To solve the problem of how to clean the coat, in many cases, does not require a trip to the dry cleaners. To resolve this issue independently, correctly using household cleaning products that are always available to Housewives in the home kitchen.

If you learn the effective ways on how to clean the coat, while a slight contamination can do on their own. Most popular recipes help to bring order outerwear with the simplest cleaning preparations for home, but need to know exactly how to apply them to each material.

How to clean your coat at home?

Main thing that is required when caring for outerwear is to pick the gentle and sure way that can harm the material from which it is sewed. Considering the options than it is possible to clean the coat at home, find the label and identify the kind of fabric. Cashmere, drape, velour, polyester or leather, require in each case a special approach. Carefully evaluate the nature of the defect, for example, for removing stains from juice, mold, and fat need a different approach.

How can I clean a wool coat?

Clothes made of different types of natural fabric or composite material, in which there are different proportions of synthetic fibers. Often found in lightweight gabardine, bouclé a rough, pleasant and elastic tweed, vicuna camel’s undercoat, fine drape, Ratin. Choosing the best method to clean wool coat, you should always remember that dealing with natural fabric, which does not like hot water and machine washing in intensive mode.

How to clean wool coat at home:

  • Fine dust and the pile is hand-harvested sticky roller.
  • Dampen a cotton ball in the brew of black tea and lightly wipe the dark wool coat, this method often helps to return the clothing to its original brilliance.
  • Jammed collars and sleeves put in order with a solution of ammonia and salt (1:4).
  • Greasy dirt is removed cleaned with gasoline, and then wipe the coat with a damp, clean cloth.
  • Hand-washing if you want to produce in water with a temperature up to 30°.
  • Drying coat is produced in a horizontal state, the wet product on the shoulders, the weight can deform and stretch.
  • How to clean woolen coat?

    Blackout drape is a kind of wool fabric, so mainly dry processing methods. To solve the problem, how to clean woolen coat at home, you can even use fresh rye bread. Do crumb the ball and roll him on the matter, collecting the adhering dirt and dust particles. A challenging spot print with a sponge wet with the detergent solution. When you use a brush try to drive the tool in the direction of gentle cloth.

    How can I clean a cashmere coat?

    This material is made of wool and has a delicate structure, it is possible to accidentally mess up, creating a nasty comb-over. To avoid this problem in the question of how to clean cashmere coat at home requires the use of special tools. There are inexpensive, but practical brush for caring for cashmere. They are versatile and well suited for velour, upholstery and synthetic fabrics. Purge overcoat is produced in the direction of the arrow, and remove the dirt from the tool in the opposite direction.

    How can I clean a suede coat?

    In the case of heavy soiling the suede is cleaned with ammonia and baking soda, using a ratio of 2:8. This composition wipe the stain, and then washed with water. The problem of how to clean coat of hair and fur of Pets, solve with duct tape and a special adhesive roller, which is easy to find. You can RUB in a circular motion in contamination of the salt, acting with caution, this method works well in case of fresh oil stains.

    How can I clean a suede coat with milk:

  • Take 1 teaspoon of baking soda.
  • Add in a Cup 0.5 Cup of milk.
  • Mix composition.
  • In solution wetted cotton pad.
  • Clean pollution drive against the NAP.
  • Washed suede with water.
  • Wipe the coat dry.
  • How to clean Bolognese coat?

    If you use ready-made stain removers it is better to test the drug in an inconspicuous place on the inside. Moistened cotton wool in the medium, we can deduce the dirt in a circular motion, trying to act on the edges of the patches. The question how to clean my coat at home in case of heavy dirt, you can use Laundry. It is better to operate manually, pre-soaking things in water with a stain remover. After washing and rinsing, keep the coat some time, the canopy until the water has drained, pressed and ironed Bolognese coat is not recommended.

    How to clean leather coats?

    Leather has long been famous as a practical and resistant to external influences material, but it requires periodic inspection and protection of identified damages. Coats are not recommended to be a complete wash, in high humidity it can shrink and stretch. It is better to use the method of local wiping with a damp sponge dipped in soapy water. Well helps in the how to clean leather coats, lemon juice, which gives things a nice Shine. Soak a cotton ball in this natural drug and gently wipe the product.

    How to clean leather coats at home:

  • Hard spots are derived purified gasoline and alcohol, after cleaning, get rid of the odor by using lemon juice.
  • Restores softness and adds Shine to the coat from the skin petrolatum, glycerin and castor oil.
  • For cleaning leather things, used the foam from the egg white.
  • Light leather clothes can be cleaned with a sponge dipped in milk.
  • How to clean down coat?

    Down jackets hard to tolerate the wash, so this procedure they are subjected to in the most critical situations. The problem of how to clean the coat of dirt, it is desirable to solve dry methods or by applying drugs directly to the contaminated place. Spot well displayed with a mixture of ammonia and household cleaning solution. Take 100 g of water and add a tablespoon of each of the funds, and then mix everything until thick foam. Further wetted in the liquid the sponge and the treated fabric.

    How can I clean the coat down peroxide:

  • Mix peroxide with ammonia in a ratio of 1:1.
  • Apply the solution onto a stain.
  • Wipe the problem areas with a sponge, soaking it in warm water.
  • Dry clothes the natural way, until the smell wears off.
  • How can I clean the coat polyester?

    Polyester fiber, this fabric, are afraid of washing in water with a temperature above 40°C. Hot iron use in the most difficult cases on the delicate cycle by Ironing through moistened cheesecloth. The question how to properly brush their coat of polyester, you need to know the list of allowed assets. For example, don’t stain White even on a light material, it is better to dry the soapy water using washing powder.

    If the tag specified that is allowed machine wash, then produce it in warm water using liquid detergent. At the end of the process to hang clothes on a hanger and straighten. Traces of cosmetics on the polyester displayed a 10% solution of borax, after treatment, wash away the remnants of dirt lemon juice. The way how to clean coat, well suited for color outer clothing made of synthetic fabric.

    How to clean the light coat?

    Bright things require a different approach, by rough handling or the wrong choice of drug they appear stains that are difficult to remove even at the dry cleaners. First, carefully inspect clothes, remove dust with a brush, remove all objects from pockets. Choosing ways how to clean coat of light material, you should always consider the type of damage and the origin of the stains.

    How to remove spots with a light coat:

  • Traces of drinks (coffee or juice) can be output dipped in alcohol swab.
  • Stains from beer, Cola and kvass rubbed with peroxide.
  • Fat clean fresh spots with baby powder first, then remove dirt with a brush.
  • To refresh the color and clean light fabric, suitable method using ammonia. Add in a glass of water, ammonia and a tablespoon of dishwashing household utensils, the blowing of the solution and perform the processing of the material.
  • How to clean the lining of the coat?

    Dealing with the problem of how to clean a winter coat, you should always remember about the lining which often requires washing. For getting rid of small contaminants use a special spray, for example, K2r or SANO. These aerosols effectively remove greasy marks from matter except for the paint spots. Alternatively, suitable liquid soap for machine washing. Dilute the remedy in water and shaken until frothy, wet the sponge and wipe the dirty places. In the second stage, use the vinegar solution, and in the end lapped everything with a clean towel.

    How to clean fur on a coat?

    After prolonged use the bristles fall off and lose their luster, so beautiful material requires periodic care. Is it possible to clean coat with fur accents home? The best option is to carry things to a professional dry cleaner, but in non-critical cases help folk remedies. White fur suitable aqueous peroxide solution in a ratio of 1:1. Sprinkle the product from the spray and waiting for drying of the liquid, then carefully combed hair and shake.

    Original way how to clean coat with fur – application shampoo for cats and dogs. Dilute the drug in water and dipped in the resulting solution a clean cloth. Then gently wipe the fur from the roots to the ends of our soap tool, and then dry the bristles with a paper towel. It remains to comb the fur and gently fluff with fingers. This method effectively helps remove yellowing and most household stains.