Sink kitchen stainless steel is fairly considered as a practical and modern choice for Housewives. Steel shell adequately cope with mechanical and chemical influences. However, a really surprising variety of shapes, designs, design.

Sink kitchen stainless steel combines the elegance and modernity of design with the practicality and affordability of prices. Due to the surface finish it will easily fit in a modern style, complement the classics and decorate the Provence. The correct sink with proper care last for years and retains its appearance. For kitchens of any size will find its own solution.

Types of sinks for kitchens stainless steel

In the kitchen, a woman spends more time than in any other room of the house. Therefore, filling this part of the home is chosen with care and thoroughly. Sink is used more often than other work areas, its durability and practicality are the main selection criteria. Stainless steel kitchen sink is considered the Golden middle when price category is available and features pleasing.

  • Production technology of deep bowls is spot welding it to the plane of the sink. With this method of manufacture the shape can be any. You should choose only among the audited firms, because the weld is the weak point of the design.
  • Stamped washers out of steel produced from a single sheet, they are cheaper and more attractive in terms of design. But the sizes are rarely satisfied Housewives, and often a jet of water is sprayed in contact with the bottom of the bowl.
  • Recessed kitchen sink stainless steel

    When the kitchen and all related accessories and equipment can be purchased together, it is possible to pick up each item and embed it into the set. The sink in the countertop you can fit two ways.

  • Kitchen sink stainless steel mortise stuck literally in countertops of any material. Between the edges of the bowl and the surface is laid with a special rubber tape that prevents the water to get to the top and become numb inside. To entrust better professional, as improper installation will cause swelling of the countertop if it is made of material based on sawdust.
  • For stone or acrylic countertops are a good option is the integrated sink. It is inserted by another method: bowl located at or slightly below the working surface.
  • Invoice sink for kitchen stainless steel

    For the finished kitchen units with typical dimensions the optimal solution is the invoice design. It fits on the top wall of the Cabinet instead of the countertop. A budget option, and simple. Almost always slip kitchen sink is made of stainless steel by stamping. Sizes invoice of washing correspond to the sample prepared sections, therefore, is not a problem to pick up a bowl under a ready-made kitchen.

    For the kitchen sink brushed stainless steel

    Polished shiny surface looks good in the shop window, but the smallest scratches and blemishes visible from afar. With proper care, the gloss will remain, but it requires more effort than the correct handling of matte surfaces. Their main disadvantage is the formation of plaque and characteristic streaks. However, less demanding matte kitchen sink, stainless steel without gloss not produces scratches. Its surface can be decorative in the form of imitation of different textures.

    Round sink for kitchen, stainless steel

    The size of the kitchen, her blanket and the selected design dictate the shape of the sink. To determine if a round sink for kitchen, you should become familiar with the possible disadvantages and inconvenience in operation.

  • Anyway, and spaciousness in much less. It won’t be a problem if hidden under the countertop the dishwasher or in the house cooking goes far into the background. For a large family, where the detergent collects, the size of the sink matters.
  • Additional workspace in the form of a ribbed wing, typical sink kitchen stainless steel square shape, round is often missing. Such tandems are already in the modern, but designed for a small amount of space.
  • However, kitchen round stainless steel sink have the advantage of draining: by the shape of the water goes much quicker and easier. This will be an important criterion for kitchens with poor placement of pipes. They are easier to use, easier to wash and mounted into the countertop.
  • Square kitchen sink – stainless steel

    All the shortcomings of the round shape represent dignity square. But look for a square sink harder out of the corners. If you compare the two small sinks in different shapes, from round the edge in question is comfortable work, and tableware will fit more. Otherwise the best stainless steel sink for kitchen is made in rectangular and square shapes.

  • They are easier to arrange in pairs, to mount in the corner of the countertop. In this form more space to work with design and improvement: there is an unusual elongated sinks, double with many modern technological improvements.
  • Sink kitchen stainless steel always deeper, that will appeal to Housewives used to cook a lot and big portions.
  • Rectangular and square sinks are easy to install and find their place in an unusual layout with island, tiered counter tops and bar counters.
  • Double sink for kitchen stainless steel

    When the size of the kitchen allows, you can use all the advantages of a large and deep twin sinks full capacity. Such models take much more space, but the hostess gets several valuable additional features.

  • This is justified for reasons of hygiene: when in one section there are still dishes in another, you can wash your dishes or thaw them.
  • Very dirty pans and trays will be soaked in detergent and will not stain the Cup or cups.
  • If competently to think over every centimeter of the working surface, and in the standard layout will fit a double kitchen sink in stainless steel with square or rectangular bowls. The ratio of the size, shape and depth of each section are selected in accordance with the needs of the mistress.
  • When positioned correctly the two parts of a paired car wash place under the sink will be used for the boxes and will not remain empty.
  • Corner kitchen sinks stainless steel

    Use the corner of the kitchen creates additional storage space and the ability to use every inch of the tabletop. Corner kitchen sink stainless steel will complement interiors with a modern twist and will help to equip the work triangle.

  • Under the sink storage system type of the carousel, able to fit much more than a normal straight Cabinet.
  • Location in the corner frees up space on the straight sections of the countertops, providing ample space for cooking.
  • Corner sink kitchen stainless steel is not always the main one. If in the alcove between the two closets have unused space, there is set a washer of small size. The main sink may be located on the island or in another part of the kitchen.
  • The downside is the limited choice of size and type of bowl, a more complex task and for the selection of coupled sinks. Sometimes there are difficulties with the arrangement of technology: next to the sink is always the washing machine or dishwasher, a corner plot this is a difficult neighborhood.
  • Deep kitchen sinks stainless steel

    In the pursuit of size, should carefully consider the practicality of the choice. Sometimes exceeding the recommended standard parameters complicates the process of washing dishes. The best is the depth of 16-20 cm If you frequently wash large pots or deep pans, excess of these parameters is justified. Under normal conditions stainless steel kitchen sink with great depth inconvenient, because you had to bend. There are models of the shells of modest size, compensated with great depth.

    How to choose a sink for kitchen stainless?

    To determine the optimal size, shape and design features is much easier when you already have a ready project kitchen. Among the endless criteria have greater influence on the decision how to choose a kitchen sink stainless steel, just a few.

  • The shape of the bowl is selected based on the design of the kitchen and its size, width of the tabletop. Large selection of square bowls allows you to find the best option for any kitchen, elongated rectangular sink ideal for narrow countertops and round save space in a small kitchen. Whatever form choose, between the edge of the rim of the bowl and the wall or the edge of the countertop must be at least 5 cm.
  • Though stainless steel is considered to be cheap and affordable, but quality products will offer only a proven company. Sale in the market can result in an unpleasant surprise.
  • How will be assigned to a kitchen sink of stainless steel on the countertop, easy to care for. Overhead model simplify the task at times, but are much smaller. Flush or recessed are more expensive, have to constantly monitor the condition of the joints. The choice depends on the material of the countertop.
  • The size of kitchen sinks stainless steel

    Ready-made models of kitchen sinks available in several sizes, universal for most kitchen sets.

  • Square sinks manufacturers offer sizes of 50×50 cm or 60×60 cm
  • Model number of rectangular basins wider. The short side is always 50 to 55 cm, the length of the sink will be 100 cm, 125 cm or more.
  • Sizes of sinks for kitchens stainless steel with round shape approximately equal to the square of the diameter is in the range 45-50 cm
  • Thickness kitchen stainless steel sink

    Stainless steel does not attract a magnet, and this simple technique will help to avoid typical mistakes of a defective product. However, the sink should last a lifetime, and it depends on the thickness of the walls. The most easy and inexpensive models are made of steel with a thickness of 0.12 mm. This option is ideal for holiday homes. Do long serve to the shell thickness of 2-3 mm. Before you choose a stainless sink for kitchen, find out about this option, because heavy good mixers will only be installed on a solid sink.

    Rating kitchen sinks stainless steel

    Best option of kitchen sink – stainless steel, but there are some leaders. Quality always costs money, but many manufacturers offer more and some constructional and design features.

  • Swiss brand Franke uses a high content of chromium and Nickel in the steel that provides high resistance to any chemical action and safety of the exterior surface.
  • In search of the answer how to choose a kitchen sink stainless steel, you should pay attention to the design of the bowl. The Blanco brand for its products has developed a special bottom shape, reduces the noise level.
  • Sinks from Alveus of Slovenia on the famous design the manufacturer offers standard options in white color and as much as 16 shades from gold to copper.