The dishwasher soap – how to choose the best option?
Find extremely convenient and effective means for the dishwasher. Find out how a drug is to wash baby utensils, how to care for the machine, to extend the term of its operation, how to make the most gel for washing.

Before you purchase a dishwasher, carefully read the instructions to Assembly. Each has its peculiarities and specific requirements for the substances which you plan to wash the dishes. The device faithfully served for a long time, avoid using detergents not designed for the dishwasher.

Detergent for the dishwasher

To buy a dishwasher dreams of almost every woman, because this will free up a lot of time for other things. However, to the use of the car was the most convenient, effective and non-hazardous to health, should be carefully to choose the dishwashing soap in the dishwasher, which can help to solve this problem the best way. Nowadays these medicines are made in the form:

  • capsules’;
  • tablets’;
  • gel’s;
  • powder’s.

The composition of detergents for dishwashers

It is clear that you would like to use the best dishwasher detergent. So the price will not bite, and Cup-plates shone, and health would not be affected by all the chemistry. By the way, about the chemistry: what substances contribute to the effective action of such means for dishwashers?

  • Phosphates (phosphate.) Are characterized by the property to soften the water, thus facilitate cleaning and prolong the operating time without repair of the dishwasher.
  • Chlorine (sometimes indicate that the product contains hypochlorite or metilhlorizotiazolinon). Kills bacteria, viruses, mold.
  • Lipase (Е1104), protease (Е1101). These substances are well dissolve the fat and remove protein compounds.
  • Tensides. Focus in the field of contact of two media, reducing the surface tension of liquids and thereby improving the wettability. Penetrating between the dirt particles and kitchenware, improve the washing result.
  • Cleaners for dishwashers – tablets

    On the shelves we find all kinds of leisurewear. As from this diversity to choose the most appropriate? Many Housewives recognize that just preformed tools are particularly convenient to use: they do not need to dosage, their structure already includes all the necessary components that simplify the process of cleaning and making it the result is perfect:

    • regenerating salt;
    • detergent;
    • rinser;
    • anti-corrosion additives;
    • substances that prevent foaming;
    • odorants.

    Liquid detergent for dishwashers

    Liquid detergents for dishwashers have the consistency of gels. They are economical, well protect the car from hard deposits, soften hard water, wonderfully dissolve in water of any temperature, do not damage the dishes that require gentle washing. However, not every liquid detergent for dishwashing machine contains salt and rinse aid, so before you buy, review the components of the gel is indicated on the packaging.

    Eco friendly products for dishwashers

    How to use dishwasher detergent, however, to limit the influence of harmful substances on organisms in their household? Most of the advertised detergent contains mostly cheap aggressive components. But the producers really care about the preservation of nature and the health of their potential buyers, learned how to produce drugs that are completely removed from the dishes when rinsing, do not contain phosphates, chlorine, and good cleaning properties keep, because they contain active oxygen and enzymes.

    Baby dishwasher detergent

    When you select a tool for your dishwasher to wash baby utensils, pay close attention to the safety and sustainability of its components. How to choose dishwasher detergent: liquid soap, gel, powder, tablets – you decide. But keep in mind – use products for washing children’s dishes has the following requirements:

    • environmental safety of all components;
    • safe bactericidal components;
    • hypoallergenic;
    • the lack of sharp, chemical or alcohol smell;
    • the effectiveness of washing with water of any temperature;
    • complete removal of ingredients from the dishes in the rinsing process.

    How to replace the dishwasher soap?

    Dishwasher without detergent – is something similar possible? Detergent for the dishwasher is not a whim of the manufacturer and key to the normal quality of cleaning and long service life of the unit. Of course, if you a couple of times forgot to buy the drug and washed the dishes without him, simply increasing the temperature of the water, no particular tragedy there. But, anyway, it is better not to forget about adding in water salt below not out of order the ion exchanger and does not accumulate mineral sediments, which will eventually lead to breakage.

    Detergent for the dishwasher with your hands

    Fans save, everything to do with their hands and those who like to experiment, you can offer to make the dishwashing soap in the dishwasher himself. But keep in mind – if the instructions to the car nothing is said about improvised means, to resort to their help you will be at your own risk. To prepare this formulation, mix and allow to dissolve:

    • milled soap (commercial) – 25-30 g;
    • water (hot but not boiling) – 0.5 liter;
    • glycerin – 4 tablespoons;
    • vodka – a couple of tablespoons (or one tablespoon of alcohol).

    Cleaning the dishwasher

    Two opinions can not be – every machine requires care. Even if you use a great dishwasher soap you will still need to acquire and use from time to time cleaning of dishwashing machines. This must be done because the inside of the dishwasher fat accumulation on the heating elements deposited magnesium salts and calcium (scale) that is not the best way affects the operation of the unit.

    Means for rinsing the dishwasher

    What tools are needed for the dishwasher other than those listed above, and for what? In the process, could take some breaks (for example, you are left to relax with the whole family). You are too zealous in removing the leftovers before loading the dishes into the dishwasher. You forgot to dry at least once every couple of months the rubber gasket on the door. Not clearing my hoses for water inlet and drain. The result of all this can become an unpleasant “garbage” smell and appearance of mold.

    This problem disposable. From time to time rinse the drain machine by adding heated vinegar in hot water. Tweezers remove dirt from the water inlet, if necessary, clean the hoses, being careful not to push the contamination inside. Clean the door, the junction of it with the case and sealing the gum using detergent or baking soda and vinegar. Then rinse with water, wipe dry and leave the machine door ajar, to dry and remove the smell of vinegar.

    Cleaning the dishwasher fat

    Cleaner dishwasher detergent – powder or gel degreaser is designed to remove fat from the internal elements of the unit. Use the degreaser should be approximately every 20 dishwasher cycles, according to the enclosed instructions. More rare clearance will lead to accumulation of fat in the quantities that already require time-consuming elimination of the dirt manually.

    Descaler for dishwashers

    A tool that removes scale, otherwise called “descaler” will save your assistant from the increased energy consumption and premature failure. This is almost the most important tool for washing machine, dishwasher. Frequency of use is directly proportional to the water hardness in your area. The higher the stiffness, the more prevention is needed against the scum. But not less than once in six months. In addition, well eliminate the scum of ordinary vinegar, citric acid, borax.

    A rating means for dishwashers

    It can be a long and inconclusive to argue about what the best detergent for dishwashers available in the retail network. For someone best is the cheapest, for someone – the most harmless, and to someone it is important to receive well-washed dishes without spots and streaks. It is seen that environmentally friendly – in other words, not particularly aggressive means for the dishwasher, alas, the most inefficient in terms of the wash results.

    Depending on the method of issuance, any dishwasher soap is endowed with positive and negative traits:

  • Powders. Inexpensive prices. Efficiency – you can vary the amount of the used funds based on the amount and contamination of utensils. Hygroscopic. Need to use together with powder salt to soften the water hardness, rinse and air freshener. Do not care for the car. Not suitable for dishes requiring delicate washing.
  • Gels. Well remove dirt. Do not contain abrasive components, without problems dissolve in the water. Economical rate. Convenient to use. Soften the water. Simultaneously with washing the dishes, washed the inside of the cars from grease. Many include components that dispenses mouthwash.
  • Pills and capsules. More other easy to use as initially contain the required substance (salt to reduce water hardness, detergent and mouthwash and deodorant fragrances, or without them). Well cleaned the inside of the machine. Not cheap. Uneconomical – at half load machines the pill is not always can be divided into parts, and the capsule is generally impossible to separate. Some tablets are not suitable for water with high hardness or for machines of the old sample. With a shortened wash cycle sometimes do not have time to dissolve, it is better to take capsules in a soluble shell.
  • Choosing dishwasher soap, carefully read the components listed on the label and instruction for use. Do not forget that some representatives of the world dishes require delicate care. Do not rely on ratings online, check all kinds of products, try products from several manufacturers, and you will find an acceptable option. Moreover, the modern market offers a wide choice of products of this kind.