the bar.
  • How to clean carpet with a steam cleaner?

    Solving the problem of how to clean the carpet, you can use a steam cleaner. Is a device in which water is heated in the tank, is converted into steam, it is produced on the surface to be cleaned. This method refreshes carpets, useful in the fight against dust mites. How to clean the carpet your floors with a steam cleaner:

  • Vacuum the product in the usual way.
  • Pour water into the steam cleaner and go over the surface of the carpet steam do not linger long in one place.
  • Some contamination can be further cleaned with a brush.
  • Dry the carpet, in this period, for him not to go.
  • Clean whether the vacuum robot carpets?

    Many owners, solving the problem of how to clean the carpet quickly, interested in the capabilities of the robot cleaner. For the treatment of products with medium and high pile suggest buying the technique with the turbo brush and suction power of up to 40W. The wheels of the robot must be big, so he could easily drop to cover. When cleaning carpet with a small pile of these requirements can be neglected. Many models have a mode carpet cleaning, the power of the engine they have increased 10 times and technology to more effectively pull dust.

    It is important to understand – carpet-cleaning suitable robotic vacuum cleaners are able to conduct dry cleaning. Well they remove dust, debris, collect the wool and hair from the surface. Washing models to work on carpeted floors are not suitable. It can be concluded that the robot vacuum cleaner suitable for daily cleaning, can pull dust, deeply entrenched in the pile. But the more serious job of cleaning stubborn dirt and stain removal will still have to be done manually.

    How to effectively clean the carpet at home?

    Over time, the carpet becomes stained, pollution, they become dull and accumulate a lot of dust. If the home has animals, you have to clean the surface and wool. To refresh the product and return it to view, not necessarily to carry it to the dry cleaners, how to clean the carpet yourself with home remedies is possible. To get rid of hair, stains, odors and not damage the product it is important to consider what material it is made, and to understand which tool to use in order not to damage painting.

    How to clean the carpet from wool?

    Animals give their owners a lot of pleasant moments, but also leave behind fur on the carpet. Fluffy products to clean carpets is a bit more complicated – it may require more time and effort. How to clean wool carpet wool:

  • Sweep the product with a damp broom.
  • Walk across the surface with a damp cloth, periodically rinsing it in water.
  • For cleaning wool you can use some duct tape to wrap the hand, sticky side out, and press it to the carpet. It is advisable to use a roller with a sticky for cleaning clothes.
  • You can use mittens for brushing dogs and cats. This product is the rag with the rubber on one side that sticks to the wool.
  • Quick method: mix 1 Cup of water and fabric softener and spray the mixture with the spray on the surface. After the product is necessary to vacuum – coat is easily removed.
  • How to clean a silk rug at home?

    Products made of pure silk and blended fiber on its basis – some of the most expensive. But this stuff is whimsical and will not tolerate improper care. How to clean silk carpet:

  • Vinegar. Prepare a cleaning solution is to mix vinegar with cold water in a concentration of from 1:1 to 1:10 (selected individually by checking the product on a small area that does not shed). Moistened with a soft sponge to treat the carpet. Dry cloth to wipe the product according to the directions of the pile to remove moisture and dirt.
  • Baby soap or shampoo. It is necessary to dissolve the soap or shampoo in the water and treat the carpet with a soft sponge. Excess moisture removed with a dry cloth. Take clean water and again treat the surface of the carpet with a sponge. Must often rinse it to remove the maximum pile soap. At the end of the cleaning again blot the carpet with a dry cloth.
  • How to clean a carpet made of viscose?

    Before you clean the carpet from viscose, it is important to know by what means it can be treated. This fiber does not like moisture, excessive friction and aggressive chemicals, so remove it, using only dry or almost dry methods. How to clean carpet without vacuum cleaner:

  • Sprinkle on dry carpet, table salt, brushing to distribute it, gently rubbing it into the fibers. Broom to remove the salt, absorbed the dirt.
  • To sketch on the surface of the product slightly wet welding. Brush to “ride” it on the pile, collecting dirt and dust. Then you can sweep leaves from the carpet. This method is only suitable for dark products. Tea grains freshen the color of hair and give it Shine.
  • Washed and wrung potato peels can also be scattered on the surface of the carpet, and after you sweep with a broom.
  • How to clean carpet synthetic?

    Cleaning carpet with synthetic fibers are not causing problems. Such material is not capricious in care, not afraid of water. How to clean acrylic carpet:

  • Strong stains can be removed using a mixture of kerosene, powder and water. Washing powder diluted with water to concentrations as for washing. In the mixture pour in the kerosene – 1 teaspoon in 1 litre soap solution. With a sponge dipped in the solution, wipe contaminated area, after rinse it with clean water.
  • Take sauerkraut and sprinkle it over the surface of the product, then you have to roll it on the pile with a broom or brush, until it becomes dirty. After the cabbage, rinse and re-repeat the procedure until it stays clean. At the end of the carpet have to be vacuumed.
  • How to clean a carpet with a long NAP?

    Fluffy pile on the floor decoration of the house, but it is more demanding to harvest. How to clean a carpet with long pile, not to spoil the product and not carry it to the dry cleaners:

  • Soda. To the contaminated area to pour the agent and leave for half an hour. After the baking soda will absorb the dirt in itself, and will eliminate odors, the residues of powder with a vacuum cleaner clean. This method is even suitable for wool. Instead of soda you can use salt.
  • To prepare a solution of ammonia – 2 teaspoons per liter of water. Dabbing the brush with a solution, it is necessary to wipe the fibers of the carpet and leave it for 5 minutes. The product was then gently wipe with a clean cloth. Solution much carpet is wet do not need to have just brushed the pile, and the moisture did not reach base.
  • How to clean white carpet?

    Deciding how to clean white carpet, it is important to note that this pile does not tolerate many foods. For example, lemon juice can leave yellow spots. No other specific means – pickled cabbage, kerosene, Laundry soap, even if it is bad to rinse out will leave red stains. What can I use to clean white carpet:

  • White powders (salt, soda, starch) will help to clean white pile of dirt and stains. They need to scatter on the surface and in half an hour to vacuum.
  • Perfect for white carpet and method of cleaning snow.
  • You can use cleaner for carpets, Vanish, Kovrol.
  • To clean white carpet using wood chips and refined gasoline: 100 grams of gasoline mixed with 1 liter soap solution. Then you have to throw in a solution of sawdust and leave them for 15 minutes to wet. After you sprinkle the tool on the carpet and let it dry. Sawdust then sweep away with a broom.