How to wash silk – sound advice for safe and effective washing
It is important to know how to wash silk, as this fabric is a very demanding and it is necessary to properly care. Attention should be paid to every detail: the water temperature, choice of detergent, proper pressing, washing and Ironing.

Information about how to wash silk, important to familiarize people who have products made of this fabric. This is a demanding material that can irrevocably damaged if to care for him properly. There are a few rules for the washing of delicate clothes.

How to wash silk?

To wash in the machine, the machine can be only made of artificial silk and, if not special prohibiting signs on the label. If the material is natural or artificial, then you can perform a simple test: squeeze the fabric in his fist and release. The fabric is smooth, fast, and noticeable creases are not formed is a sign that the silk is of high quality, and the counterfeit will stand out clearly creases.

Figuring out how to wash silk, must be done before the procedure is another test for color fastness that the thing has not faded. Selected for washing a vehicle in a small amount, apply to the edge of the seam from the inside. Wipe the top with a cotton pad without putting much effort. If the paint drip, and the disk was painted, then it is not necessary to take risks and experiment. Better take the thing to the dry cleaners. If nothing happened, then do the Laundry, which use simple instructions on how to wash silk:

  • Previously the product you need to put in a special bag or old pillowcase.
  • Add in the Department machine detergent and it is better to give preference to liquid formulations because they are better vypolaskivat. It is forbidden to use bleach, because they will ruin the silk. White ware wash in a solution of borax, which is prepared at the rate of 1 tbsp means of 1.5 liters of water.
  • In modern cars, the manufacturer added the feature “silk”, but if this is missing, then choose “delicate cycle.”
  • It is important to disable the auto spin mode, otherwise the silk will be ruined.
  • When the wash is complete, you need to get the product from the drum, as if it will remain there for a long time, it can form coarse wrinkling.
  • You can’t wring silk fabric, not only in the washing machine, but manually. Need to leave her, allowing the water to drain yourself, and then wrap it in a terrycloth towel and roll into a roll.
  • Do not expect until the matter is completely dry. Slightly damp cloth can be dry by Ironing. Don’t worry silk is not afraid of iron, just set it to medium temperature. If on the technique to change the modes, then select the Silk. Important rule – if the silk is already dry, you don’t need it before Ironing to irrigate with water, as drops will remain divorces. If Pat dry the thing, use a steamer.
  • It is important to know not only how to wash silk, but also how to store it. Note that organic matter tends to absorb odors, and it attracts moths. To keep things better on the shoulders and a closed cover, which is recommended to put a scented sachet to protect from insects.
  • At what temperature to wash silk?

    It is important to know the temperature at which it is possible to wash silk. In most cases, the manufacturer specifies this value on the tag. If not, then know that the temperature should not be above 40°C. instructions on how to wash silk items, provided that if a thing is fade, it indicates poor quality, so water temperature should not be greater than 30°C. in addition, it is recommended to pay attention to the parameters of the water hardness and if they are high, then you need to soften, adding 10 grams of baking soda to 1 liter of liquid.

    Shrinkage silk in the wash

    It is worth to prepare for the fact that after the first wash the thing made of natural silk will sit at around 5%. It is important to consider when selecting the clothing size. Understanding that sets whether the silk after washing or not, is to specify one more feature – the fabric from natural silk not will have even greater shrinkage, crepe silk fabrics, the figure stands at around 7%.

    Means for washing silk

    If you want the product of silk lasts a long time, then it is recommended to carefully choose Laundry detergents. First you need to take into account the information on the tag, which can be specified limitations. Wash silk in the washing machine should not be carried out with a conventional powder, and for such things you need to buy special tools. They have a more mild effect and do not contain chlorine. If you don’t have this, then you can take the child or soap, but it is important to keep it alkaline. Another option is shampoos and gels, but without coloring or chemical additives.

    How to wash silk clothes?

    Another option is washing, which can be used by hand. There is a simple scheme how to wash silk items at home in order not to spoil.

  • You need to prepare the boiled water, the temperature of which should not be above 40°C.
  • Allowed the product to fully dissolve in water without any sediment.
  • Thing send in the prepared soap solution and leave for 15 minutes. After this you need to conduct careful washing, avoiding strong mechanical action, i.e. rubbing, faded, twisting prohibited.
  • The next step is to rinse the thing, and performed this procedure several times. It is important to gradually reduce the water temperature. During cold final rinse, you need to add water, a little table of the bite, which will retain an attractive color matter.
  • Instructions on how to wash silk, provided that the usual method of pressing the unit because the fragile silk fabric can be damaged. Care should be taken to get the thing out of the water, wrap him in a soft towel and leave for a while so the moisture is absorbed.
  • How to wash a silk scarf?

    Washing can be carried out by the above mentioned means or to use another option, which is useful if no special detergent or detergent. It’s very simple, so the product should be wet in cool water, thoroughly lather, and then rinse in a cold liquid. Describing how to wash silk products, you should specify that this method is in any case can not take the soap, because for him matter can become dull and lose its color.

    How to wash a silk dress?

    If you are scared to wash the dress in the machine, then you can use the way in which the people are already for decades. After such an unusual washing silk will be soft and the color will be protected from the negative influence of the environment.

  • Clean, wash and boil the potatoes until soft.
  • Then mash it with a fork and add water to get her temperature was over 40°.
  • The resulting mixture need to put a silk dress and leave it for 20 min.
  • After the time to rinse the product under running water, which should be cool.
  • How to wash the silk quilt?

    To achieve good results in machine washing, it should be carried out only if the minimum load of the drum is 6 kg, otherwise the work will be done poorly. If you are interested in, can I wash a silk blanket, then, guided by the following algorithm:

  • Conduct pre-soaking products are not recommended because prolonged exposure to moisture can cause the fact that the strings will be hard and will stretch, ruining the blanket.
  • First, the product should be put in a special washing bag. This is important in order to avoid the churning of the filler.
  • Install the appropriate mode, that is, “silk” or “delicate wash”. When adjusting the rpm should not be more than 400, and the temperature not exceeding 30°C.
  • Describing how to properly wash silk, note that after the completion of the process if desired to hold the blanket for 15-20 minutes in a solution of bite, which gives elasticity to the fibers. For this purpose 5 l of water should be added only 0,5 teaspoons of vinegar.
  • Drying need to spend away from the sun without prior extraction of the product. Then you shake the blanket.
  • How to wash a silk pillow?

    To maintain production of silk it is important to properly care for them. Washable pillows made from 100% silk is prohibited and it is better to contact the clearing company. If the product contains only 30%, then you should use the rules about how to wash silk in the washing machine described above. The main thing – delicate cycle and mild detergent. To refresh the color of the product, at the end of the wash add a little vinegar. After completion of washing in no case do not squeeze the pillow and just hang or place it and let the water drain out on their own.

    How to wash silk sheets?

    To carry out cleaning linen, you can use hand or machine washing, as discussed above. Figuring out how to wash silk linen, it is useful to know about how to remove the most common stains:

  • Sweat. To remove yellow stain, use a cotton ball soaked in alcohol. First, treat the contaminated area, and then spend a full wash.
  • The tea and coffee. Dark spots to remove from delicate fabrics with the help of glycerin, causing it to stain for 30 min. then do a rinse in running water, and washing.
  • Blood. Describing how at home to wash the silk, it should be noted that to cope with brown spots bloody easy, why apply a slurry prepared from starch and water. When the mixture has dried, gently remove it and make the usual washing.
  • Can I wash a silk rug?

    Very beautiful carpets are made by hand from silk thread. The material is strong and durable, and it must be properly, timely cleaning. Use cleaning tools not because the picture will fade and the carpet will deteriorate. Better to go to the dry cleaners, or consider these ways on how to wash silk:

  • Use to remove dirt white vinegar, why dilute it in the ratio of 1:10. Surface do not RUB, only blot moistened with cloth. At the end make sure to clean all with a dry cloth and air dry.
  • It is possible to clean the carpet use a solution of baking soda, baby soap or shampoo. Need to move according to the scheme described above.
  • How to wash silk blouse?

    In addition to the above ways to remove impurities can be used as a detergent shampoo. Wash silk in a washing machine is efficient, but you can do it manually.

  • Pour into a basin of warm water and dissolve in it a little shampoo and then a hand whisk everything until frothy.
  • A blouse which needs to be pre-wetted, apply a little foam. Leave it until it is absorbed.
  • Then carefully remember the product and rinse it in cool water.